The Good Times
By Icka! M. Chif

Sango plopped down on the grass and stretched out to watch the sky with a world weary sigh. Behind her, Kagome, Shippou and Inuyasha conversed over what was for today's supper. She tuned them out, putting her hands behind her head and watched the clouds go by with a detached air.

After several moments, Miroku shuffled over and sat down close by. He was just out of arms reach, right where he'd have some room if she tried to hit him, but close enough that his presence impeded on her solitude.

"How are you doing?" He asked softly after several quiet minutes. She snuck a peek at him. He was innocently watching the clouds pass by. Well, as innocently as he got.

She sighed. "I'm tired." She murmured, closing her eyes. Maybe he would get the hint and leave her alone.


That one little sound surprised her and held her captive. It was like it expressed the complete range of human emotion from understanding to puzzlement. She opened and eye and glanced at him again.

He still had a pleasant expression on his face, the staff leaning against one shoulder as he stared off into the distance. She blinked. No snappy comebacks? No offers to join her for a nap?

"What are you tired of?" He finally asked, so gently that she almost dismissed it. Instead, she found herself pondering it as he waited with a detached patience.

"Fighting." She finally admitted. "I'm tired of fighting all the time."

He appeared to absorb this thoughtfully. "We don't always fight." He pointed out.

"No. Sometimes we run." She slammed her fist against the grass, suddenly frustrated. "Is that all there is? Running and fighting then running some more?!"

To her surprise, Miroku let out a muted chuckle. "No." He said, smiling at her. It was one of those smiles that made him look angelic, like the holy man he was supposed to be. "There are the good times too."

The good times.

She hadn't thought about those in a long time. Sango found herself remembering her brother. They used to go out and collect flowers, weaving them into crowns for each other. And telling each other tall tales, like who was going to kill what oni or youkai when they got big enough.

And more recently, talking to Kagome about girl type stuff, something she'd never had time to do before.

And watching Shippou and Inuyasha make fun of each other, almost like siblings would, even though they were youkai.

Or like right now, enjoying the company of a friend.

"Yeah." She agreed, relaxing into the grass to watch the clouds go by again. "Between the running and the fighting and the running... Are the good times."

Sango smiled, her soul at peace.