Darkness. Blood. A cruel smirk. Those are the only things he's seen.

Pain. Spells. Screaming. Those are the only things he's heard.

He's losing his connection to everything else as he tries to stay strong and resist the temptation to give them what they want. He thinks of Harry, the closest thing he has to a son. He thinks of Sirius, his late best friend. But most of all he thinks of Tonks. She's his anchor to reality. The only connection he can keep to what's real. Otherwise it would fade to black, like everything else around him.

But as another blast of pain shoots through his body, and another of his enemies step into his cell, he wonders if that will be enough.

(A/N) Okay so it's pretty obvious that this is AU. Remus is in prison, with no on e knowing where he is. That's all I'm giving away! Please R&R, I know it's short but it is a prologue, chapters will be much longer!