Chapter 3

Pester's Plot (Failed)

After hours of explaining, the group was then asleep while our heroes waited for Hudson to finish.

And then, I was like "What happened to my fork?", so I rushed outside and there I saw the guys, so we decided to go get a bite to eat instead-, Hudson explained

Uhh, Hudson? Langston said

-And then, all of a sudden, these creatures came and tried to attack us, but that's when these guys came in, Hudson pointed and explained

(Sora and the gang waved their hands)

-And that's what happened, Langston, said Hudson

Well then, that would explain it, said Langston. Listen you guys, I know you just got here, but we don't allow humans or… (Looks at Sonic) –hedgehogs on Piñata Island, it's a rule. Langston explained

How come? Sora asked

(Just as they we're talking, out comes a machine with Professor Pester in it. He then captures Hudson)

Hudson screamed.

Hudson! Said the Piñata's

Muwhahahahaha! Foolish piñatas, tremble before me at my most ingenious and dangerous weapon. The Piñata Smasher 5000! Pester yelled

(Pester captures the rest of the piñatas and puts them in a very strong glass container)

HELP! The piñatas screamed

Hey! Not cool! Sonic yelled

(Sonic then charged and jumped to use a homing attack)(Pester countered with a big hand slap at Sonic and he went bouncing on the ground)

Ow! Sonic yelled in pain

It'll take a lot more than that to get to Professor Pester, he said

(Link then takes out his ball on a chain and attacked one of the machines arms)

Hey! That's not nice. I put good effort into that arm! Pester complained

(Sora then jumped and summoned his keyblade)

Take this! He yelled

Hey, watch it! It took me all day to put the glass on! Pester screamed

Multi-Shadow Clone Justu! Yelled Naruto

(There was then two more Narutos in the action and they were getting ready for a Rasengan)

Here we go! Naruto exclaimed

(Naruto then jump and aimed for the heart of the machine)

Rasengan! Naruto yelled

Oh, poo! Pester said with disappointment

(Naruto then pushed through the machine causing it to malfunction)(Sonic then used his homing attack to break the glass)(Kinda ruining the plot right there seeing how it's supposed to be super strong glass)

What? No, no, no, NO! Pester complained

Come on! Sonic said while grabbing the piñatas

Foolish beings, I still have a trick up my sleeve. Behold!

(Pester pressed a button and the whole machine starts shaking)(Everyone is in shock to see what might happen)


(Everyone puts on an awkward face and stares at Pester and Pester stood in embarrassment)

Fart jokes, really! That's the best that the machine can do and what Chaser23 could come up with? Sonic complained

I said "Hey, it's a short chapter, what do want me to do, give him cut throat weapons?"

I don't know, it was actually kinda funny, Fergy said while snickering

Everyone looks at him and says, "Really?"

Oh, wait, here is the button, Pester said

(He presses the button and the machine falls apart)

AH! That's the last time I order a "Build-your-own-robot" kit, Pester said

He then ran and said "I have no regrets!"

Hey, get back here! Naruto screamed

Ah, just ignore him, Naruto, Sora said

You piñatas alright? Sonic asked

Yes! Thanks for saving us! Hudson said

Yeah, we owe you guys! Paulie said with thanks

It's nothing, Sonic remarked

Yeah, it's nothing special, saving others, fighting bad guys, the usual, Sora said

Link makes a smile and shakes his head up and down.

Oh! Hey, we never got your names, Naruto said

(Just as Franklin was about to say his name…)

Well, my good friend, I'm Hudson Horstachio, the world's most popular piñata, Hudson said with enthusiasm

Riiight, anyway, I'm Paulie Pretztail, he said

Fergy Fudgehog, he said

And I'm Franklin Fizzlybear, sup', he said

Uh, what happened to the toad guy? Sora asked

(Everyone looked around and found out that Langston wasn't with them, he was accidently squashed under Sora's foot)

Oh, sorry, Sora said

So, you guys don't mind if we get a tour of the place, do you? Sonic asked

Why, certainly. Just follow me and we'll give a grand tour, Langston said with stars over his head

What happens next will happen in the next chapter. Tune in for Chapter 4!