One Week Later…

Dean pulled up the Impala in front of a huge white sign that read Wayne County Morgue and Claire parked her Cobalt right behind him.

After interviewing the police who'd been at the scene of the church explosion and searching up the different morgues in Detroit Dean, Sam, and Claire had found a lead to where Jimmy's body might be.

It was a morgue located about three blocks away from the place where the church used to stand, part of the same neighborhood. The morgue had once made headlines over the poor in the area not being able to afford to pay to bury their family.

Years later it had been shut down before being reopened as a morgue in which autopsies were done on victims of crimes and where all the unidentified victims of Detroit were kept. Wayne County Morgue had to be the place where Jimmy was.

Dean led the way into the morgue and walked straight up to the secretary's desk.

"How may I help you?" the middle-aged woman behind the desk inquired.

Dean gave her a smile. "Hello. We have an appointment with the Chief Medical Examiner."

The secretary checked the list. "Are you Mr. Cooper?"

Dean passed her one of his fake licenses. "Yes I am."

The lady took it from him so she could read it then handed it back to him. "I'll show you the way to Dr. Kingston's office."

Dean glanced at Sam and Claire and then followed the lady down the hall. He could hear Sam and Claire's footsteps behind him.

Dr. Kingston was a forty year old African American who'd been in the crime investigation field for over a decade. He was sitting in his office writing on some papers about an autopsy he'd just done on a drive by shooting victim when Sam, Dean, and Claire entered.

When he heard them he put the papers away and greeted them. "Morning."

"Morning," Dean, Sam, and Claire said in unison but at different levels.

"You may sit," Dr. Kingston told them, gesturing at the three seats in front of his desk.

The boys and Claire took the offer quietly.

Dr. Kingston's eyes fell upon Claire. "So it's your father you're trying to find?"

Claire nodded.

"Where do you live?"

"I live in Pontiac, Illinois," Claire answered. "My father left in 2008."

"But you said when we last spoke that he most likely died in 2010?" Dr. Kingston frowned.

"I last heard from him May 2010," Claire lied. "He called me right before the church collapsed and I think he might have been there."

Dr. Kingston stood to search for the files that contained the John and Jane Does' information from the terrible event Claire was talking of. All those people found dead under the rumble, what a horrible event. "Why are you so sure he was there?"

"He told me he was going to go pray there," Claire explained. "There was supposed to be a gathering."

"Why did your father leave you and your mother?" Dr. Kingston asked.

"She was always pressuring him to do things he didn't want to do." Claire bit her lip. "He said he needed to take a break and leave for a while. He kept in contact with me regularly but only came back once to visit me before he died."

Dr. Kingston turned to look at Claire, his face full of sympathy. "You can't know for sure he has died."

"But he never called back," Claire told him.

"How old was your father? Explain his appearance," Dr. Kingston ordered.

Claire closed her eyes. "He was thirty-four, had dark brown hair, blue eyes."

Dr. Kingston nodded and pulled out three folders and dropped them onto his desk. He then sat back down and opened the first one. Inside on the top of a stack of papers was a photo of a man's face with his eyes closed, the steal table he was lying on was in the background.

Claire gasped and covered her eyes.

"Are you okay Claire?" Sam questioned.

She shook her head.

"It's not him," Dean told Dr. Kingston. "Claire's just never seen such a picture before."

Dr. Kingston understood.

He closed the file and opened the next one. This man's face was scratched up but Claire braved a look and kept her eyes on the photo. "That's not him either."

Dr. Kingston nodded and opened the final folder.

Sam and Dean saw tears come to Claire's eyes as she looked down at the picture. They both closed their eyes.

"That's...that's my Dad," Claire stumbled.

"I'm sorry," Dr. Kingston apologized.

"Where is his body?" Claire inquired.

Dr. Kingston stood back up. "I'll show you."

Dr. Kingston brought the Winchesters and Claire to where the unidentified dead were kept. It was a room full of rectangular boxes stacked on top and next to each other along the walls horizontally with the ends-not the sides-facing outward. They were all freezers used to preserve the bodies. Each box had a nameplate which said either "John Doe" or "Jane Doe", the body's identification number, and the case number.

The room was white and there was a window in which some natural light was let through, but the place was strange and cold even to the Winchesters. The cheerfulness they'd had with finding the amulet faded away.

Dr. Kingston walked over to the boxes under the window and pointed to a bottom box.

"This is where your father is kept," he announced sadly.

Claire nodded.

"I'll be back with some papers to sort through," Dr. Kingston said, knowing that Claire would want some time to mourn.

He left, and Sam and Dean watched as Claire moved towards the box. When she was two feet away she dropped to her knees and began sobbing.

Dean and Sam glanced at each other sadly.

There was nothing they could say to Claire so they stood behind her silent and watching and wondering how God could be so cruel. He was part of the reason Jimmy had died, part of the reason why Claire hurt now.

Claire touched the name plate on the freezer box her father was in with her left hand and whispered, "I'm going to get you home somehow Dad. I'm going to bury you with Mom. I promise."

Sam and Dean both swallowed hard.

Five days later…

It was six o'clock at night when Castiel, Holly, and their parents got back from Jimmy's burial at the nearest cemetery.

Sally was still upset over seeing her brother get lowered into the ground so Carl had shooed Castiel and Holly upstairs to do whatever they wanted until their bedtimes.

Holly went to her room and flicked on her TV to watch some cartoon while Castiel took an early shower. After he was ready for bed Castiel slipped under his covers and tried to continue reading a book he was in the middle of. However, he couldn't concentrate so he watched TV instead. While he did, Castiel thought about the Winchesters.

They hadn't come back for the burial as Castiel thought they might have and he'd wondered what hunt they were on now. Maybe they were after a pack of hungry werewolves or some zombies? Who knew? The brothers were almost as mysterious as the things they hunted.

Castiel also thought about how much his family had been affected by seeing Jimmy's casket placed in the ground. Especially his mother and Claire. Even after all those years he'd been missing it had still affected them so much to have to say their last goodbyes.

They must have really loved him, Castiel thought.

At nine Castiel's eyes began drooping so he decided to get an early sleep and shut his nightstand's light.

He settled into his bed and looked out of his window at the crescent moon until he drifted off.

Castiel found himself in a dark place. It stretched out in every direction around him. He could hear the screams of people in agony in the distance and thunder. He saw lightning dart across what he believed was the sky.

One lightning bolt flashed right before him and Castiel jumped in surprise. The next thing he knew he was standing behind a man who was cutting something up with a knife. Castiel stepped forward to see that that something was another man's face.

"Who are you?" the man doing the cutting asked.

Castiel was horrified. It was Dean Winchester who was hurting the second man. Castiel could not speak, yet he did. It wasn't the words he wanted to say though. He had no control over it.

"No time to explain now," Castiel answered Dean.

He raised his hand to Dean's head and lightning flashed.

He was in a barn, or something like it. Dean was there too, bent over a bearded man that was unconscious on the floor.

"Who are you?" Dean inquired like he had before.


Dean narrowed his eyes, angry. "Yeah, I figured that much. I mean what are you?"

Castiel glanced up from the journal he was flipping through. Before he could reply a white light blinded him; preventing him from seeing Dean's face.

Castiel was in another barn. A thinned haired man was above him, choking him. He gasped for air and tried to fend him off. The man was speaking Latin, some kind of spell.

He saw Dean out of the corner of his left eye come at the man with a pry bar, hitting him in the head so that he released his grip on Castiel.

Castiel's head then hit the floor, causing the light to flash before his eyes.

Castiel was in a warehouse, another man with a bloodied face was holding him against a wall. He could feel a hook in his back.

"I really wish I could kill you," the man sneered. "But all I can do is send you back to Heaven."

He began speaking Latin and Castiel saw a blue light surround him. He realized he was the blue light.

The man tearing him away from his body then somehow was sent flying to the brick wall to his left and was pinned to it. Castiel collapsed to the floor.

He saw that it was Sam who had saved him this time. Sam was somehow pinning the man to the wall. Sam's hand was outstretched in front of him. His eyes full of fury. Lightning flashed again.

Castiel was in a hospital sitting in a chair next to a hospital bed. Dean was lying in it. He was beat up and bruised.

"What does that mean?" Dean asked.

"I don't know," Castiel replied.


"I don't," Castiel repeated, then he explained, "Dean they don't tell me much. I know our fate rests with you."

"Then you guys are screwed," Dean whispered. "I can't do it Cas. It's too big. Alastair was right. I'm not all here…I'm not strong enough."

Castiel glanced at Dean. Saw how broken he was. It bothered him to see him in such a state.

Lightning flashed and he saw a tear fall from Dean's eye. Another bolt of lightning and it was gone.

Castiel was in a white room with golden trimmings. He and Dean were arguing.

"Help me, please," Dean begged.

Castiel felt himself shake his head and Dean turned his back on him.

The words "we're done" hit him hard.

Suddenly Castiel found himself beside Dean with another man. The room began lighting up and quaking.

"It's the archangel. I'll hold him off; I'll hold them all off. Just stop Sam!" Castiel shouted at Dean.

He raised his hand to Dean's head and Dean disappeared.

Castiel then turned to face the enemy and waited. The light outside blinded him.

Castiel was somewhere dark and empty. It was scary, unwelcoming. He was relieved when the light appeared to him once more.

Castiel was sitting with his back against a lamppost. He looked down to see he was bleeding. Castiel felt weak; he sensed the end was near.

He looked up at Sam's face. The younger Winchester wasn't looking back at him. His eyes were on something else.

Castiel stared in the direction Sam was and saw the rumble that had once been a beautiful church. He peered into the dust. There was somebody standing in the middle of the mess.

Castiel's eyes widened as he realized it was Dean.

Thunder boomed.

Castiel jointed straight up in bed. He was breathing heavily, his heart was hammering against his chest and sweat rolled down his forehead.

He wiped his face and glanced outside at the moon.

What the Hell was that? he thought to himself.

Castiel could not come up with a single good answer.