Chapter three: Friends?

"Hello." I timidly said.

"So Shay is it?" Mrs. Look asks me nicely.

"Yes." I say back boredly.

"Okay, good I wanted to see if I got your name right. I'm really, really bad at names." She explained. For sixty she looked pretty good, she looks like someone I could get along with actually, for a teacher I might add. "Okay, Shay you can go over and sit by Kyle." She told me.

"Okay." I said. I went over where she pointed at. Kyle, he had black hair, with an emo fringe and eyeliner and a Hollywood Undead shirt. "Hi, um Kyle right?" I asked nicely.

"Hi, uh yeah new kid right?" He asked me.

"It's Shay." I told Kyle, as I was sitting down. Then, I'm guessing his friends came over, I'm guessing because they are all talking to each other. "Hey, Guys this is Shay." He told them.

"Hi Shay, I'm Kayla." The girl with blond hair and pink highlights informed me.

"Hey Kayla." I said back. I looked over to see the others. One guy had brownish/reddish hair (also emo fringe) he had sea-green eyes. I looked back at Kyle and really noticed his dark chocolate eyes, nice toned skin; I could tell that he had a 6 pack or maybe even an 8 pack. Mmm, just my type I thought to myself.

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