~*~ Chapter 1 ~*~

Bella's POV

As I walked into the elevator which led to the bottom floor I remembered that Emmett couldn't give me a ride home today, he said that he had to do something?

The only way to get home was walking through an alley way. I pulled my jacket closer around me and walked through the alleyway while trying to dodge the puddles which were left on the pathway from the rain we had earlier.

I felt a tingling feeling in my gut that told me that I should hurry up and get out of the alley way but my legs felt like jelly. A loud screech came from behind me. I turned around and just got out of the way before a car hit me. There was a Black SUV that had scratch marks and what looked like bullet holes all over the sides of the car. Following behind were two black Range Rovers driving right up the tale of the SUV in front.

I slammed myself against the wall and hid behind the rubbish can. The front car came to a sudden stop and four men jumped out with guns and started shooting the Range Rovers. Ten men jumped out of the Range Rovers and shot the other ones dead.

By the end of that I was breathing heavily and thought I was soon going to have a heart attack.

"Jazz, do you hear that" Someone whispered. I recognized that voice.



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