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Chapter 57

My beloved Bella

Edward's POV

I had never been so terrified in my entire life. Waking up next to my other half, only to find that she wouldn't wake up. I thought she was just being lazy at first. But after trying to wake her up for fifteen minutes, I realised that she was not okay.

I remember yelling and begging for her to wake up. But she never did. It was as though someone up in the heavens wanted me to suffer. And I most defiantly was. I called an ambulance and they rushed her to hospital. I was frantic the entire time. I silently prayed for her to wake up, but nothing happened. By the time the doctor had told me what was going on, I was upset and angry at the same time. I had been waiting in the waiting room for over an hour and nobody had told me a single thing.


I kept glancing up at the clock that hung on the wall opposite me. It was as though time had stopped. I felt like I had been waiting in the waiting room for hours. I hadn't even rang Emmett to tell him that Bella was in hospital. I just couldn't talk to anyone or I knew that I would break down.

"Mr Cullen." Doctor Ross said as she walked out of Bella's room and over to me.

"Is Bella okay?" I gushed out as soon as she got close to me. She smiled and took a seat next to me.

"Mr Cullen, I am sorry to tell you that your girlfriend is in a coma, again." Doctor Ross said. I frowned and rain my hands through my messy hair.

"What do you mean she's in another coma?" I growled. "She just came out of one, and now you are telling me that she's in one again?" Doctor Ross nodded and started to look through Bella's notes.

"It is possible for a coma patient to suddenly fall back into a coma, just like Bella has done." Doctor Ross said. "I believe that it has something to do with the fact that her body has not healed enough and needs more time to do so. We have had coma patients who wake up and have no memory, just like Bella, and then fall back into a coma and regain their memory."

"So, what you're saying is that when Bella wakes up she will be the exactly same person as she used to be?" I asked.

"Perhaps. But there is also a possibility that never regains her memory ever again." Doctor Ross explained. "The human body can be very unpredictable at times; we just have to let it do what it has to do." I nodded and shook hands with him. I couldn't believe that Bella was in another coma. What if she doesn't wake up this time? What if she forgets who I am again and doesn't want to see or talk to me? I quickly stood up and flung my fist out. It ended up going through a wall. I sighed happily as I felt the warm blood running down my arm. I looked over and saw that my entire hand was covered in blood. The nurses watched fearfully while the doctors started murmuring to each other. At the moment, I honestly couldn't care less what they were talking about.

I just wanted Bella back.

End of Flashback

That was a week ago. Once I had finally manned up, I called Emmett and the rest of my family. They were all shocked and upset to hear that my beloved Bella was, once again, back in hospital. I hadn't showered since Bella had been in hospital and was always very reluctant to go to the bathroom, just in case Bella woke up.

"Edward." Alice said strongly as she pulled me off the chair in Bella's room. "You need to go home and get some rest. You hardly eat or sleep and your most defiantly need to take a shower. I have just sent Emmett home with Rosalie, and you need to leave as well. If anything happens you will be the first person we will call." I gulped and looked over to Bella. She was lying there peacefully with her arms at her side.

"Come on, dude." Jasper said. "Bella wouldn't want you to just sit here all day." I sighed and nodded, knowing that he was right.

"You're mother and I will drive you home." Dad said from beside me. I nodded and let my mother guide me out into the parking lot. I held back the tears as I felt a pull on my heart. No matter how much I wanted to go back inside to see Bella, I knew she would kick my ass if she knew what I was doing to myself. I spent the entire drive home thinking about her and wondering if she would remember me when she woke up.

Once we got back to our place, I walked upstairs and hand a shower while my parents made me something to eat. I shouldn't be relying on my parents at my age, but sometimes you just have to let them be there for you. I was surprised at how much the shower actually helped me. By the time I had gotten out, I felt refreshed and ready to face the world again. As I walked downstairs I heard my parents talking to the dogs. I sighed angrily knowing that Bella was going to kill me once she found out that I had left her dogs to fend for themselves for an entire week.

"Don't worry, son." Dad said as I sat down at the table. "Rosalie has been feeding them." I nodded and started eating. I couldn't even taste my sandwich. It tasted like I was just eating air. I knew both of my parents were worried for me, but I just kept eating hoping to get back to Bella as soon as possible.

"Don't bother eating so fast, Edward." Mum said. "You're staying here tonight and getting some rest." I looked up and shook my head.

"Don't argue. We will drive you back to the hospital tomorrow afternoon." I sighed and knew not to fight my parents. Once I had finished, I walked upstairs after saying goodnight to my parents to get some sleep. I knew they would just sleep in the guest bedroom for the night. I flopped down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. The last time I slept in this bed was with Bella. I closed my eyes just as the tears started to fall. I placed my hand on Bella's pillow and that's how I slept for the night.

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