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Chapter 59

The End

Edward's POV

I woke up, just like every other morning for the past week. I showered, ate and then jumped into my car to see Bella. Little did I know that I was about to be told some very terrifying news that would change my life.

Overnight, something awful had happened. I arrived at the hospital the next morning to find Bella's doctor standing outside of her room in deep conversation with another doctor. As I made my way over, I noticed the doctor looked at me sadly.

"Doc, what's going on?" I asked. I put my hand on the door to open it, but the doctor's hand shot out to close the door. "Why did you do that? What's happening?

"Mr Cullen, I suggest you get your entire family in here right away." He said. "We have very important matters to discuss." I frowned and pulled out my cell phone. I dialled Emmett's number first and ended up getting Rosalie.

"Can he call you back? He's having a shower?" She said.

"No, the doctor said that I need to get all of you to the hospital now. I think something's wrong with Bella." I said with a shaky voice.

"Calm down, Edward." Rosalie said. "I'm sure they are probably just moving her to another room and just want to inform us on where she will be from now on."

"No, he was acting really weird." I said. "Get down here now. Call Alice and Jasper while you're at it." I quickly hung up and started dialling my father's number as well.

"Dad, come to the hospital with mum." I said quickly. "The doctor wants to talk to all of us. I think something is wrong with Bella. He wouldn't let me go into her room and said that we had matters to discuss"

"I'm sure everything is fine, son." Dad said. "You're mother and I are on our way now. Stay put and we will see you soon." I hung up and stared at the wall in front of me. There were so many situations running through my head at the moment. I jumped up when I saw my entire family rushing through the hallway to meet me.

"Had the doctor said anything else?" Dad asked.

"Is Bella alright?" Emmett cried.

"The doctor said that once we all got here that we had to meet him in his study." I explained numbly. We walked to the room and found ourselves all seated on his couches.

"What's wrong with my sister? Is she awake?" Emmett asked with tears in his eyes.

"Overnight, Isabella's heart rate started to slow down." He said. "We have no idea why, but it was getting lower every five minutes. If we had left her, she would be dead by now."

"So, what have you done?" Alice whimpered as I just sat there as though this was all just one bad dream.

"We have had to put her on life support." Doctor Ross said sadly. "I am deeply sorry, but Isabella doesn't have very long left. She has already been on life support for nine hours, we will give her another hour and then we will just have to wait until she passes."

Nothing happened. I watched around me as Alice and Rosalie screamed at the doctor and told him that he was lying, while Jasper tried to hold them both back. I watched as my mother curled into my father's arms and sobbed her heart out. And I watched my lovers brother clench his eyes shut tightly, hoping that this would all just go away. The doctor apologised over and over again. But nothing would calm my family down. Nobody would be able to do anything at the fact that we had just been told that the sweetest, my caring girl in the world was dying and that we could do nothing about it.

I stood up and walked back to Bella's room. Tears threatened to spill, but they never did. I sat down beside her on the bed and tucked my head into the side of her neck.

"Please don't leave me." I cried as the tears finally were released. "Please don't leave me."

"Edward." Alice said from behind me. I turned around and saw that she was standing with the doctor. "The rest of the family wants to come in and say goodbye to Bella." I nodded and went to stand in the corner of the room. Emmett went first. Sobbing into his sister's chest. Mum, then dad, then Alice, then Rosalie and then Jasper. Each of them shedding thousands of tears for the angel sleeping in the bed.

"It's time." Doctor Ross said as he made his way over to the life support machine. "It may take a couple of minutes for her heart to stop or it may take a couple of hours. It's up to Isabella's body." Everybody was wrapped in their partners arms, waiting for the moment when Bella would be taken from our world. I watched as the numbers started to decrease. I silently prayed that she would make it, but something in my mind told me that she wasn't going too. I didn't want her to have to fight anymore. I wanted her to be safe and happy wherever she went. I closed my eyes and tried to stop my body from shaking. But I couldn't. I dragged my body over to her bed and pressed my lips against her forehead just as her heartbeat reached five.

I love you, Bella. You will always have a large area in my heart, designated for you. I love you so much, my love. I thought as the loud sound of her heart stopping rang throughout the hospital room. She was gone.

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