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Chapter 3

"I mean boys are just so dumb! Cute, but totally stupid—"

Yeah, boys like Patrick Verona, Bianca thought bitterly. Totally hot, no one could deny, but a stupid lying cheat, who left her—

"Bianca! Have you been listening to anything I've said?" Dawn snapped.

They were sitting in a vacant hallway sharing lunch together. Technically, Dawn was doing her a favor. Chastity's rage had left Bianca friendless and constantly on the run, but Dawn was kind enough to take a trip to the "nurse" and sit with her.

"Sorry, my mind's just been everywhere. But you're right boys are stupid. Very stupid."

"Yeah, even John. He's totally pathetic sometimes. Especially when he—"

Especially when he pisses off your older sister so that she turns back into a maniac freak!


"Sorry Dawn. It's just been a long morning."

"Well, you never did say why you were so late to Bannister. What's up?"

"It's just my sister. She's gone psychotic."


But Bianca's attention was taken before Dawn could even open her mouth. From the open door down the hall, Bianca could see Patrick Verona pacing by furiously, yelling into his cell phone.

"—because she's a psychotic bitch that's why!"

3 guesses who?

"One sec, Dawn," Bianca said getting up to follow the brooding male. "Patrick! Patrick Verona!"

He dutifully ignored her and headed in the general direction of the auto-shop.

"What is wrong with you?" Bianca finally snapped.

That got a response.

"What's wrong with me?' he sneered. "There's something wrong with me because I'm pissed that your sister ruined my bike?"

"You totally deserved it!"

"Oh sure. Of course it's Patrick's fault. You Stratford sisters are too fucking perfect to take the blame for anything!"

"We are not perfect!"

"Sure," he smiled ruefully.

"Look, you're the one playing the cheating boyfriend role around here."

"Cheating boyfriend role? What are we in some lame ass teen flick? I never cheated on Kat!"

"You're lying! We both saw you!"

"I did not cheat on Kat!" Patrick roared over her.

For a moment, he was the mysterious cannibal that cared for no one but himself, not even his mother, the Mexican drug lord.

"You know it's funny," he continued, his voice dangerously low. "She's been searching for one reason to end this from day one. And I was the fool who let her keep coming. It shouldn't surprise me that she'd come up with her own bull shit. Tell Kat that the only one getting played around here is me."

"Patrick, there you are!"

It was the girl from the coffee shop again. Her voice wasn't what Bianca had expected, not the sickly sweet and over the top, but she had an almost commanding, confident style.

"You got the spare?" Patrick asked, pulling his glare from Bianca.

"Yep. You ready to roll?" she asked handing him the keys. He took it instantly and headed off.

"Wait," Bianca interrupted, stopping the girl from following Patrick. "Who are you?"

"Who the hell are you?" she answered.

"I'm Bianca Stratford. Now will you answer my question?"

"B.S." the girl chuckled slightly.

"Excuse me?"

"B.S. as in your initials. Y'know, like bull shit."

"Like what he's filled of?" Bianca retorted nudging towards Patrick's retreating figure.

"Sure, that's one way to look at it," the girl chuckled bitterly before turning to leave.

Kat and Patrick didn't talk for the rest of that month. In fact, Bianca rarely ever saw Patrick in the hallways during school. And of course, her sister was blissfully unaware that her argument with Patrick plagued her thoughts at least once a day—and that was before last Tuesday.

She had been in her English class, the period almost over, when one of the office aids walked in carrying a small white folder, just for her. Her name, B. Stratford, was written in a beautiful, but unrecognizable cursive And as the bell rang, Bianca pulled out its contents.

There was a single photo.

The tatters surrounding the edges of the photo signified its old age. It was slightly faded, but Bianca could still clearly see the two young children in the photo. She didn't have to look a t it long to wonder who the young children were. She gathered her things quickly and dashed out of the classroom, on a mad hunt for her sister.

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