Shinigami Sama sucks at poker

A fact known to nearly nobody was that even the gods had a weakness for gambling. Every six months Kami, Yami, Amaterasu and Shinigami would meet and have a night full of poker for high settings. Kami had plans for this specific poker night. She was very displeased that Shinigami had taken the soul of one of her best human warriors. And the greedy bastard wouldn't give her the soul back. But therefore she made a plan. An angel under her command had the devils luck at gambling. She would fill in for her when the bets got in the high regions. Yes, the plan was perfect. Shinigami wouldn't know what hit him. All she had to do was teasing him until he was so fed up that he would bet the soul she wanted. And so far all went according to the plan. There was the call she waited for. She excused herself for a few minutes to deal with the call and put Aohoshi one of the archangels as her proxy.

"Well what's the bet?" asked Aohoshi fully involved in Kamis plans.

"Well we should wait for Kami to return" began Shinigami.

"Afraid Shinigami Sama?" Aohoshi asked.

To question the gods braveness was a sure as hell way to get what she wanted. 'Men are so predictable.' She thought.

"Never Aohoshi. What did you think of?" Now Shinigamis pride was at stake.

"Well if you win, I will go on the date with you, you asked me for the last six months, if I win, I get one of the souls under your mercy. And I can choose which one and you resurrect him or her for me."

Shinigami pondered about the suggestion. He wanted this date with all his being. She had always denied him this date. And she was one of the most beautiful women he ever saw. Long silky brown hair. Smaragd green eyes. A perfect hourglass figure with a nice c-cup breast. Oh yes, this would be so worth the bet.

"Okay Aohoshi, I agree. Let's see who will win this game."

Amaterasu and Yami decided this game would be solely between the two. Yami shuffled the cards and dealed each one five of them. Not a single emotion could be seen on either of the contestants faces.

"Two new cards" Shinigami said. Yami gave the requested cards.

"One new card please" said Aohoshi. She got her card.

"Well this is all or nothing Aohoshi" Shinigami said. "Show."

Confidently he showed his hand. Four Queens a good hand.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I win" she said with a bright smile. She laid her cards open. Straight flush from jack of diamonds down to seven of diamonds.

"No, that can't be true" wailed Shinigami, while Yami and Amaterasu chuckled. It was predictable. Nobody was able to beat Aohoshis devil's luck at gambling.

Kami returned at this moment.

"What did I miss?" she asked innocently.

"I won a bet with Shinigami Sama Kami Sama and know he will give a soul under his command free and resurrect the person. And I know who to choose. I'm tired to just watch how these damned villagers treat the little boy I'm tasked to watch. I therefore ask for the resurrection of Minato Namikaze. He is probably the only one able to sufficiently protect his son." Said Aohoshi.

"A bet is a bet I will resurrect him Aohoshi" Shinigami said.

He held out his hand and a white light appeared. Slowly the light took form. A body became visible. At last there stood a blond man with striking blue eyes who was slightly disorientated.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"In heaven, but that won't last long. To make a long story short, Shinigami Sama sucks at poker and lost to me. Therefore he had to resurrect you. I will take you back to your village" Aohoshi explained.

"Will I be able to see my son again?" interrupted Minato.

"He is the main reason I did this. I bet to go on a date with Shinigami Sama if I lost" she smirked while saying this, seeing the pout at the face of the death god.

"He needs you. I have looked after him as his guardian angel for the last three years, since the sealing, but I can only do so much."

"I missed three years of his life?" Minato asked. Kami and Aohoshi nodded. "When can we go?" he asked. Kami just snapped her fingers.