the heros sat ina bar drinking there beer. rothgar appears and begins 'helo adventerers i am rothgar! u have ben selected to go on a quest.' the adventerers all had sticks even tho one was a pladain an the other a rouge. they agree and rothgar says 'very good. ill let u get back to ur cups. meet me in my office.' and he walks away...

the heros walk into the wepons shop wich has a big corn on the sine. the wepons shop run by ponad who is meen btu also frendle when it come to wepons. the heros have enuf for there weapons. the mage and clerik keep there sticks as they cast magick. the pladain tripp on a rock and falls taking 1d1 damag. the clerk use heel lite wounds n restor 2 helth.

wen they reech hrothgars office they axeadenttly attak him and he kilst the adventerers. the ragner run around his big sofa hittin him with a arrow every so often avoyding his sword. after 10 minits of kitting him arond rothgar dies. the ragner cant continue his adventer but he axeadently saved his game so he walk out the door. he sees children paying with a squirle and he shots a bow at the children. the child ran away without dieing so the ragner attaks the squirel. the squirel also does not die so he run down the bridge to fite an orc. CRITICAL HIT the orc die but then 3 mor appear and he is quick overwelmed and die. he make a new game and this time all clerik to help out. after bying wepns (which they did not need) they try to attack rothgar again, this time all trying to heel each other to stay alive in the baddle. rothgar kill the cleriks in 1 hit so the heel did nothing. new game all pladains. pladain dies in 2 hit but they run out of heels and only 2 survive. this time all ragner and they all kite rothgar around his sofa. damn colishion ishues and 2 die but 4 remain. this time tey just tlak to rothgar and quest continues!!!

rothgar die to a boulder.