from what sunny rays we stray.


Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down!

The sky had been painted black with ashes that day.

Even destruction had touched it, burning it with what used to be civilization. It would forever be stained with black; a constant reminder of the gluttony we mistook as happiness and the lust we had confused with love.

Words were all that was left. But you wouldn't care to listen even if you were here.


From the beginning I was silly, I was foolish. I thought I was in love.

I would have eaten all the vowels from every can of alphabet soup in the world for you; I would've taught quantum mechanics to four year olds and have learned how to fly from penguins just to see you grin so hard that your face would crack. I would've painted the world upside down, caught a shooting star and walked on water to hear even the faintest hint of a giggle.

I would have done anything to make you happy.

Together we could've cut out paper hearts from scrap paper and glued them together to remind us how special we were. We could've danced with lightning bugs during the lazy summer and when we'd get tired, we'd lay underneath the moon, whispering about how much we loved each other.

We could've pulled the covers over our heads and told each other our deepest, darkest secrets. I would have confessed that I still watched Powerpuff Girls secretly because I had a small crush on Fuzzy Lumpkins, and you would've understood.

But you were just a pronoun and our love was just a fragment filled with woulds, coulds, and shoulds.


auauau: if it makes sense, i applaud your ability to understand this nonsense eoirjlkfjg! cheers! (: