hero of the dawn, healer of worlds


When he holds me tight, whispers in my ear how much he likes me, I silently wish for him to hold me tighter, to tell me that he loves me. To have him hold me forever, trapped in his strong, muscular arms. I want him to hold me so tight that I couldn't breath.

But he wasn't here. So I'd just hold my breath and pretend.


"We went backpacking this time," he mumbles against my neck, his teeth gently nipping at the collarbone. His nimble fingers gently caress the smooth, ashen skin beneath my pale yellow Carolina Herrera tunic. He would always talk about his dreams--about a different place--and when he did, he seemed so far away; somewhere I don't belong.

"Are you listening?" He brushes a fiery curl from my emerald green eyes.

"I'm listening," I breathe and deeply inhale his damp, musky smell. "You were saying."

His chuckle, deep and humorous, resonates throughout the small, confined space. "I love you, Dylan Marvil."

And I hope, wholeheartedly, that he means it.


Hot peas and expired chocolate milk slip down throats gasping for air. He breathes pretty words and it makes me giggle. "You're beautiful," he murmurs as he fingers the lacy hem of my Victoria Secret bra. I can't say it's easy sitting next to a boy that knows about everything about me.

But I'm not the only one.

"Hey babe," Alicia Rivera, resident sex kitten and the bane of my existence, coos as she dangles her buxom bosom in his face. "I missed you."

I can see him fill his mouth too full as he always had; three other girls join the entourage as they flirtatiously flutter their eyelashes. He has too much on his plate like every other day, but I can never ask him to take anything off because I know who would be the first to go.


aye-you: anyone watching alice and wonderland? :D