A/N: Greetings! I started this story after the season finale and tried to finish it for the GAFicathon, but it got kind of out of hand. So, four days before the story was due, I decided to write something completely different. Ballsy, I know. But I finished this up and decided to grace you all with my creative ramblings. OK, its not that good. But I hope you enjoy it anyway. Just one more side note, I completely wrote Ziva out of this story. Sorry, but that's what happened. Also, this was before we found out Gibbs gave away his boat. Not a big part of the story, just saying. Oh yeah, and a small mention of an Abby/Tony type relationship thing. Will post 1-2 chapters a day (some are a bit on the short side.) Disclaimer on profile.

Abby and Gibbs laid in bed exhausted, hot, and sweaty. Abby was curled up on her side with her back against Gibbs. He had his arm on her hip, down her leg with his hand on her knee and face buried in her hair. He loved how she smelled after they had been together. It was while he was sniffing her hair and rubbing his thumb on her knee that he realized things had changed between them. It was something that actually frightened him. Few things did, but this was one of them. His feeling for Abby had grown over the last couple of months.

The day after Director Vance, Tony and himself came back from Israel without Ziva was when everything truly started. She had come over clearly upset with him. She had started yelling at him about breaking up the team and he just let her rant. He knew she just wanted to get it out. When she had finished, she plopped down on the couch and he sat next to her. She cried for a few minutes. Then she apologized for acting like and fool and said it was probably just because she needed to get laid that she had been such a basket case.

That was the first night that they slept together.

Not that there was much sleeping ever going on when the two of them were together. Abby rarely stayed the whole night. There had been a couple of times when it was late and she had been exhausted that she shared a bed with him, but she usually left after a couple hours rest. Gibbs never went to her place. That was too personal. Too personal for whom though, he wasn't sure. And they never said I love you.

It was just sex. Just sex between two consenting adults who needed an out every once and a while. Just sex to forget the things that were happening around them. Just sex to clear their minds. Just sex to ignore what was happening with Tony. And McGee. And Director Vance. And, occasionally, each other. Things weren't to get complicated. It wasn't to interfere with work. No strings attached. Just…sex.

That first night was four months ago. It seemed a lifetime away to Gibbs as he lay curled around Abby. This uncomplicated, no strings thing that wasn't supposed to interfere with work was no longer that. Not to him anyway. That's what scared him. Their first night, he wasn't thinking about what this may do to their friendship. He just wanted what she wanted; to be close to someone. Had he thought about it, he admitted to himself, he wouldn't have allowed it to happen. Abby wasn't just some random colleague from work or chick in a bar, she was one of his closest friends. She was someone who was always there for him when he needed his mood lifted. Not many people could do that. He wouldn't have risked losing that.

But he hadn't thought about it and he had risked it. He put one of the people he cares most about in this world in a dangerous zone. It was no longer just sex to Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He loved Abigail Sciuto.