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I'm Sorry: Tai Style

Sora ate her breakfast quietly. She was not looking forward to going to school today because she had to see him. Big haired obnoxious Tai. She was mad at him from the Friday night incident.

They were supposed to go out after his soccer game but he got invited to a party and blew her off. She had avoided his calls all weekend and refused to answer his texts. Now today she was in the mood to slap him if she saw him…she knew that wouldn't end well either.

"Bye Mom I'm off to school." she shouted grabbing her back pack and heading off.

She walked into the building and headed for her locker. She was not in the mood to speak to anyone. She grabbed her English book and poem that she was going to be forced to present to class today. She hated presenting but it was the stupid project to put your feeling towards a subject on paper. She had chosen her friendship with Biyomon but had changed it so it sounded like a metaphor…Biyomon was a digimon after all.

She sat down in her seat and looked up to see Tai walking in the room looking regretful. She turned her head to the window to watch the rain fall instead of seeing his puppy dog eyes.

"Hey Sora" he said of course taking the seat next to her. "I feel really bad and wish you would talk to me."

"Well I won't"

"Ahh but you just did."

"I hate you." she said glaring.

Tai smirked. "But you will love me soon. I'm going to get you to forgive me Sora."

Sora raised her eyebrows at him. "I doubt that."

The teacher walked in and smiled. "Okay who wants to read their poem project to the class first, and remember you're all going to have to do it so you mine as well volunteer."

"I WILL!" Tai said raising his hand like a lunatic and everybody stared at him shocked. Tai wasn't a school person.

"Okay…Mr. Kamyia come on up." the teacher said unsure of why he cared to present.

Tai walked up in front of the class and smiled goofily. Sora tried not to look at him because whenever he gave off that smile she laughed and she didn't want him to have that satisfaction.

"My Poem is called I'm Sorry and it's for Sora." he said pointing and Sora slouched in her chair thinking 'oh god'.

"Ehm" he cleared his voice. "I'm sorry…

"I'm sorry I sometimes have a bad attitude

I'm sorry in 1st grade I gave you the flu.

I know I am wrong for ditching you

Especially after you were there for me through and through.

I sometimes think you'd be better off with someone else

And that you should have listened to that friend of yours, you know Chels.

She said I'd mess up and I was a jerk

At least I have great hair that is a perk

You make me smile with your positive 'tude

You don't like to be rude.

The love in you is rare

Unlike others you actually care.

You tell me off when I am wrong

You are strong like King Cong.

I know I angered you, I pissed you off.

Just like when I gave you that cough.

Matt said your smart

His music's off the chart.

Izzy says your amusing

What he says is so confusing

Joe thinks your pretty

Did you know he almost killed my kitty?

Mimi loves that you help and care

Like when her jeans had the hole in the dairy air

Tk rants that you are great at sports

I think you look good in shorts

Kari says your like her sister

From another mother and mister

But none of them have the true feelings I do

Because my dear Sora I love you."

He smiled as he ended and then bowed. "Oh and I'm sorry!" he pointed out at the end then sat back down in his seat smirking.

Sora stared at him in amazement trying to contain laughter. "I can't believe you just did that."

"Do you forgive me?" he asked smiling at her.

"Stupid Tai…" she said unable to stop smiling.

"I'll take that as a yes."

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