It's been a month since Vickie disappeared, and things seem pretty normal. Elena's off spending most of her time with Stefan, while Aunt Jenna recently found a new job. As for me, I've

rediscovered my passion for art, something that seemed to be a hidden talent, even from myself for a while. So I decided to take up an art class after school. It's something to pass the

time and keep me from going insane from boredom.

A new semester has started this year, which means new classes. As it would seem, I'm behind on a few P.E. credits. I usually cut class to go smoke behind the bleachers. That was

before; when I was a pretty messed up druggie. I decided "why the hell not", it might do me some good to work up a sweat.

I showed up to gym class not expecting to see anyone I would know. Just my luck, I notice someone, none other than Tyler Lockwood glaring in my direction. I couldn't help but giving him

a little smirk at the fact that he was so frustrated with my presence so much.

"Alright, I'll be assigning you partners to help keep track of your progress throughout the semester." Coach Anderson nearly yelling, as he read a down a list of names on his clip board.

"Lockwood and Gilbert."

"What?! You're kidding me right?" Tyler responds almost instantly.

With an almost annoyed tone, Coach Anderson responds. "Mr. Lockwood, if you have a problem, I'm sure you'll work it out elsewhere. Now pair up with Mr. Gilbert and take 10 laps around

the gym."

"Nice going Lockwood, we were only suppose to run 5 laps, thanks to you big mouth we're running twice as much."

"Shut up Gilbert."

"Make me Lockwood"

Tyler shoved me, almost effortlessly, causing me to lose my balance quite a bit. Although I was taller than him, he was bigger in size rather than height. I was angry and tired of him

always pushing me around. Using the newly gained energy from my anger, I walked up to him and swung a hate filled punch at him. Catching him by surprise, I landed a hit with more

force than I anticipated.

He was furious at me now, and I could tell by those hate filled eyes. Seeing blood drip from his lips somehow caused me to lose concentration for a brief moment. During that time, Tyler

had already moved towards me. We were almost face to face as he reached for my shirt and slammed me on the ground. It happened so quickly that I didn't even have time to brace


My body went numb instantly. Tyler was violently strong; I hadn't notice until this moment. I don't know why, but it was thrilling. He was on top of me, raising his fist up ready to punch

down on me at any moment.

Thank god, Coach Anderson had pulled Tyler off before he could swing.

"Both of you after class!"

Tyler stormed off in the other direction. I finally got up, after catching my breath. I don't know what happened. I've always wondered why I liked to tease Tyler; it was because of this

feeling. The mixture of fear and excitement; something I'd been lusting for.


It's been an hour since class ended; Tyler and I were running laps during this time. We were both exhausted and frustrated. Sweat dripping down our faces as we ran. My legs were filled

with pain with each step. That goes to show how out of shape I was. I can't say the same for Tyler, he's an athlete, so he'd be used to working out and harsh training.

Luckily, Coach Anderson needed to leave to answer a called in his office.

"Alright you two, lets call it a day. I expect no more problems from you two, got it. Now hit the locker rooms."


We were alone now in the locker room. Tyler took off his shirt before even reaching his locker. His body glistened from the sweat, I tried not to stare, but sneaking in a glance or two. His

arms and torso were tight and muscular; he was like a perfect statue.

"How long are you gonna stare at me."

I didn't think Tyler knew I was watching. I was caught a little off guard, not knowing what to say for a moment.

"Like I'd stare at you, Lockwood. What's your problem anyways?"

"You're my problem, Gilbert."

"Why do hate me so much? Is it because of Vickie? Do you always get pissed off at guys who date girls that you've slept with? You act like a total dick to me; it's like you enjoy doing it.

Why me? Why don't you find someone else to …"

Tyler's soft lips were pressed against mine. His tongue already in my mouth before I could even react. It felt so good, why did it feel so damn good? His body moving closer to mine, I could

feel the heat he was giving off. I didn't want to stop, but Tyler had pulled back. I gasped for a breath of air.

"What the hell was that for?!"

"Shut up Gilbert, you talk too much"

Slamming me into the lockers, Tyler forced his lips on me once again. God it felt good, this time his body was pressed up against mine. We fought for control of the kiss for a while, but I

gave in eventually. I couldn't help but let out a soft moan. His warm mouth working its way down my neck. I moaned with pleasure, almost exploding as he nibbled along my neck. My

hands roaming his body, like they had a mind of their own. It feels so good, I don't want to stop. Why can't I stop?

…to be continued… maybe?