~ LockerRoomLust~

Chapter 3

Jeremy's POV:

Shit, I can barely walk. All thanks to that damn fucking Tyler Lockwood. I mean what the hell was with yesterday? I can't believe we actually fucked in the lockers. I was probably still high from earlier that day. Ya that was it. I had no control over myself, it was his fault. Anyways, I should probably keep my distance from that pervert.

I had spent most of the day successful in avoiding Tyler, that is, until he stopped by my locker. It was shocking to see Tyler there. The not so surprising part was the fact that Tyler was making out with some bimbo. Was he trying to rub in what happened yesterday? Or maybe he just wanted to annoy the hell out of me. Well it's not about to work. It was going to be easy to break up this make-out-fest at his locker.

"Hey Tyler, I think your girlfriend Cindy is looking for you." Jeremy said with a mischievous smile.

"Girlfriend? Ugh I'm out of here." said the girl as she ran away with disgust.

"Nice going Gilbert."

"Oh so we're back to last names now, Lockwood? Do you mind getting out way?"

"Geez someone's in a bad mood. What crawled up your ass an—"

"Are you fucking serious?"

"Look it was a joke, lighten up a bit."

"Well your not the one who's can't walk straight; or even have a dick shoved up his—"

"Ok ok. You're not gonna tell anyone, right?"

"What that you raped me in the locker room yesterday?"

"Raped? As I recall, you were more 'willing' than you keep saying."

"I wasn't myself I was probably still high from earlier."

"Ya I wasn't my self either."

"And what's your excuse?"

"I was hot, and tired. I need to fuck someone after a long hard day of exercise. You were just the closest person around. Besides I didn't want to put the effort of calling a girl up, taking her out, just so I can sleep with her."

"Oh so I'm just a piece of ass to fuck?"

"What's the big deal Gilbert?"


"It was just a one time fuck. Nothing more."

Tyler walked away with his usual smug attitude. I didn't know why but I was still angry. I can't believe that I was just a one time fuck. Does he do this with everyone? Guys and girls? I need to get the bottom of this.


AN: I decided to work on this story a little more. Its very mature and a lot more dirty for those of us who enjoy things like that. It's the exact opposite of my other story. So enjoy their dirty sexiness.