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It was around one in the morning and I was working on my world history home work. When I heard some footsteps in the hall. I looked out to see Daniel going up into the attic. I began following him and heard. "Okay Amy we know it's you. You can't disguise your voice that good."

"What's going on." I said walking up behind them making them jump. Then saw dad's favorite dummy laughing at us. "It's dad." Daniel whispered as he and Trina grabbed the dummy and pulled off the chair revealing a hand and making the voice sound surprised.

"Hi dad." I said. He laughed. "Hi guys. Gotcha." "No you didn't we weren't scared at all." Trina replied. "Oh yeah." He said throwing his voice to the right. "Haha I can still do it. Can I throw my voice or what?" "Pretty amazing dad but can you do it in stereo?" Daniel asked.

"I'm working on it."he replied. "What's with the suitcase?"I asked looking behind us. "Oh! You guys are gonna love this." he told us as he opened the suitcase revealing a broken dummy. "Where'd you find him?" I asked.

"At a junk store. The guy practically gave him to me." "Yeah I don't blame him." Trina said. "Hey are you kidding. Slappy here is an antique. This is a dummy with class. Slappy what happened to your face?" Dad asked him as he put Slappy on his lap. "It's your bad jokes they crack me up."

We laughed. The light turned on and mom came up the stairs saying, "I thought I heard gremlins in the attic." "Dad brought home a new addition to our family." "Oh great another mouth to polish." she replied and kissed him.

"Your home from your trip early I thought you were going to be home from your trip tomorrow morning." "Uh. Well I thought I should be here when Zane arrives." "Zane's coming?" I said upset and walked over with him as he got glue to repair Slappy.

"Now come on he is your cousin." "That's not our fault." "Yeah why do we get punished for it." Daniel and Trina backed me up. "You didn't even tell us he was coming." "It was supposed to be a surprise." Mom said.

"We figured it would give you less time for your tricks." mom told us as dad glued Slappy's eye back on. "Like dad's trick tonight." I back talked. "There's a difference. You guys can take a joke but Zane can't. So for the next 3 days I want you on your best behavior. Alright? And no practical jokes."

"Come on dad. That's the only way to have fun with Zane." Daniel said. "Yeah right. After your last joke on him Zane was afraid to sleep in his bed for weeks." Mom said making us laugh at the memory of putting his mattress in a cow field so when he woke up he'd be scared by a cow or 2.

"You have to admit. It was pretty funny." Trina said laughing. "No not to Zane it wasn't." Mom replied. "Come on you guys. Zane is gonna be your guest not your hostage. So I want you to promise. No tricks." dad said walking over to a chair and putting Slappy on his leg.

"Alright. We promise." "Fine." "Yeah ok." We said. "What's this." I said taking a card from Slappy's pocket. " I guess Slappy has his own business card." Dad joked. "What's it say?" Daniel asked smiling.

"Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Kuranno." I read as the wind blew and the lights flickered. "Sounds Latin." I said. Then Slappy's eye fell off. "Guess the glue didn't hold." dad said picking up the eye.

"Back to bed you guys." Mom told us. "Hey I'm 16 I don't have a bed time. Remember." I told her as she ushered. Trina and Daniel back downstairs. "Come on let's get a move on." She rushed. I put Slappy's card back in his box and dad took him over to the repair table.

"Zane's gonna be here first thing in the morning" they groaned going down the stairs. You coming guys?" "We'll be there in a sec." I replied. "Don't be too long." "Ok honey." dad replied. He put Slappy's eye back on. "Hey dad maybe you can put my phantom of the opera mask on him. To make him more mysterious."

"Ha maybe. There good as new." Dad said putting the dummy's arm up and walking out of the room. I looked at Slappy and wiped off a hair from his cheek then left the room to go to bed shutting off the lights.

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