"Bella," He called out to me.

I immediately started for him at the sound of his voice. Something about his russet skin and deep, dark eyes always had me wet. And maybe it had a little to do with the fact that he was my father's best friend and that he was over 30 years older than me. It made it all the more fun. I entered the living room, and instead of finding Billy in his wheelchair, he was sitting in a kitchen chair. With that smirk on his face and twinkle in his eyes, I knew exactly what he wanted.

I walked slowly over to him, letting Billy take in my short jean skirt, fishnets that ended at my thighs, and tight, low-cut shirt that led little to the imagination. I reached him with a playful smile on my face and rubbed my hands once over his chest. Automatically, I swung my legs onto either side of him, into a straddle, glad that he was in an armless chair. I started to unbutton his shirt and rubbed my pussy in circles over his dick, making sure I elicited a groan out of Billy. After removing his shirt I placed my hands on the back of his neck, and positioned my lips just out of reach of his.

Unable to take any more, he crushed his lips to mine. We moved our mouths in sync together and his hands fell onto either side of my hips, pushing me harder onto his dick. I felt his cock harden beneath me, making my pleasure grow as it continued to rub against me in all the right places. I quickened my pace. Billy forced my mouth open with his tongue and began to battle for dominance.

I could tell when he started to become impatient when he savagely yanked my shirt off.

"No bra this time, I see."

"Well, I've been a naughty girl, Billy." I moved my hand to cover one of his and guided it up to my tit, running it over the nipple. "I mean, I'm fucking my dad's best friend. My father would never approve of this."

"That's why we do it, isn't it?" Billy moved both of his hands to my breasts and began to expertly squeeze them. Under his breath he whispered, "So big."

I smiled down at him and responded to his comment by slipping one of my hands into his pants and stroking his cock. Then, Billy pinched my nipples and I let out a moan in reaction. "You are one bad, bad girl."

I just nodded my head in response, unable to speak due to the pleasure coming from both grinding Billy and his hands that were playing with my breasts.

"Show me, then," Billy said. "Show me how naughty you are."

With that I climbed off of his lap and kneeled down before him. Not leaving Billy's eyes, I undid his jeans and pulled them off, along with his boxers. I licked my lips in anticipation of his cock that sprang up before me. There was a slight wet spot on the top of it, where a bead of pre-cum lay. Ever so lightly, I licked it off, letting my tongue barely sweep across his head. In response Billy groaned.

"Bella," he said in a tone that was both demanding and yet yearning.

I gave in and took his shaft in my hand and pumped it up and down quickly. Soon Billy was panting heavily. I stopped and removed my hands from him completely and lowered my mouth over his cock. Billy's hands came roughly to the back of my head and pushed me down farther until his head was grazing the back of my throat. I choked and gagged, but Billy's hands remained on my head, holding me in place. I could hear him groaning louder and louder. Suddenly he pulled me away from him, keeping my lips a few inches away from his dick. Then, as he held my head in place, he brought his shaft forward into my mouth.

"Look at me, Bella."

I did as he said and met my eyes to his. Billy's face was scrunched in pleasure as he fucked my mouth. His breath was coming faster and so were his yells. Just before he was going to cum, he stopped.

"Take off that slutty skirt of yours. Now." I eagerly stood in front of him and took off my skirt. "Come back over here, Bella."

I did as he said and resumed to my straddle over Billy's cock. My pussy throbbed in agony from the need of him inside me. "Billy," I whimpered.

He positioned his cock at my entrance and forcefully entered me. Without giving me any time to adjust to his size, he began to pound into me. The pleasure that shot up me was instantaneous. The pit of my stomach grew warmer as I took control. I circled my pussy around his cock, creating new angles that sent waves of pleasure through my body. I raised my hands to his shoulders and looked into his eyes and I began to bounce on top of him.

We were both moaning out each other's names as our pleasures increased. I could feel the pressure building. I saw Billy's eyes move from my own to my breasts, knowing that he loved the way the jiggled when I fucked him. I arched my back, causing my chest to be closer to his face as they moved up and down with my body.

"You whore, Bella," he said to me as my face scrunched from the feeling he was giving me. I could feel my release coming closer.

"Billy, Billy I'm gonna cum," I yelled out to him, my pitch becoming higher and higher the closer I got.

"Cum for me, Bella. Cum for your daddy's friend." With one last hard hit, I came around Billy's cock.

"Fuck, Billy!" I screamed out.

Billy continued to pound into me. I could feel him begin to tense beneath me. His hands found their way back to my hips and pushed me harder onto his cock. Wanting him to get a release, I continued to ride him as my lips found his ear.

"Do you like the way I feel around you? Do you like the way my breasts move when I pound on your cock," I said huskily. "Let's go, Billy. I want you to cum for me." I moved my hand to stroke his cheek. "And open your eyes. I want you looking at me when it happens."

His hands tightened around my hips. "Fuck, Bella. You fucking slut."

I pushed down once more and then he yelled loudly. I felt his dick explode cum inside of me.

Billy looked into my eyes. "Charlie has no idea what his daughter is doing when she says she's going over to visit a friend, does he?"

"No," I said with a smirk on my face.

i saw that there were no Bella and Billy stories and this came to me. comment if you would like, but please, nothing negative! this was my first lemon

there's some talk about wanting me to continue and make it more into a story.. so what are your opinions????