Lance Corporal James Dante Nicknamed the Rookie sighed sitting on the medical cot, the UNSC physician was writing in quickly on a clipboard. The man seemed to be quite busy today, considering the short line of marines outside the office. James could see pictures around the office, pictures of old doctors who served on the Say-My-Name. HE sighed and then looked up at the balding man.

"Alright everything checks out Lance Corporal, you can leave." the Doctor said while looking over his clipboard and writing down medical info.

"What? No needles?" He asked.

Damn why'd I say that?

The man shook his head.

"As much as I'd like to indulge you, I have much more work to do… get going." He said. James slowly obliged and got off the cot, he walked through the door and saw another marine walk beside him, he had a grey T-shirt, while James's had a black one with the letters O D S T inscribed on it.

He walked through the hallway whistling slightly, He was just glad to be out of New-Mombasa, although that was a month ago and he had been ordered along with his team to remain on the UNSC frigate Say-My-Name. The frigate had seen quite a bit of combat considering it participated on harvest in the beginning of the war. He walked by a group of marines that were busy… well he wasn't really sure what they were doing; all he knew was it had to do with the elites, since they were near a Elite door. James sighed.

Ever since this 'cease fire' started, we had to share a damn ship with the elites.

He looked at a nearby clock; it was roughly 1843 Military time, or just time to eat. The meals schedule for dinner was 1800 to 2100. He had gotten use to the ship, its layout was different than most UNSC vessels, but it was fine. And he was having a decent day. He worked out, he slept for a few hours, Then later private Crespo convinced him to invade on Eddy Buck and Veronica Dare's 'private time' of course he got a stern lecture afterwards about personal responsibility and such. It was worth it to see Dare diving towards the blanket. He later sat by Romeo (Kojo Agu) in the indoor shooting range listening to one of his 'riveting' stories about how he got his nickname.

"And then I'm like, hey pal, I don't fucking like you"

And to top it off, he got the physical Dutch kept bothering him about. Now it was time for dinner to finish the day up. Finally he arrived in the mess-hall, it was a clean metallic room with rows of tables and such, a couple were tables brought in from the Separatist Covenant cruisers to support the Elites. However something was wrong Nobody was in their seats, and he could hear… cheering? James looked to the side to see a crowd of UNSC marines, a couple ODSTS in off duty military gear, in the middle was a very tall Elite with a familiar shorter man fighting him…

Great, another brawl

"You humans are so predictable, always wanting to point fun at the Sangheili." The Elite started. The man facing against him took a couple steps; James recognized it to be his Commanding officer, Eddy Buck.

"Sorry Hinge-Head I didn't know you had feelings, after what you did to Reach" Eddy immediately replied, James looked to see that the line was clear for the moment, and that the food being served was… spaghetti, his favorite. James snakilly walked through the crowd into the line, half-heartedly paying attention. Technically Buck wasn't the Commanding officer, it was Veronica Dare, but ever since Mombasa, things had changed. He grabbed a tray to see the Cafeteria worker.

"Lance Corporal Dante, good to see you wouldn't pass up a meal." He immediately said. He nodded.

"Good to see you too Herb." He answered back, the cafeteria worker nodded and put a nice serving on the tray, and James could smell its intoxicating aroma and nodded.

"thanks." He said. He grabbed a glass of water and slowly walked out towards the benches, he could hear more griping from the fight. He sat down at the place his squad usually sat and began to watch the fireworks.

"Well human… it's hard to believe that a woman is you're commanding officer, or maybe it's just because she tops you in bed." the foolish elite said proudly.

"Ooh." He heard some of the marines say, how did the elite know? Perhaps it was from all that "snooping" him and Mickey did. He put his fork into the glob of noodles and sauce and started rapping it around it. He took another glance at the group.

Suddenly Buck jumped onto the elite with fists clenched punching him again and again then the elite caught his fist and head butted him off the crowd cheered as a complex battle of hand to hand combat took place. It was Veteran vs. hinge head. This fight, like most others included classics, like the kick balls (or whatever Elites had) an attempted sleeper hold, and then sword fighting with nearby broomsticks… Well that part didn't happen, but Rookie thought it would have been. HE saw them going at it for five solid minutes until Dutch and Romeo came in to hold down their second in command, as well as other elites, but it seemed that elite had excellent self-control and didn't need it's friends.

As the fight settled down, the audience got bored and all slowly returned to their tables, James saw his second in command slowly resign and left, Romeo and Dutch followed.A few minutes later Mickey came down to sit with a tray

"Hey Rookie how you doing" Mickey said, Rookie didn't even look up as he was digging in to his food. Mickey groaned as he looked at his food.

"Ah spaghetti, my least favorite food in the whole stinking universe." Rookie didn't reply as he slurped up a noodle, Mickey watched him disgustedly and asked.

"You want mine?" Rookie looked at him for a moment and quickly grabbed Crespo's tray, the private nodded and leaned back.

"You can have everything but the crackers, I have to eat something." Mickey continued while grabbing the crackers off the tray. Rookie nodded for a moment, he handed Michael his crackers as a sort of trade off. Mickey smiled and opened up a pouch.

"Did you hear about the new ODST recruit coming? Sounds like you're going to have someone you can be superior too eh buddy." Mickey said as he was munching. Rookie never liked to talk much especially when he was eating, so he just ate and paid slight attention to appease his best friend. This was their ritual, let Mickey talk, and then nod or contribute if it's a good idea. Mickey nodded and watched the other marines hurry into the line.

"We came in at the best time." He said. He finished off the package of crackers and then opened another while drinking from his glass of water. He munched down the rest of the crackers and slowly stood up.

"Alright, we have a new mission… according to the Gunny, let's get going." He said. Rookie finished and quickly disposed his tray.

Rookie obliged and followed his friend to the debriefing room, the trip usually consisted of going through hallway after hallway, passing by other marines along with two dozen elevator rides it took right along 36 minutes to get there, which gave James plenty of time to listen to Mickey's account of what really happened to Elvis. Finally they returned to the conversation of shortly five hours ago.

"As I was saying Rookie, when you're in that situation, you gotta gun it, or die try-" Mickey was cut off when they heard an irritated feminine voice.

"God damn it, what do you mean the room I'm looking for doesn't exist along with this ship. You were working well five minutes ago." The voice yelled, James looked ahead to see it was a Marine about his age with Red Hair bundled in a ponytail, and she was busy yelling at one of the shipboard AIs.

"We are sorry, please try again in exactly six days" The A.I. responded. The girl got even more pissed, Mickey laughed.

"Tough break for her." He said. Rookie slowly nodded.

"Why does this unit have to be paired with a fucking dumb AI?" She said slamming her head into the terminal.

The AI avatar disappeared and the power from the terminal left. She breathed slightly and then put her hand to her head and uttered an

"…Ow." James looked to Mickey and slowly approached the girl, Mickey was moving his hand a throat slitting manner, telling him to abort. The girl still seemed pissed. James slowly opened his mouth.

"Do you need help with-?"

"What do you want!" she yelled at him, she looked straight at him. He stepped back slightly, getting a good look at her; she was about their age, and had an oval shaped face with piercing green eyes. She wore an off duty military attire which was gray. HE stepped back to Mickey who immediately whispered in his ear about two things her pissed off nature, and something about her in a bikini; Rookie flicked him on the head. Romeo often went very descriptive about his "encounters" so much it practically poisoned Mickey slightly. Rookie sighed then looked at the woman.

"Do you need help with directions or something?" HE answered back, she slowly closed her eyes and then calmed down for the moment, she opened them back up.

"Sorry about that. Me and A.I's have a bad history. Anyways, I was just transferred here. Do you know where the debriefing room is?" She asked eyes still locked on his.

Rookie was about to answer but suddenly out of nowhere, Mickey butted into the conversation.

"Sure, I'm private First class Michael Crespo, you can call me Mickey and this is Lance Corporal, um what's your name again Rookie?" James sighed; Mickey was much attuned to using nicknames so much, he tends to forget the actual name, just like Romeo's real name Kojo. To keep things simple, James said.

"You can call me Rookie"

"And you are?" Mickey asked. The girl sighed and looked at them both.

"Oh sorry I'm Anne Faire, I was recently transferred here".

"Nice to meet you, Anne" Rookie said holding his hand out. The girl nodded and quickly shook it; she seemed practically bipolar considering her outburst literally 30 seconds ago.

"Nice to meet you too… er Rookie" Faire said smiling.

"Well now that we are all acquainted lets head to the debriefing room" Mickey said leading the way.

Mickey led, while Faire walked beside him, and stayed in the back paying attention.

"So, how long have you known each other?" she asked. Mickey quickly answered back.

"A couple years, we trained at the same academy, on Luna." He said. Rookie sighed, since they had met each other at the academy in Naniwa, Mickey had clung to him and considered him his best friend. Which was the case, but it just bothered him to no end. Mickey laughed then looked at Faire.

"You know, he wasn't as enthusiastic when he met me." He said. She sighed.

"I wonder why." She immediately said. Mickey sighed. Rookie laughed slightly, meeting Mickey wasn't really the highlight of his life. He looked around the hallway to see that Faire had slowly lowered back to him. He smiled slightly. Mickey kept talking without noticing Faire had stepped back.

"So how long have you been here?" she asked clearly deciding who she could squeeze the most actual information out of. He shrugged.

"hm, about a month, my squad was sent out on a couple missions before the jump, but nothing really big, unless you count Mombasa." He said. Faire nodded and then Mickey slipped back lower and started talking again.

James continued to walk down the hallway following closely from behind.