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Dani Jones

The sun had just begun to rise when Aro rose from the bed. I sat up on my elbows, and watched him walk over to the dresser, select a suit; one that was just as nice – if not more – than the suit he wore at our wedding.

I watched him dress himself; it was like watching a painter painting a delicate work of art. It was like nothing I'd ever seen before. He was very precise, making sure his collar was straight, cuffs were linked, and creases were invisible. He put his hands under his hair, and flipped it out from underneath his suit jacket. It fell perfectly across his back. Using two fingers, he separated two sections on both sides, and rearranged them to lie on his shoulders.

Last, he reached down onto the vanity, and retrieved his clip. He placed it in his teeth, and grabbed the front section of his hair. I marveled as he pulled his behind his head and held it back with a clip; all without using a brush or comb. His hair was silky-smooth and shimmering as he turned to face me. He chuckled at my gawking expression.

"Come my love, we must get you dressed. I have a full day planned for us."

I grinned slowly and leaped from the bed, positively blind to the fact that I was bare-naked. Aro smirked and chuckled slowly as I positioned myself in front of him, wrapping arms around his neck and pecking his lips.

"Must we go?" I whined a bit, looking up at him, and putting on my best puppy-dog expression. Aro rolled his eyes.

"I have the day planned, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. After all…you have only ever drunk blood from a glass. It is time you learned to hunt; as is your nature."

I nodded, sliding my hands down his muscular upper arms slowly, feeling the bulging contours of his arms through the flawless material over them. "I look forward to it,"

Aro smiled widely and kissed me in return, pausing for a moment to suck on my lower lip, and cause my knees to go weak. I held onto him as I sunk to the floor a bit, and released a barely-audible moan. Aro smirked against my lips, holding me up on my feet as he pulled his lips away.

"Why do I get the feeling that we won't leave here anytime soon?" he said, a devilish smile lighting up his face.

"Maybe that is because you are far too tempting for your own good." I replied, tugging on his lapel with my hand, and begging for another kiss by slackening my lips and looking up at him. Aro chuckled again, brushing my lips with his before separating from me completely, blurring over to the closet in a quick run. I growled lowly at his cruel tease, watching him. He returned with a knee-length halter-top dress that flowed freely underneath the curve-gripping waistline.

He unzipped the back and held it open for me. I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes as I slipped into it, standing straight so that he could zip it up.

"No undergarments?" I asked, teasing.

Aro zipped up the dress in one easy motion. "There is no use; they prove to be a complete annoyance, especially when vampires do not need them to catch any sort of excrement." I watched Aro wrinkle his nose a bit in the mirror, speaking of human's unsanitary habits was obviously not one of his favorite conversational topics. "They also prove to be an unnecessary obstacle; especially when one is suddenly over come with certain…lusts."

I hummed in understanding. "I see,"

"If you are feeling a bit…exposed, then by all means." He mumbled at the end, tightening the tie around the back of the dress.

"I think I'm all right." I replied, turning around in his arms and sneaking a kiss to his chin. "Thank you for dressing me."

"Anything for you, my love."

We stared at each other for several moments, and it was as if the world had stopped so we could enjoy this moment together. He made the first move, leaning forward slowly, and capturing my lips again. I opened my mouth and allowed him access; his tongue swept across my cavern expertly.

I twined my hand into his hair and pressed my body against his, gripping a handful of his silky locks, and letting his have his wicked way with me. He took a step backwards and pressed my back to the wall. I let out a small squeal of delight as I felt the strong surface capture my back, and Aro's bulging hardness as it pressed against my stomach.

"Someone's excited…" I mumbled, leaning my head back and opening my neck to him; which he quickly took advantage of. Aro groaned out softly and kissed down my neck feverishly. I shivered audibly, clutching the back of his suit jacket and hitching my leg over his hip, letting it press into my sensitizing center.

Aro's hand smoothed up my leg immediately, lifting my skirt and pooling it around my waist. I rolled my hips into his impatiently, letting him notice my want for him.

"I want you…" I whispered into his ear. "I want you now."

I removed one of my hands from his back and slid it down his body, cupping his burgeoning arousal and kneading it once. Aro let out an unbridled groan, burying his face in my neck and shoulder as he reached down in a blur and unzipped his suit pants, exposing only his arousal, and touching it to my center immediately.

He seemed to enjoy teasing me, for he inserted the tip for a brief moment, and then retracted. I rocked my hips forward, blindly searching for him.

"Aro, please…"I begged, jumping a bit and wrapping my other leg around his body; completely holding onto him with my legs.

"As you wish, my darling." He growled back, touching the tip to my center again, and thrusting once, roughly. I gasped out, leaning my head back against the wall and squeezing my eyes closed. Though the second time was much less painful than the first, it still took a bit of adjustment. Unfortunately, I was unable to contribute to his motions due to my position, but he seemed to enjoy taking control, for he rocked rhythmically into my body, uncaring of my stiff-backed posture.

"Oh! Oh…" I all but sang, gripping his hair again and arching my back.

"My love…" he whispered hoarsely into my shoulder, nibbling on the skin as he continued his rhythm. We proceeded monotonously for a few minutes before his pace suddenly grew to a frantic one. He began whispering in soft Italian as he went; my moans going from little whimpers and gasps to unrestrained moans, and light screams.

"Aro-! I'm going to-!"

"Do it," he pressed, biting down on the skin of my shoulder, and causing me a brief moment of pain that mixed beautifully with the pleasure I was experiencing. With a quick flex of my centerfolds, I felt myself spasm and throb wildly. I cried out in ecstasy as my release burst forth.

Aro continued his thrusts, reaching his end a few moments later. He gritted his teeth and restrained his cry as he released his teeth from my shoulder, and laid his forehead where his mouth previously was. He held me in his arms against the wall as we both rested, and came down from our glorious highs.

"I love you," I panted out.

"As I adore you, my angel." He returned, lifting his head for a moment to kiss my cheek. A few short minutes, and we were both energetically rejuvenated.

I re-adjusted myself to propriety – as did he – and he took my hand, leading me out of the room.

"I have the perfect location in mind," he said. "While we are out, I need you to do exactly as I say. Hunting is a rare and marvelous experience, but it can turn quickly out-of-hand if you cannot control yourself. Remember the risks and dangers."

I nodded. "I will,"

He smiled proudly, lifting our entwined hands to kiss mine. "Good,"

Aro led me out of the house, picking up his speed a bit more as the open space in front of us yielded for us to do so. Soon, we had released each other's hands, and were running next to each other. To run at an impossible speed was exhilarating beyond words. I enjoyed running the first time I did it, and I never tired of the sensation. I glanced out of my peripherals, watching Aro's hair whip in the wind. He glanced over at me, sending me a soft smile before turning his head back and concentrating on the destination.

About fifteen seconds after I had stolen a glance of my dark angel running, he stopped abruptly. I was able to stop just as quickly, but a moment too late after he had. I looked back at him – a good ten feet behind me – sighing softly.

"It's harder than it looks." I grumbled. Aro smiled gently and walked forward, taking my hand again.

"It is nothing to fret over, my sweet." He said, squeezing my hand. "Listen…"

He touched my chin and turned my head away from his, towards the field in front of us. Perhaps a half a mile ahead, I could hear them; two heartbeats, beating in sync with each other. Both of them sounded young, virile, and delicious.

"Can you hear them? Close your eyes and imagine the sustenance that flows through their veins with every pounding beat…" he said softly, his words sounding like a chant. "Smell them…hear them…feel them…"

Venom pooled my mouth immediately with his musical words.

I wanted them. I wanted them now.

"Aro…" I whimpered.

"Patience, my love. First, we must make our approach. There are two, a male and a female. You may select the one you desire, and I shall take the other." Aro still held my hand, smoothing the back of it with him thumb. With one swift motion, he released my hand, and it was as if someone had set the rabbit loose in a dog race.

I ran.

The wind rushed past my face again, and before I knew it, my targets were in sight. The young man was sitting across from an also young lady, who was giggling at something was apparently doing. I felt the collision as my body met his. His body hit the ground with a thud, and instead of fighting like I thought he would, he just stared up at me with wide eyes.

The girl did not scream immediately, but I did hear her heart skip two beats. Without hesitation, I grasped the hair of the male, and yanked his head to the side – breaking his neck immediately – and plunging my teeth into the meat of his neck.

Then the girl began to scream.

Her screams were suddenly cut short, as if someone had pulled the plug to a radio that was on. I turned my head and saw Aro over her on the ground, hand over her mouth, and his mouth on her neck, drinking greedily.

I sucked hard, but I could not seem to get nearly as much of a mouthful as he was getting. Growling in frustration, I pulled my teeth out of his neck – tearing off a nice chunk of flesh – and changed positions. I felt successful at last as I broke through the artery; his sweet blood filling my mouth. The adrenaline gave it the perfect little spice as I sucked his life from him.

Soon, the boy's body began to seize, and the last bit of his life faded away. I withdrew as soon as I could taste no more, and leaned back onto my haunches. I turned my head and looked at Aro, who was standing behind me with a satisfied grin on his face.

"Congratulations, my huntress." He beamed, opening his arms to me. The first thing I noticed was the lack of blood spattering his clothing like it did mine. I stood slowly, wiping the blood that ran down my chin with my fingertips, and approaching him leisurely. Just as I got to him, I ran my bloodied fingertips down his own lips, dabbing them in the boy's delicious life force.

I leaned forward and took his lips, sucking off what I had just wiped on.

"Thank you, my husband. It was…too good…" I gasped, pulling away and opening my eyes to see his expression.

It was absolutely and irrevocably twisted into one of lust.

"Andrea…" he purred, touching the side of my face and holding it gently in his hand. I leaned my face more into his touch, returning the purr.

In one swift motion, he knocked my legs out from underneath me, and laid me down onto the blood-spattered grass. His weight pressed onto me, immobilizing me, as he preoccupied my lips with his skillful ones. Our want for each other broke loose for the second time that day. As if experiencing déjà vu, I found myself screaming out his name, and coming deliciously once again.

After we had finished, Aro laid on my chest, breathing slowly as I stroked the top of his head with my hand.

"How much longer do we have?" I asked, twirling a lock of his hair around my finger.

"I'm afraid we must return as soon as we can," he said, a tone of obvious annoyance in his voice. I sighed.

"I'm afraid the life of a ruler is never free," he exhaled, turning his head, and propping it up on my chest, looking up at me.

"Well…at least I got to spend some excellent time with my husband." I smiled back lovingly, touching his cheek with my fingertips. Aro turned his head and kissed my fingers.

"And I with my wife,"

I smiled down at this God who was now bound to me, focusing on my happiness. Reviewing his words, the word 'wife' brought a pang of guilt and frustration to my un-beating heart.


She was still out there, and no doubt out for my head.

Aro noticed my immediate change in mood. "My love? Are you quite all right?"

"I'm fine," I replied breathlessly, my eyes becoming distant as I thought.

Aro wasn't convinced. "Look at me," he ordered carefully. I did as he said, sighing quietly before looking back down at him. "You are with me, and I am with you. You make me that happier than I have been in a thousand years, and I wish for this to never end."

The worry of Sulpicia's imminent return seemed to lessen as he spoke.

"I love you, and I wish to make you happy." He finished, face completely sober.

I could not help but smile. "I love you, and you make me happy. I have no idea what I did to deserve you. And I'm sorry for ruining our moment." I said, puckering my lip outward slightly.

He chuckled and kissed my swollen lip once. "No matter, my sweet. Come; we should freshen up and pack to return home."

"Fine," I grumbled, letting him hoist me back to my feet. Together, we swept back to our little house. Aro mostly packed my things for me while I showered and re-did my hair. When I returned from my freshening, he was packed and waiting patiently.

I went to the embrace of my husband, snuggling into his chest.

We both sat in silence for several moments, just enjoying each other's presence. I turned my head and kissed his chest – noticing the obvious absence of a heartbeat – and rested in his hold.

"I loved it here. Being here with you…" I said, looking up at him. Aro smiled back down at me, kissing the end of my nose.

"We shall have to make a habit of using this house as a getaway."

"I'm not opposed to the idea," I smiled widely, nodding adamantly. Aro laughed and slung me onto his back suddenly.

"Hold on, my darling."

"Always," I whispered into his ear, kissing the lobe lovingly.

I gripped our bags in my one hand as he sped off, back towards the fortress, and to our life that lied ahead.

Heidi, Athenodora, Renata, and Marcus all stood at the top of the three stairs into the fortress as Aro came to an abrupt halt in the courtyard, sliding me carefully from his back. I landed delicately behind him, still holding our bags in my one hand.

"Brother; ladies," he greeted, looking at each of them directly for a moment.

"At last you have returned; come, there is work to be done." Marcus wheezed out, turning, and going into the fortress without another word.

"We've only been gone for one night…" I muttered in confusion, looking to Aro. He bent down and kissed my cheek.

"I told you; the life of a ruler is never free."

I sighed softly and placed my hand on his shoulder, stopping him as he took a step forward. "When will I see you?"

Aro smiled, displaying sweetness. "As soon as my work is concluded; a few hours at the very most. I'm sure Athenodora will keep you entertained, angela mio."

I smiled back, eager to see my friend. "I'll be waiting,"

Aro took one of my hands with both of his and kissed it longingly, holding it there as long as he could before releasing it and following Marcus' tracks into the castle. Renata and Heidi swept to my side, picking up the bags, and standing silently next to me. I gave them both odd looks, until I realized that they were waiting for me to take the lead.

I was, after all, a Mistress now.

I smiled softly at them both. Renata returned the smile; Heidi only nodded curtly. I walked forward first, and entered my home.

Once we arrived at Aro's – and mine, I guessed – chambers, they set down my things. Both of them nodded politely, and then disappeared in the blink of an eye.

I picked up one of my bags and dropped it onto our ornate bed, unzipping, and beginning to hang up the slinky pieces of lingerie, one by one; and taking care to hide them behind our daily – and far more tasteful – clothing in the closet. All of my things had been moved from my previous chambers to Aro's; including a few things I did not recognize.

On the nightstand next to the bed, there was a picture of two adults, one with a hand on the shoulder of the other, and both with happy smiles on their faces.

I picked up the frame, staring at the couple in pure puzzlement. Who were these people, and why are they in my chambers?

I racked my brain madly, trying to place the people. I lifted the frame to my nose, inhaling as soon as I caught a scent that did not belong. The scent was vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place it. I growled lowly in frustration, feeling slightly frightened and invaded by the mystery picture.

Behind the picture, there was a little pamphlet taped to the cardboard. The pamphlet was a funeral program with an elderly couple on the front. The younger woman on the picture and the older woman on the pamphlet looked alike; they were probably mother and daughter.

"Andrea!" a voice echoed from the doorway. I turned around and smiled as Athenodora leaned against the doorway, her teeth glistening in the light.

"Dora, hello!" I gushed back, opening my arms. She came into them, hugging me tightly.

"I was expecting you to be away for much longer, but I am so thrilled that you have returned!"

"Aro said we couldn't stay; he had a lot to do, I guess." My smile fell a tad as she pulled away, looking at me concernedly.

"I was afraid something had happened. Did you at least have fun for the single day you were gone?"

I nodded. "Yes, we did."

Athenodora suddenly giggled, as I couldn't hold back a smirk. She grinned wickedly and touched my chin. "I'm glad you enjoyed that part, too. You certainly waited long enough."

"Can we not talk about that?" I sighed in complete embarrassment, pulling away from her and walking to my bed, taking the last few things out of my bag and replacing them on a vanity across the room.

"All right, all right little one. Can I help you with anything? Unpacking?" she asked, walking to my side and patting my hand before lifting Aro's smaller bag and setting it aside, zipping up my emptied bag.

I paused, eyes wandering back to the picture on the nightstand. Athenodora followed my eyes, inclining her head slowly.

"Athena…just answer me this," I picked up the frame again and held it towards her, my lips pulled into a thin line. "Who are these people?" I turned the frame around, showing her the older couple on the pamphlet taped to the other side. "And these ones?"

Athenodora stared at me.

"…You don't remember." She stated, taking the picture frame out of my hands and turning it back over to look at the younger couple.

"What are you talking about?" I spat, becoming angry.

Athenodora just shook her head slowly, putting the picture frame back on the small table. "They were your parents, Andrea. You told me once; and the couple on the back, your grandparents. Can you not remember anything about them?"

I stared back at her. "They are whom?"

I thought furiously, trying to recall something; anything about them. But not matter how deeply I ventured into the darkest caverns of my mind, I could not find a single memory, nor detail of them.

I had lost everything of my human life.


But how? I was able to tell Aro what my old human room looked like when we were in the vineyard, but I can't recall it now!

"No…" I whispered.

"Andrea, I know it's hard—"

"No!" I cried out, clutching my head and sinking down to sit against the edge of my bed. I shook my head insistently. Never had I felt so…in the dark.

Cold arms enveloped me, and small kisses dotted across my temple and head.

"Hush, my dear friend…" Athenodora's soft voice whispered as I began to tremble. "It can be difficult."

"Do you remember anything?" I choked out, looking up at her. I felt her head shake against mine.

"Not much,"

"That's more than I have." I muttered, crying out once, and tightening my throat as I felt sobs rise up.

Athenodora kissed the side of my head again. "You kept a journal; perhaps if you read it, it'll jog something."

I perked up. "I did?"

She nodded and chuckled as I pulled away.

I dove out of her arms, to the drawer, opening it, and digging through it impatiently. "Where is it?"

"In your dresser." She smirked, pointing to the large armoire across the room. I sped over to it – ramming into it a little harder than I'd planned – and wrenched open the doors, seeing it, down hidden behind a small row of shoes. I picked up the small book and ran to my bed, flopping down onto my stomach, and devouring everything my human self had written. Athenodora found her place next to me, also on her stomach, and rubbed my back idly with her hand as she read with me.