Authors English Helper

There: Indicates a place

Their: Indicates belonging of something to some people

They're: Conjunction of the words they and are

Quit: to stop something or someone

Quiet: the absence of noise

Quite: to the fullest degree or measure of something

Hear: use of ones ears

Here: describes place where one is

Hair: Something that grows on your head

Hare: A rabbit

You: describes a person

Your: Describes ownership of something to a person

You're: conjunction of the words you and are

Right: as in right and left or right and wrong

Write: as in putting pen to paper to form symbols signifying language

Wrote: past tense of write

Writ: a written law or order

Pin: a small needle without a hole or loop in one end

Pen: a writing utensil that uses ink to make marks

Payne: the piece of glass in a window

Pain: a distressing sensation within the body that indicates damage

Foot: singular form meaning either a part of the human body or a measurement equal to twelve inches

Feet: the Plural form of both meanings of foot

Fish: the singular and plural form of any cold blooded animal that has gills and fins; also a word describing the act of catching fish