Darkepaw stood proundly. She was now an apprentice."And your mentor shall be...Lightfur" Frozenstar mewed. Darkepaw was surprised. Her mentor was the most depressed cat in the entire clan.

She frowned. "Ok...Darkepaw, We'll begin with looking around the borders, ok?"Lightfur asked. Darkepaw nodded.

' This is going to be the most boring patrol in the world' She thought. "Ok here is the border between Shadowclan and us"he mewed was half bored to death.

'Oh great, the next thing you are going to tell me is that you are a tom' she thought. She shook her head. Lightfur sighed,"My mate..."He quietly mewed. Darkepaw was already half asleep. Lightfur sighed again. Darkepaw lied down, soon she was asleep. Lightfur didn't notice as he took a few steps back. He suddently fell on her.

"Ooof"Darkepaw mewed, out of breath. Lightfur sighed, he didn't notice he was on top of her. "Get off me!"She hissed at him.

Insted of padding off he fell asleep. Darkepaw rolled her eyes. Boy her mentor was weird. 'Kinda seems depressed as well' She thought. 'Maybe I should cheer him up'. Then she managed escape from under him.

She padded away to hunt for a while. After some time she padded back to Lightfur's sleeping place. By now he was awake. "Oh thank you Darkepaw"He mewed. His voice was a little more cheerful. Darkepaw smiled, her plan worked.

Lightfur's eyes was glinting. He smiled. "Darkepaw do you like kits?"He asked. Now Darkepaw was scared. "What do you want?"She asked shivering. "Nothing"Lightfur replied. Suddently memories came into her head, her true mother, and what had happen. "No wonder no she-cats like you"Darkepaw mewed."Your sick!". Lightfur shrugged. "I did it before, no she-cats minded"He mewed.

Insaneity burned in his eyes. Darkepaw backed off. Then she teared back to camp. Lightfur smiled."See you back at camp!"He shivered at the though of being mated, or worst, Force-mated.