How different GR characters make use of the internet

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"I consider a friend request a declaration of war."


"I perfectly manage my privacy by means of 17 different faze-book accounts."


"I'm actually a member of the 'how to survive camping on the new frontier' ya-hoh net group."


"I love all types of networks though I prefer to meet people in person. Actually, I should update my space archeology blog.

Btw, Doc, if you don't immediately post that you're alive to the StudiFZ page that your mother reads, I'm going to drag you to her personally.

Goose, this is a printout of the photos from our last team picnic since for some strange reason you are unable to view them on ranger-space.

Zach, I'd really appreciate it if you could give me some credit for the 'top ten tips how to tell apart an illusionary dragon from a real one' article."


"I'm going to be the most popular girl on MYspace even if I have to kill all the competition."


"Don't disturb me; I need to rewrite viking-pedia. It's all wrong."


"Someone has gruscheled me. What does that mean? Is it a new form of attack?"


"Why should I check my email account daily? I'm way too busy being an administrator for the Supertrooper Network."


"I prefer to break physical fire walls."


"Killbane, give back my gameboy."


"I'm a member of an elite networking site. It is so elite that I am the only member."


"I am the network."

Eliza Fox

"Total network access 24/7 is totally overrated."

Daisy O'Mega

"I use outlaw net to stay in contact with my fan base."


"Direct brain connection has greatly enhanced my network experience."


"There was a time when I had time to play computer games. I even wrote some VB scripts in my youth."


"I once had a computer, but it took up the whole living room."

The General

"Distributed computing is going to give me the genetic code for the perfect grouse."

Senator Wheiner

"Why can the whole internet read what I wrote in my Sing profile?"

"What are privacy settings?"


"If only I could convince my father to let Tarkon join the league of internet users."


"How can I make my cracked copy of Windowless run smoother?"

Roy McIntyre

Proud author of the Knol "How to customize your e-donkey's tail"

Audra Miles

"So what? I watch youtoo videos after everyone else has gone to their hammocks. I even uploaded some educational clips about how to dance with giant snails."

Jackie Subtract

"Now what password would my brother choose for his e-bee and amazing books account?"

Aidan Subtract

"Just why are people giving me such negative reviews? I always deliver on time, and the packaging is recyclable."

Amie Ladd

"I'm so bored. Maybe I'll find something interesting to do on the internet?"


"Doesn't sound knitting dot com a lot more interesting than cyberterrorism dot org?"


"My blog 'mathematics for beginners – understanding stochastics with the help of ship crash statistics' is well read by the general public."


"Waldo, you need a different hobby. What about planting some beet roots on my-small-virtual-farm?"

Mel and Voyager

"Brutus has beaten us at electronic Plot Four again!"