~MAXIMUM RIDE: Preventing the Apocalypse~

~Chapter 1: Bird Kid Travels through Time~

I looked around at the dead bodies of all my friends. Fang, Dylan, Nudge, Angel, Iggy, Gazzy, and Total. And my family, Jeb, my mom and Ella. All gone. . It was my entire fault. My family; my friends. Dead. Dead because I had done the wrong thing.

Twenty years after the events that you have just read about, about Fang leaving us, he returned. Oh yes, everybody welcomed him. Even Dylan and they seemed to get along quite well. Until the "Mega-Bots," as Gazzy had appropriately named them, appeared. They were the latest version of Erasers. In fact, they didn't even have legs. Circular drones, with two Uzis attached underneath.

And they killed everyone that I knew. Oh yeah, we put up an heroic fight. There was too many of them, however, and yeah, Iggy died first. Gazzy tried to save him. We were already mourning. I should have spurred them to fight on, encouraged them to get revenge. But even I couldn't recover from the grief. The 'Bots continued their attack, killing Angel, who was crying over the loss of her dead brother. Then Nudge, died fighting four at once. Dylan and Fang fought back to back. They slew about a hundred 'Bots between them, but there was too many. A bullet passed through Dylan's chest and he fell to the floor. I looked at Fang. Then, several bullets came flying at me, and bam; there he was.

Fang had given up his life so I could live. Then, Ella, Jeb, Total, Akilla and mom were next, they came out, pleading to stop the fighting. However, the 'Bots showed no mercy.

Tears dropped from my eyes. The 'Bots then suddenly withdrew, as if to leave me here on my own, to torture me.

"Max..." I could hear a moan, and it came from Fang. He was lying on the floor, surrounded by numerous piles of 'Bots, some as high as sixteen. I ran over to him, and crouched down, and placed my hand on his chest. Tears were now flowing fast. I could see blood dripping out of his chest, in several places; it was a miracle that he was still alive. However, with every word spoken, he coughed up blood. "My... Maximum. I... love...you..."

"Fang," I cried, letting his limp body fall to the floor. He was finally dead. He couldn't have lasted much longer. Sirens could be heard in the distance, as police cars were coming to the scene. I screamed out loud. Let them get me! Let them! I don't care! I can't fight any more. I spoke the last words aloud. "I can't fight them... Not without my family."

There is still a chance.

What? So my voice was still with me? It hadn't have been destroyed? I mean, the whole Jeb being the voice thing.

I told you before, Maximum. Jeb could have done the voice but he is not the voice.

Okay. Yeah, I remember. It's been such a long time I almost forgot. So what can I do?

Stand up straight. Hold out your arms. Have your legs shoulder-width apart.

I obeyed, keeping my arms level with my shoulders, and my legs as close to shoulder-width as possible.

Spread you wings.

I followed the voice's orders, spreading my wings.

You will go back in time. You will have the same body as your fourteen-year-old self, but you will have the same memories as your twenty-four-year-old self.

I'm confused now. But yeah, I'll do anything to get my friends back.

Are you ready?

I nodded, and suddenly, a blue light shot out around me, covering my body as police cars pulled up onto the scene. Several cops bailed out, and pointed their guns at me. I remained motionless, as I had been instructed to. One wrong movement and I would be talking with the cops in jail.

I saw their faces. Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, Angel, Dylan, Total, Mom, Ella, Akilla and Jeb. Their faces drifted in front of my vision, and then, their faces began to change, and they were back in their original faces. Back when we were kids. Fang smiled sadly, so did Dylan, as if they knew what was about to come. Their heads rotated, and I could see Angel, her six-year-old face smiling as if she didn't know that she was already dead.

"You're coming to save us, aren't you Max?" I heard Angel's sweet, sweet voice in my head, and I could tell that her voice had changed to sadness. "Good Luck, Maximum."


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