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Dark managed to drag Link out into the desert with a lure of surprise and raced the slowly-tanning Hylian out into the desert, enjoying the way the hot, scented wind whipped through the Hero's pale blond hair, now freed from its green cap. Link had all but given up wearing the hat, but refused on occasion of tradition or past to remove the hat, no matter how much Dark threatened or cajoled his lover. But today, he had managed to cause Link's mind to fall on other things than his state of dress. But to be fair.. It seemed as if the Hero was purposefully showing off his lean form with one of the more open, slitted robes the Gerudo had lent him. He still wore his white breeches underneath -still possessing that annoying streak of modesty-, but Dark enjoyed the view presented even with the minor setback of extra clothes. He himself wore nothing but low-slung desert riding pants, tight around the hips and thighs, and loose in the calves, where the fabric flowed silkily around his ankles. He wore ankle high Gerudo boots, made of dodongo leather and lacing up tightly to provide extra support when standing in the saddle.

Although Link would never say as such, the sight of Dark's exposed, muscled torso caused a deep tightening within the pit of his being, one which constantly interrupted the flow of his thoughts and speech. Dark noticed, however subtle Link thought he may have been acting, and noted with smug satisfaction the constant straying of his lover's eyes to his exposed chest and the the deep V that was formed by the protrudence of his hips and the dip of his pelvis.

He shifted uncomfortably under the growing heat that was his sword pressing close to his flesh across his shoulders. A slow river of sweat had begun to gather beneath the blade, and was steadily trickling down his spine. A tingle, a slow sensation of stinging began to grow across his shoulders, and he grimaced as Epona leapt across a small rocky incline, the blade clanging harshly across his aching shoulders. He glanced across to see Dark, bare skinned, wondering how the man was managing his own sword in the heat. He felt immensely foolish when he saw that Dark had wrapped his sword in leather and had strapped it to Itzal's side, protecting both himself and his mount from the heat with the thick cover of cloth that held it in place.

After a few more moments of intense burning, he cursed out loud and pulled Epona to a halt, surprising his dark-haired companion, who reigned in Itzal quickly and turned back to see what the issue was. Link leapt from Epona's back, pulling the Master Sword from its place of agony atop his back and tossing it into the sand. Spitefully, he kicked a small mound of dirt over the blade, which gleamed fanatically back at him. His back protested the movements and he let out a small hiss as he reached over his head and pulled the robe off, sliding it carefully over his abused shoulders.

He heard Dark give out a small grunt of surprise, and felt cool fingertips gently tracing the almost-brand his sword had left him through the thin Gerudo robes.

A moment later, of bracing himself against his concerned mare and Dark managing to pull him off to help him stand straight, Dark pulled Link up behind him on Itzal. Before he mounted in front of Link, he soaked the wide sash that wrapped around his waist in water from Link's bottle. He placed the sash carefully over the skinned-looking reddened flesh across the blond's shoulders and wrapped it around the his bare chest and back several times, tying it off and looking up at Link's pained groan when he tightened the knot.

"Sorry," Dark muttered as he slung his leg over Itzal's back. Link rested his forehead against Dark's back, letting the surprisingly cool flesh in front of him ease the throbbing in his skull as the pain began to magnify, deciding all at once to make its appearance. "We'll go to the Fairy's Fountain, Link. It will be another hour or so... but you should get that healed. Are you comfortable?"

"That would depend. Your back feels nice and cool but mine still feels like I've dived into a damn lava pit." His voice was extremely irritated and Link felt badly about snapping at his lover after he spoke. Dark however, gave a low chuckle, tapping Itzal's sides into a gallop.

"Only an hour, Link." He laughed again before Link felt him lean forward, the bands of muscle across his back flexing as he urged his stallion onward.

Cursing everything around him at that moment, Link buried his face in the skin before him, closing his eyes and ignoring the throb from his hurting shoulders.

An hour later, exactly as Dark had promised, he was awoken by the shadow's gait across the waves of sand. He woke fully, and found that Dark had draped him across his back, holding onto his thighs as they wrapped around his hips, his arms dangly loosely over his shoulders, his head nestled in the crook of Dark's neck.

"Awake now, darling?" Dark's amused simper broke through the rest of his midday bleariness, and he pushed himself upright against Dark's back.

"Put me down," he growled, his tone's sincerity broken by the fact that he was smiling at Dark's antics.

"You love it," Dark responded, his voice a husky growl. Link felt stomach tighten as Dark's hands shifted and caressed his thighs, taking advantage of the flesh in his grasp.

"Dark! I'm injured- c-control yourself!" He stuttered as he felt Dark's hands inexorably shifting nearer his hips. Link shivered against Dark's back, once again made very aware of his lover's naked back, pressed close to his body.

"That is soon to be mended," Dark said, as they passed into the darkened tunnel that came before the Fairy's Fountain. Link shifted, attempting to banish the sensation of Dark's hands dancing over his flesh as his lover continued forth in the half gloom, towards the steadily growing glow that was the fountain's ever present illumination.

He gasped at the feeling of cool water lapping at his ankles through his boots as Dark waded into the fountain's crystal water. Link slipped slowly from Dark's grasp as the water rose around their hips, gently cradling him as Dark unbound the long strip of cloth still wound around his back. He groaned softly as Dark took hold of his waist, his red eyes boring into his own blue as he dipped Link, almost romantically, back into the water. Link watched, fascinated at the clouded expression on the shadow's face as it swam above him through the water.

A moment later, Link let out his breath as his blond hair swept away from his face at the force of the water, rushing past him as Dark lifted him from the fountain. Link gasped, his hands grasping at Dark's shoulders as his shadow pulled him close, his legs wrapping around him as Dark held him by the hips, his hands gentle but firm.

"Dark..." Link's voice slipped from him, unbidden as he met those red eyes. He felt Dark's hands tighten on him, then pull him tight to his body, their hips meeting, water rippling around their waists.

"Hold still," Dark whispered. A small orb danced around their heads, Link and Dark both turning to follow its path as it moved, softly, across his aching shoulders. The fairy's tiny voice lingered around them as she sang a soft lullaby, the other fairies that floated among the vaulted ceiling of the fountain joining in with faint echoes of song. Link felt his eyes closing as soft warmth wrapped around his shoulders.

A while later, he heard Dark's low voice, a rumble, break through the dreamy clouds of his sleeping mind. He was warm, dry, and the stinging in his shoulders was completely vanished. He felt Dark shifting next to him, felt warm blankets drape over him, felt Dark's hands pull him close, his body safe within the bend of Dark's own. Utterly safe, he slept.

Dark woke the next morning, feeling rejeuvenated and relaxed with Link wrapped tightly within his grasp. He felt a self-satisfied smirk growing on his lips as he traced the bare skin of Link's torso with his fingertips.

Link came awake, his skin tingling as he felt Dark's hands growing bold on his flesh, his hands reaching around his waist and dipping lower, towards the top of his breeches. He struggled for a moment, rolling away from Dark's inquiring hands and turning to glare at his counterpart, who smiled and reached out for him again.

Link pushed himself to his knees, scrambling backwards, and placed a hand behind him to steady himself- and fell backwards into the fairy's fountain. He resurfaced to the small chorus of fairy laughter, high above him in the carved and engraved walls of the shrine, and Dark's rasping chuckle. Grumbling, he struggled to his feet, wiping his sodden hair from his eyes.

When he looked up again, he started; Dark stood before him in the water, his red eyes fixed upon him. Link looked down, then looked back up immediately, his face burning. Dark had apparently decided this would be an opportune time for a bath.

"I'll just... get.. out.." Link muttered, moving towards the edge of the pool, his hands wrapping around the lip of marble and bracing himself to push his body up. He felt cool hands wrap around his waist, a nose bury itself in his back, wet hair press against his spine. Dark's heated breath flowed over his skin, goosebumps following the path of his shadow's breath as it rippled across him.

"I like you just where you are right now," Dark whispered.


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1) Kenpachi (works well with the current story and I absolutely LOVE how dominant he is..)

2) Grimmjow (also works quite well with the current story and he is also quite the dom kitty...)

3) YOUR CHOICE. Tell me. like eg: Nnoitra, Starrk, Urahara, Renji, Byakuya, Ukitake, Shunsui... You choose.

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