Summary: Before Edward Cullen was a vampire he was a wizard known as Cedric Diggory. Cedric and Harry became lovers during Harry's forth year. During the final task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament he is sent back in time and loses his memory. Harry is devastated and later finds out he is pregnant with their child. Three years later the war is over, Harry and his daughter along with Sirius, Remus, Ron and Hermione move to forks to get away from the wizarding world and there they find Cedric who is now known as Edward Cullen.
Rating: PG-13 for now, will go up to a NC-17
Main Pairings: Edward(Cedric)/Harry, Edward/Bella(however this won't last very long), Sirius/Remus, Ron/Hermione, Carlisle/Esme, Jasper/Alice, Emmett/Rosalie.
Author's Notes: Twilight is canon except for the particulars of how Edward became a vampire. HP is canon until the forth book and goes AU from there. Timeline is Twilight 'Verse just after the end of the first book and HP is at the end of the summer before the seventh book, though i have brought the HP timeline forward ten years. This will be a longer fic, at the moment I have 15 chapters planned for this, but that is just a rough estimate at the moment.
Warnings: M/M explicit sex, mPreg, violence, language, angst.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the Twilight Saga; nor do I make a profit from these writings.


Harry felt his heart beating a mile a minute as he weaved through the tall maze, trying to find his way out of it. From all around him he heard the sounds of the night as well as shouted spells and cries from his fellow competitors. Breath panting, puffs of warm air left his body becoming visible as it met the cold Scotland night air.

He had never wanted to be a part of this tournament, never one to seek out fame or popularity however, the choice had been taken away from him back at the beginning of the year. Hearing his name called after flames shot a piece of slightly burned parchment out of the Goblet of Fire had shocked him. He knew the fact that someone had put his name in the running and had done so by subverting Dumbledore's restricting spells wasn't to be taken lightly. Obviously someone had wanted him to be one of the Champions.

Throughout the competition he had had to suffer through most of the school being against him, even going so far as to wear pins that proclaimed "Potter Stinks. Support Cedric Diggory, the Real Hogwarts Champion!" Harry had also spent half of the year with his best mate Ron not talking to him because he believed Harry found a way to enter and didn't tell him.

Though through it all… he had Cedric. The seventeen year old Hufflepuff had from the beginning offered a smile and a helping hand, making sure Harry knew that Cedric didn't blame him for being entered in the tournament. Over the course of the year their relationship grew and just before the Christmas break Harry got his first kiss. Harry hadn't any clue what to do and stood unmoving next to Cedric, but Cedric had chuckled and taken Harry's face in his hands and leaned down to press their lips together in a sweetly perfect kiss. Looking back it had been fairly chase, their mouths had been closed and their bodies barely touching, but it had still been perfect.

Since that night they had spent as much of their time together, getting to know each other and slowly falling in love. It had only been a few nights ago when they finally went passed heavy petting and making out. Days later he could still feel Cedric inside of him, the sweet ache of knowing what it was like to be held, loved, worshiped…

"What are you doing?" yelled Cedric's voice. "What the hell d'you think you're


Harry stopped at the yell of his boyfriend's voice, wondering what was happening.

"Crucio!" Shouted the voice of Victor Krum and then Harry heard Cedric cry out in pain as the spell hit him.

Running, Harry tried to find a way to Cedric all the while having to listen to Cedric writher in pain from the unforgiveable curse. Within a few moments he realized the way was blocked and sent out a powerful reducto spell, blasting a large hole through the maze wall and crawling through it. He found Krum standing over Cedric, his wand raised as he smiled at Cedric's cries of pain.

"Stupefy!" Yelled Harry and the red spell flew out from his wand and hit Krum, sending him crumpling to the grass below him.

Running to Cedric, Harry knelt down and tilted his boyfriend's head towards him. "Cedric are you okay?"

As the spells effects began wearing off, Cedric gritted his teeth and nodded. "I'm okay, Harry."

"What happened?"

"He snuck up on me and I turned around and he raised his wand at me…" Cedric sighed as he stood up with a groan.

"Are you sure you're alright? The crucio was on you for a minute or two…" Harry asked quietly as cupped Cedric's cheek and stared up at him.

Cedric ran his hand through Harry's hair and pulled him forward to kiss him lightly on the lips. "I'm fine, baby, really."

"Okay, but I want Madam Pomfrey to look at you when this is over-"

Chuckling, Cedric gave Harry one last kiss. "We'll go and see her right after this is over, I promise… now, don't we have a maze to finish?"

"With Krum out I think it now between us… did you hear Fleur scream earlier?"

"Yeah… you think he went after her too?" Cedric asked.

"Maybe… with both of them gone its kind of a moot point for us too split up. You should win-"

"No Harry, you deserve to win just as much as me." Cedric said with a shake of his head.

"But I didn't even enter; someone else did it for me… Cedric you wanted this-"

"You went through all the tasks and ended up being tied with me for first place. So we're going to split up and see who gets to the end first." Cedric replied with finality.

Harry couldn't help but smile, Cedric was too good for him… "Okay…" Harry lifted up on his tip toes and gave Cedric a deep kiss, nipping his bottom lip just before he started to back up the way he'd come just a few minutes ago. "See you at the finish line!"

Cedric grinned at him and then ran off the other direction.

Twenty minutes later, after solving a riddle to get past a sphinx, Harry arrive to where the path opened up and not fifty feet away was the Tri-Wizard Cup gleaming in the night just waiting for him to claim it. Just then Cedric came out from another path grinning as he saw the cup; sprinting towards the finish he paid no attention to a big hulking shadow that was steadily getting closer to him. Just as Cedric was about to grab the cup the shadow formed into a gigantic spider.

"Cedric… watch out!" Screamed Harry as he began to run towards him firing off a "Stupefy!" towards the humongous spider barreling towards Cedric.

Ducking out of the way, Cedric yelled "Stupefy! Impedimenta! Stupefy!" The spells hitting the spider stopped its progress for a moment or two and then it started moving closer again. Harry and Cedric ducked and crawled, evading the hulking creature.

The spider got near enough to Harry to grab him and lift him up into the air. "Stupefy! Expelliarmus!" He yelled before groaning in pain as the spider's pinchers clamped down on his leg. It reared back in momentary pain at the spells, dropping Harry ten feet to the ground below him. He groaned and tried to scramble away as he fired one more "Stupefy!" just as Cedric did. The great spider cried out as the combined spells hit it and then tumbled over onto its side unmoving.

"Harry! Are you alright?" Cedric said as he ran over to his younger boyfriend and feel to his knees to see if Harry's hurt leg was alright.

"'m Okay, Cedric…" Harry answered with a groan as he with the help of Cedric got to his feet. Gesturing to the Tri-Wizard Cup Harry said "You take the Cup Cedric, I'll wait here."

"What? No, you saved me twice tonight, you deserve it not me!"

"You were just about to grab it before the spider came and I yelled out… you would have won…" Harry tried to reason with him. "You helped me with the egg too; I never would have figured that out if you hadn't, so it you who deserve to win!"

"I had help with that too."

It was quiet for a moment or two, each wizard firm on not taking the cup for himself. Finally, Harry came to a decision. "How about we both take the cup… a tie?"

Cedric smiled down at Harry and nodded his head. "Perfect!" They both walked up to the cup that stood on the raised pedestal and lifted their hands towards it. "On the count of three… One… Two… Three-"

They both grabbed the cup and instantly felt the pull of a portkey as it tugged just behind their navel's taking them away. Harry felt the whirling of the air around him as they were transported and then just as quick as they were taken he groaned as the ground appeared below him and fell to his arse.

"Ahh…" Harry moaned as he rolled to his feet. "I didn't know it was going to be a portkey…"

Beside him Cedric stood up as well and shook his head. "Neither did I…" Looking around Cedric's eyes widened a fraction as he looked around the empty graveyard and then frowned. "Is this part of the task…?"

Harry looked around and said "We've already got the cup, what else are we supposed to do?"

They both gripped their wands tightly looking around for any kind of indicator of what was going on. Just then a figure began to emerge from the fog coming closer and closer.

"Someone's coming…" Harry said softly as he eyed the person growing nearer.

The person came closer, its shrouded figure covered by black robes, hiding their identity. In the person's arms was a baby or … a ball of robes? Harry frowned as a bad feeling started to come over him, as if warning that danger was imminent. As it got within twenty feet of them, pain shot through Harry's head, centered around the lightning bolt scar that was so famous.

"Ahhh!" Harry screamed as he fell to his knees, the pain consuming him.

From within the bundle of cloth spoke a faint scratchy voice. "Kill the spare!"

The person in the robes lifted it's arm and spoke a spell that Harry in his pain missed. A bright white light shot out of the person's wand and sped towards Cedric who raised his wand and yelled "Proteg-" but he never finished the spell. The white light engulfed him and Cedric screamed as in a flash he disappeared.

Harry from the ground yelled "Cedric! Noooo!" as he disappeared. The pain in his head was just as strong as ever, coursing through his skull as if a hundred Hippogriffs trampling over his head.

"You fool! What compelled you to use such a spell?" Hissed the voice from within the robes.

"Master… I wished only to prove me ability-" Pleaded the man.

"You've only proved once again I am surrounded by fools! The spell was used incorrectly!"The voice hissed again. "Complete the ritual!"

"Yes Master…" Murmured the man as he ran over to Harry and grabbed him, dragging him to a nearby tombstone and slamming him against its hard surface. He conjured ropes and tied Harry to it quickly before Harry tried to escape. With that done he began the ritual to resurrect the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Harry, from his position tied to the tombstone, looked in dazed horror at the spot where only just a few moments ago his lover stood. Cedric was gone…

Two Months Later-

"Harry dear… are you alright?" Asked Madam Pomfrey as Harry stumbled into Hogwarts Infirmary late one afternoon.

"Um… I've been feeling a bit… off… lately." Harry said awkwardly as he sat down on a nearby bed. "I'm throwing up in the mornings and strong smells are making me queasy… and I've been really tired."

"Well, let's just take a look and see what is happening, shall we?" Healer Pomfrey said with a frown as she began running spells. She continued to do the check up for another ten minutes, her frown growing deeper and deeper after each new spell.

Harry began to get worried as the silence continued. He hadn't even wanted to visit the infirmary, but Hermione had witness Harry getting woozy that morning and demanded in her own loving way that he visit Madam Pomfrey. This had been going on for a few weeks and Hermione was worried it was something serious. Harry had trouble sleeping, could barely hold any food down, lost energy half way through the day… at first he thought it was because of Cedric. It had only been two months since he disappeared and the two months hadn't been great for Harry.

He woke up nearly every night screaming out for Cedric, tears falling down his face, his voice hoarse from use. The first few times he'd done it Ron and the other boys in the dorm had started to get worried. By the forth night Harry had resorted to putting up silencing charms around his bed to keep the sound of his screams and his crying from getting out.

After that night in the graveyard Harry had felt like a part of him died when Cedric disappeared… what was left seemed to shrink away the longer it took for the Order to find him. It seemed like every time he saw Dumbledore or received a letter from Sirius and Remus they spoke of another search dead ending. Everyone knew he wanted to know how the search was going, but only Hermione and Ron knew why.

His relationship with Cedric had still been new; Harry hadn't wanted to jinx it by talking about it a lot or telling everyone before they were sure of their feelings. Cedric and he had talked about Harry coming to stay at Cedric's home a bit during the summer and Harry had decided to tell his godfathers then.

"Harry, I am going to ask you a private question and I need you to be honest with me… are you sexually active?" Madam Pomfrey's face had a slight grimace on her face one that Harry was sure was identical to his own.

"Er… umm… yes." Harry mumbled with a blush on his face. "Why? Cause it's been a while since I… um … did anything?"

"Well, I'm run a number of tests and though it is rare… it seems you're pregnant Harry."

Harry's world started to close in on him as her words sunk in… Pregnant? How was that possible?

"I know this comes as a shock, but it happens often enough that Healers are trained in caring for a pregnant wizard. We will need to…"

He tuned her out from there unable to think about anything, but the fact he was carrying Cedric and his child…


In a dark deserted street in downtown Chicago, a white light burst into the night and when it receded, the crumpled form of Cedric Diggory appeared. Groaning in pain, Cedric slowly lifted his head and looked around for Harry. He frowned when all he saw was unfamiliar too him.

Where was he? He needed to get back to Harry… he was in trouble! Cedric forced himself to his feet as stumbled down the street trying to figure how where he was and how he could get back to Harry. Everything looked off… Cedric had been into muggle towns and the automobiles never looked like the ones around him. They were big and boxlike; the wheels looked more like what you'd find on bicycles than on an automobile…

Slowly walking down the street he saw a newspaper floating along in the middle of the road. Swooping down to grab it before it was gone; Cedric picked it up and stood back up. He read the newspapers headline.

"Spanish Flu-Death Toll Rising!"

Frowning, he looked up at the papers date and fell to his knees… June 22nd 1918. He was sent back in time?

…there were eighty-seven years separating him from Harry…

A loud horn sounded just as a bright light blinded him. Covering his eyes, Cedric never saw the automobile careening towards him… CRASH!

Hazel eyes opened to a blonde man leaning over him, mouth moving, but the sound never reaching him… He felt pain all over his body and a warm wet sensation dribbling down his face. A metallic taste filled his mouth making it difficult for him to speak.

"…is your name?" The man's voice said as it finally cut through the silence.

His name?... What was his name? He should know it… shouldn't he?

"… to get you fixed… worry about anything… Doctor…. Cullen…" The man's voice cut in and out. "…be alright…"

He wanted to believe he would be, but as the darkness began creeping in he wasn't so sure he could. Just before his vision faded completely he saw the man lean down closer to him, his mouth wide open and his sharp white teeth shining brightly in the night…