Here is a haunted mansion story. Goes by the movie but has an OC that "replaces" Elizabeth. Her name is Kalena. It's Edward/OC love but with a different ending and story.

Disclaimer: I only own Kalena.

I was in my room listening to music and drawing when my cell phone rang. It was my friend Megan who I also baby sit. "Hello." I answered. "Hey, Kal I was wondering if you wanted to come with us to the lodge for the weekend we can pick you up in about 20 minutes." "Ok that would be great I'll pack." "Ok bye." "See ya."

After 20 minutes they I had all my stuff packed and heard a car horn outside. I gathered my stuff and went out the door locking it. The trunk popped open and I went and put my stuff in it. Then I went and opened the car door getting in.

"Hi Mr. And Mrs. Evers." I greeted. "Hello Kalena. How have you been?" Mrs. Evers greeted me. "I've been good. How about you? Any good sales and buys?" "Were on our way to one right now. It's just a little detour." Mr. Evers said. "How long is it going to take?" Megan asked as Michael ate a butter finger.

"No more than 20 min. 20 min. tops. You guys should be excited to see us in action " after he said that and finished a business call it was silent the rest of the ride. After an hour we arrived in front of huge gates in front of a big mansion. Mr and Mrs. Evers got out of the car. They started to shout to see if someone would come and open the gates but no one did.

They turned around to get back in the car when the gates suddenly opened. "Must be mechanical." I said as they got back in the car and we drove up to the door of the mansion. We all got out of the car to look at it.

"Wow. They could have a field day with this place." Jim(Mr. Evers) said. Then Megan closed the door a bit hard and her dad started to talk to her about it. I didn't really here what they said. I was too busy looking at the mansion. It looked so familiar. I was pulled out of my thoughts by Megan. "Hey you coming?" She asked as they went out back.

"Yeah." I said as I caught up with them. When we got there we saw this big graveyard. "Wow. That's something you don't see everyday." Jim said. "Oh my god. Dead people?" Megan asked walking up to us. "Cool." I said.

"Hey honey. You know they have dead people in the backyard." Jim told Sarah(Mrs. Evers). "Well some people have pools. Some people have private cemeteries. It happens." she said walking up to us. I saw a woman walking in the graves but blinked and she was gone.

While they talked about the graveyard I went to the windows and looked inside. Then It started to storm. "Oh no. I got my good suit on." Jim said as we hurried to the front door since it was covered.

"Do you think it's gonna stop?" I asked. "I hope it's not raining at the lake." Sarah said. Jim knocked on the door and told the kids to behave while they were working. I'm 23 I don't need to be told.

"This door is amazing." I said. "Hello!" Jim shouted. Waiting for someone to open the door. After a second knock it opened and we walked in. "Hello. Is anybody home." I asked. "Hello it's the Evers from Evers and Evers real estate. Hi!" Jim shouted.

This place looked so familiar. "This is amazing!" I said smiling. "Smells like grandma's house." Megan said. "Worse. Smells like grandma." Michael replied. Then Jim talked about cleaning it and Michael noticed spiders. "Ah!" I said as I gripped my head. Images flashed through my head of maids and a man but I couldn't see is face. "You okay?" Sarah asked me. I looked at her and nodded.

"Just a small headache." I replied thinking about the images. We heard a creak from the hallway and from the lightning we noticed an old man coming down the hallway. It looked really creepy. "Jim and Sarah Evers?" He asked in an airy voice.

"Yes. That's us." Sarah replied. "My name is Ramsley. We were not expecting....others." he said. "I'm sorry. These are our children, Michael and Megan. And that's Kalena, a family friend." Sarah replied.

They began talking to him about why we came. While I just looked around. I thought I saw a maid at the top of the stairs looking at me but she was gone when I blinked. Jim gave Ramsley a water proof calender. "Very well we shall have to place other settings." He told us. "What are the settings for?" Jim asked.

"Master Gracey wishes to discuss his affairs over dinner." "Oh. I'm afraid we have plans." Sarah told him. "Honey we can't stay for dinner." she told Jim. "Yes. But we mustn't be rude darling." he replied.

"What about the family adventure?" I asked. "We'll just have some dinner and then we'll get going ok?" He told us. I had the feeling we were being watched and the suits of armor in the hallway didn't help at all.

Ramsley opened the doors and we walked into this grand dining room. "Wow. Nice. Very nice, good job." Jim said. "The master will be with you shortly." Ramsley told us. "Thank you." I said. He nodded once then left.

I walked over to the fireplace. "This is amazing. Where have I seen this?" I said. "Maybe in a catalog." Jim said. "Maybe. But it's amazing. Look at these beautiful designs. It looks so familiar though." I replied.

The thundered roared. "Is it?" We heard and saw a man by a window who must have been Mr. Gracey. "My grandfather spared no expense when he built this mansion." He told us. I felt my heart jump when I saw him. Then I got the head ache again but worse. I gripped my head. Then more images. A ball room full of people dancing in masks and the same man but I still couldn't see his face.

"Are you all right." Mr. Gracey asked. "Yes just a small headache." I told him. Then Jim introduced himself. "Edward. Edward Gracey." He said nodding his head once. "This is my wife Sarah and a friend of the family, Kalena." Jim said introducing us. "Very nice to meet you." I said walking up while Sarah was over by the kids.

"The pleasure is all mine." He replied smiling. I smiled back." "This our daughter Megan and our son Michael." Sarah said from by the table breaking our stare. Edward smiled and said, "Please sit." He extended his hand towards the table.

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