I saw shadows... A lot of shadows. I gazed up to the sky, wishing and praying for release. The light of the moon fell slightly on my skin. Tears ran down my face while I prayed more and more. I hoped for safety and love, but my hopes were never questioned. I never did something wrong, but still I had to pay. I gazed back at the shadows, the shadows were from humans. While my tears fell on the ground I curled my bottom lip up. They were going to pay for this. They will never see the light again. Only the shadows of the sun, moon and stars. The same shadows I've seen my entire live. Shadows will break them. Forever they will be doomed. I longed for revenge a long time, and I'll get it. While darkness surrounded me and the tears were flowing down my face I cursed them all. I looked for the last time up to the moon and for once in my life, I saw the beautiful light she had.