Beyond and above

Slightly AU. What happen if the little Cousland have a mystical helper who so powerful and full of mystery. And what if her path destined by someone past. She will passing through or lose herself.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Age or any characters, except my Fade Walker and her kind.


It might be a long day…

Vixena Cousland sat on rim of her bedroom's window. Watching her big brother and his men paraded in the courtyard and sighed. Her father and her big brother will go to battlefield without her, although they let her learned to fight as the warrior not mean they will let her go to battles, especially when no one will look after Highever but her.

Damn it, she swore to herself again.

Her home: Highever always in peace. Nothing excited for her, but Vixena love adventure. She liked to listen the tales especially her parent's tales. Everything about their bravery to helped King Maric's rebellion long ago.

A sound like it doesn't mix, but Vixena fond in swordplay and loved in historic and many type of education. Unfortunately, those not include anything which her mother wants for a daughter. She always run after her father and brother to practice courtyard or buried herself in study room, where she were read a lot of books and learned many things from history.

One of those was about her unlikely family's friend, Arl Howe. He always good with the Couslands but Vixena just couldn't trust him, maybe because he use to try to arranged her to marriage with his moron son. He may succeed if she not beat that loser in the dual fight. The daughter of Teyrn Bryce rather sure that made him dislike her ever since, though he has tried to conceal it.

History said he not good as it looked. He uses to serve Orlesians; Ferelden's enemy before turn to King Maric's side, something tells her it not for any good sake for Ferelden.

That man's like the snake, she know it. He betrayed his friends once, why he couldn't do it again?

Anyway, Teyrn Bryce never listens to her. He trusted Howe, Old friend from the old days more then his virago daughter's instinct.

Vixena throw a book in her hand to her bed, before throw herself followed. She lying beside her male, mabari hound name Lupe and tried to sleep. Her father will go to Ostagar in tomorrow morning, after that she have many thing to do. Still, she has the master Grey Warden Duncan to greet.

Well, she didn't know much about Duncan or the Grey Wardens but she likes idea of being one of them although Teyrn Bryce wouldn't allow that.

Before go through the land of slumber. Vixena laid her swords beside her, her brother: Fergus will go to Ostagar with the most of Highever's troops tonight, so Howe's men in castle would almost outnumber Teyrn's men soon, which thought made a little Cousland felt unsafe at all.

Vixena awoke because Lupe's growls, but not just that. Strange sound from outside made her jumped, someone move at the other side of the door. That made her felt like something swirled inside her stomach.

'This can't be good.' She thought and hurries get dress.

The little Cousland not finished with her boots when the door swung; a servant stood before her and cries.

"My lady, help me. The castle is under attack!"

Suddenly, he fell to the floor with an arrow at his back. After him there're two men with armor and weapons. No matter what just happen, it couldn't be good.

With all forces and reflexes, Vixena grabbed her blades before they could aim their weapons to her. The sharp metal just passes her honey skin as the thin red line when her blade cut a man's throat.

He fells, and then she saw a Howe's symbol on his shield.

Couldn't say she surprise, her pessimistically thought always aware of this. But that didn't make her feel good either. Vixena first thought was her family's safe, that mean she must live long enough to save them.

The archer tried to use his dagger, but Lupe was biting him hard. Brought time for his mistress long enough to killed her victim. Anyway, the situation was worse. There's another two men at her parent's bedroom door and they already draw their weapon to her.

'Damn it' she swore when an arrow just passes her ear, so Vixena return their kindness with her flying dagger. The sharp blade though one man's throat when the mabari was biting another.

It might be a long night…


I know I might use wrong grammar or words because English is my second language. This is my first English fiction anyway, please be gentle.