The colorful ribbons were hanging around the tower. The bards were playing the joyful music while many folks in colorful cloth were dancing in the town square. They're celebrating the second years of the end of the Blight around the monument that build for memories of fallen Grey Wardens.

Duncan, Riorden and everyone who fallen between the Blight will be remembered.

Queen Vixena looked at the celebration and smiled. She never imagines this country will revive so fast, although the wound still there but it will fade in time.

Her bedchamber's door opened, King Alistair and a blond boy on his back greeted her playfully. The father and son have many thing familiar include the hair and eyes color, they're funny person and always make her happy. But Vix couldn't stop herself from moaning about her lost daughter.

From that day, Vera never appears. The little sis couldn't enter her Sanctuary again. It seems everything just faded to nothing.

"Mother…" Duncan: her son called and broke her chain of thought. He presented her a red rose. "I found this in the celebration. Father told me you love it, so I think I should give it to you."

The mother smiled and kissed him, Alistair whined like a kicked puppy.

"Could I have that one?"

Vixena rolled her eyes. Her husband never changes. "Not until I get a chair, your child in my tummy kicked again."

"You heard the lady, let fetch a chair, shell us?" The father asked his son, they nodded and ran to the big armchair at the corner.

The Queen smiled, until someone carried her to the bed softly. A raven hair woman appeared from nowhere and held her tight.

She didn't know this one, but there's something familiar in those golden eyes.

"I'm home, mother." That woman said with wide smile.

"You…" Vix touched that face, she thought she remember this smile.

But Alistair interrupted her thought, he shouted at the stranger with the king's tone. "Who are you? How can you invade the queen's bedchamber? What do you want from her?"

That one made funny face. "Should I answer which one? Could you ask just one question per time? Father…"

This woman should be…

"Sister…" Duncan cried and ran to her. He could remember his twin.

"Yes. It's me, I told I will meet you someday and I keep my promise." She lifted her twin up to held tighter.

The King gasped, he didn't understand the situation.

"Well, come here my husband. This might be the long story." Vix petted on the space on the bed. "I don't sure what really happen, but I believe our daughter can tell us about that."

"This is so complicated." The stranger started. "I'm not sure how to begin."

"Why don't start from your name?" The mother asked kindly.

The woman smiled. "Mama called me Eleanor. She said this is your mother's name."

Vix almost cry. Her sis always knows what she wants.

"Well, maybe I should tell you since Duncan and me were born." Eleanor scratched her head. Although she looked like an adult but her habit still be a child. "Mama said you're in important mission in that time, if you know about us you might have to give up on it. So, Mama used her magic to move us to her body until you ready to have us."

"When that dragon entered her Sanctuary, she told us to run with you. But I know she was dying, she couldn't defeat that thing herself. So…I decided to stay and became new Fade Walker."

"Dying…" Vix cried. "What happen with her?"

"You mean…you never know her condition…?" Those glowing eyes confused. "Her flesh was dying since her love died, only her soul still powerful. That is why she couldn't appear in the real world."

"If her flesh dying, how could she carried you?" Alistair interjected.

"She was dying, doesn't mean her already die." The Fade Walker argued. "She kept her flesh in the faraway place which guard by my Nanny. That silver dragon would do anything to keep her alive long enough to fulfill her Mama's wish."

"Silver dragon…" He repeated.

"Hah…Mama never told you? The Fade Walkers were raised by the silver dragon, we call her Nanny."

"That is…too cute name for the dragon." The King debated.

"She is special one, really. She lives long for many millenniums and practices enough to shift her form to human. In fact, she waiting for me in the square and no one notice her."

"I hope she won't hungry and start eating someone." He jested. "You all always have something to surprise me.

"Don't worry." His daughter said with the dead face. "She just devoured a big dragon. That one is my first prey."

The father gasped. He was totally speechless.

"We Fade Walker killed many dragons since the Archdemon was born. That is why those dragons hate us, but Nanny live with us since the gods left human's world. She taught us how to kill the dragon, even 'the dragon slayer' is her creation."

"Although the Archdemon has gone forever but our line still exists. Nanny told me an ancient prophesy that say: When the last of Fade Walker has been slay, the dark gods will back from the black city to destroy the world. So, I have to live as the Fade Walker, I can't live with you all."

Vix cried and held her daughter tight. "Oh my dear…"

"Please don't cry, mother." The immortal bagged. "I still can visit you anytime. Just like you know, I grew up several times faster than human. Although my age is two years, I can handle my power enough to live among the human."

"But if you could live like that, why you don't live with us?" This might be his best question, his wife agreed completely.

"I still have many things to learn, father. It's too dangerous to stay here before I could control the beast that was born with me. The Fade Walker was born as the beast before we could control our instinct and become the human." Eleanor gave her mother another smile. "Nanny gave me a few hours for visit you all. This will be my best time in my live, no matter how long it is."

Duncan whined and grabbed his twin's hand. "I just meet you, and you will go again."

"I can back anytime, remember?" She laughed. "If you can't be good brother of our younger bro or sis, I will be back to pinch you cheeks. Keep that in your mind."

"Eleanor…" The Queen called. "I love you, my daring girl."

The Fade Walker smiled. She looks like Vera when she smiles like that. "I love you too, all of you."

They heard someone said from outside the window. "It's time, Eleanor."

"I have to go now." Eleanor rose from her chair. "But I still have something to say. Well, before went to the above, Mama wanted me to send you her words."

Her voice changed, it became more firm and enchant.

"Thank you, Me Panida. Our wish had been fulfill because your help. Please receive our last gift and live well."

"The taint within your and Alistair is no more, it all moved to Eleanor since she was born. Don't worry about her condition. She is the Fade Walker, those taint can do nothing to her."

"We might meet again on the above, but I hope that will be very long time. I will wait for you two with Maric on my side. I'm not missing you that much, no need to hurry."

This is the message from Vera. Vix has been sure of that. No one can leave this kind of message but her amazing sister.

"Another thing, I owe you the explanation about your mother's last wish. Her spirit told me she wishes her daughter could found her true love and grows her family, which I hope Alistair can do that for me. If he doesn't, I know you will force him to do it anyway."

Alistair growled.

"Farewell, my little fang. I hope you have the good live. And if you have any chance, kiss Morrigan for me. She is the one who taught Eleanor to turn to the Fade Walker. I know she left you since that night, but I tell you this just in case."

Eleanor opened her eyes, and everything back to normal.

"I really have to go now. Farewell, mother, father and brother. We will meet again, carry on until that day."

Something silver swooped down, the Fade Walker jumped out the window and disappeared. Duncan ran to the window and saw his twin raised on silver dragon's back. It fly away, leaded her from his sight.

"She will comeback." Vix told him. "Her home is here and the Fade Walkers always keeps their words."