A/N: This was written by me a few years ago in response to a fantasy novel by Tanya Huff called Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light. It is for the main character, a bard, who must sing this particular song in order to call back the Earth Goddess who protects life on earth from both Heaven and Hell who has gone missing.


Sing the Four Quarters

Sing the four quarters and dance in the wind.

Play the guitar or the harp till the end.

For you will be needed along with your friends

To draw the four quarters and help stop the end.


Sing the four quarters on flute or on lyre

Or all will be found on the funeral pyre.

And watch what you say or become Darkness prey

And find yourself burning in Hell's hottish clay.


Sing the four quarters or you may be next

But the Light has grown strong and the Darkness is vexed.

While they are out fighting whole battles galore,

Bring out the quarters to settle the score.


Sing the four quarters and open the veil

Of the Earth Goddess, so strong, olde, and pale.

Let spring and bright summer, fierce winter and fall,

Three-souls-in-one bring the last hope for all.


For on this black day the earth just might end

And a terrible reign of great pain will begin,

Unless you can stop it, scared bard of the city,

By ringing the quarters and waking the deity.


So, sing the four quarters with great joy and mirth

For you 'lone must save all the creatures on earth

By dancing and playing and singing the parts

With all of your Love, Hope, Courage and Heart.