Love's Challenges

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I was running my normal boring patrol when I heard Sams jumbled thoughts cross my mind so fast I only got the tail end of it.

"Hey Sam what's going on?" I asked a bit confused as to what would cause him to be nervous.

"Well man I got some really good news tonight but it was followed by some that sucks. What do you want to hear first?" He asked

"Well I guess I'll take the good then the bad. So what's got you nervous Alpha?" I asked him through our wolf's mind.

"Ok dude, the good news is that the Cullen's are gone, but the bad news is that Billy just called me and apparently the Chiefs daughter Bella went for a walk in the woods with that leech she was dating and hasn't come home yet. She was expected hours ago so Charlie is worried and has set up a search party, man they have been looking for her around four hours now and haven't found her yet. Billy told him we would come and help out since we know these woods better than anyone."

Sam strated with visions of what Bella looks like and then that damn leech she was dating so I would know what I was looking for.

"Alright man let's get going where do you won't to start?" I asked him thinking about the rain that was pouring down.

"Yeah man I hear you, if she's out in this cold rain she'll be sick plus it won't help us catch that bloodsucker's scent. It may be washed away by the time we get there. I suggest we start at Charlies that is where it will the strongest coming from the house."

Great, just what I wanted to do with my night smell that sickly sweet leech scent all night.

"Also Charlie told Billy that she had left a note on the table that she would be back before dinner." He added in thought as we got to the Swans house and he headed different directions into the woods.

"Embry, Billy's pretty upset he loves that girl like a daughter; he's praying that leech hasn't done anything to her." Sam was telling me as I caught a scent of Freesia's and apple blossoms."

"Hum…I don't know what she smells like Sam but that is defiantly not the scent of a leech. I am almost sure that has to be hers. Damn she smells good. But the leeches scent is mixed with hers too." I thought as I kept tracking the scent further when hers veered eastward and his went north.

"Sam I got the scent but his just split from hers and damn she smells good!" I cooed

"Yeah yeah dog I hear you she smell good, now keep your head in the hunt. I think I smelt the leech head north I'm going to follow it some, keep east." Sam commanded as he headed north.

"Embry, this track I am on leads to the Cullens place so we know they didn't leave together. Keep a close look out for her she may be lost or hurt." Sam firmly stated.

I followed the scent for another fifteen miles or so before I came across a rock where the scent was really strong. I stepped over it thinking I must be getting close to her now but then the scent started fading and fast. I turned back around and realized that wasn't a damn rock that was her.

"Sam I found her she's conscious I'm going to phase back and try to talk to her and see if she is hurt. I'll meet you at the Swans house as quick as I can." I told him as I quickly phased and knelt down to brush the hair from her face.

She was soaked to the bone and shivering from the cold. She whimpered as I brushed away the hair from her eyes and whispered something about he's gone. As I turned her head up to look at me to make sure she was not hurt I was momentarily caught off guard. I was staring into the most gorgeous set of beautiful deep brown eyes I had ever seen before. I felt like my air supply had been cut off to my throat as I let out a small gasp. I felt this incredible pull to reach down comfort and kiss her. I knew then I would love this girl for the rest of my life. Bella Swan had just become my everything and I would spend the rest of my life protecting her and making her feel like a princess. She just completed my soul and my life was now hers now. When I got through babbling to myself it dawned on me that I had just imprinted. My journey of looking for my soul mate was now complete. Bella blinked and whimpered as I bent down and scooped her up into my arms.

"Bella honey, are you ok?" I asked her waiting and praying she had not been physically hurt by him. She didn't answer me so I started walking with her and decided to talk to her some more to ease her worries.

"Bella sweetie my name is Embry Call and I am a friend of Billy and Jacob's. I live on the rez down the road from Sam Uley. Don't worry I am taking you to Charlie now."

I was still waiting for to give me some sort of reply but instead she grabbed a hold of my shirt like she was holding on for dear life as if I was the only thing holding her down to this earth. It broke my heart to see her in so much pain.

As I was walking back to Charlie's she started to shake violently so I curled her into a tighter ball around my chest hoping to send her more heat that way as I started to jog faster trying not to jolt her too much. It seemed to have a little bit of effect about three minutes from the house which relieved me some.

As I came out of the tree line and into the front yard Billy slapped Charlie on the arm and pointed in my direction. He came running toward me holding his breath. I could see the worry and tear stains running down his cheeks as he got closer to me.

"Bella!" He yelled out and she grabbed me even tighter. I think it scared her to here the loud and roughness of his voice so close to her head at the time. Billy smiled at me as Charlie tried to take her out of my arms and she whimpered grabbing onto my shirt a little tighter.

"Chief Swan I'll take her own into the house if that's ok with you. Bella really needs to get warm and see the doctor." I whispered as to not startle her again.

He smiled and nodded his head toward the house but before I walked on I caught the look immense love for his daughter and gratefulness to me for finding her in his eyes.

"And um son, there will be none of that Chief Swan from you, you call me Charlie from now on." He said as he wiped a stray tear from his cheek.

"Thank you sir" I whispered as I headed toward the front steps of the house.

When I got inside I took Bella straight to the couch and tried to pull her hand from my shirt so that I could lay her down but she wouldn't loosen her grip any at all.

I sighed and laid her down and sat in front of her.

"Bella baby I won't leave you if you don't want me to but the doctor needs to see you, could you let go of my shirt long enough so that he can look over you." Bella whimpered and shook her back and forth.

"Bella I promise I will not go anywhere, please let him look at you." I begged but the tears just started to form in her eyes again as they filled with fear.

"Bella I will sit right here and hold your hand the whole time but Dr. Gernady needs to see you and we need to get you warm ok."

I asked her with all the love in my eyes I could muster so that she would trust that I wasn't going to leave her alone. Bella finally nodded and released my shirt and I took her hand instead.

Charlie went and got an electric blanket and some quilts to throw on top to hold the heat inside and I wrapped her up in a cocoon tight hold. I then took the towel that Charlie had handed me to dry off with and dried her hair instead. I was just finishing up and setting back down when Sam came into the house and looked at me strange. I smiled and shrugged as Sam gave me one of those questioning looks. I shrugged again seeing that I couldn't just blurt it out with Charlie in the next room.

"She won't let me go Sam." I whispered and his eyes got a big around as saucers then he grinned.

"I wasn't certain earlier when the smell hit you but I see now I was right. So I'm to assume you won't be leaving Miss. Swan tonight, so I will give you the rest of the night off." He said smiling as I nodded a thank you and he walked back out the door smiling at Billy. Charlie came back in to the room asking if he had heard Sam in here and told him he just stepped outside with Billy. He told me to keep an eye on Bella and he headed for the door, I'm guessing to tell them goodbye.

I let go of Bella's hand and started to stand but she grabbed my arm before I could move an inch.

"Bella sweetheart I am right here. I was just going to cover you up tighter." I told her as she let out a sigh and released my arm again.

After Charlie had thanked the doctor and everyone who had helped in the search he all but collapsed in the arm chair and let out a deep huff.

"Charlie it's four am now and I promised Bella I wouldn't leave her side. There is no reason that you shouldn't go get some sleep. I'll be here if she needs something." I told him praying he would go upstairs and sleep some.

"Thanks son, you're a good kid Embry. I know I can trust you and it looks like Bella knows that too. Try and get yourself some sleep too. If you need anything I'll be upstairs and there is extra blankets in the hall closet if you want some." Charlie said as he slowly climbed the steps to his room. It wasn't five minutes until I heard soft snoring coming from his room and I sighed.

I sat there in the floor in front of Bella humming a song my mother use to hum to me as a child and it seemed to ease her mind to as well. After a couple of hours I got up to stretch and go to the bathroom. After freshing up some I headed back down stairs and decided to grab something to drink while I waited for morning to come. After I had stood there a few minutes I heard Bella start crying out and trashing around in her sleep. I ran into the front room only to catch her a second before she hit the floor.

"Shh, shh it's ok honey I'm here now." I cooed as I went to place her back on the couch, she wrapped her arms around my neck and nuzzled her face in my neck and cried whispering.

"He's gone, he just left me. He never loved me. He really left me didn't he?" She cried and it literally broke my heart in to pieces. How could he leave someone as precious as she is?

"Yes sweetheart he's gone but Bella I am here and I promise you I couldn't leave you if I wanted to and I will be here to help you through this, I promise." I told her hoping to make her feel loved again but she just looked up into my eyes as the tears started falling again.

"Honey will you let me help you through this?" I asked and my angel just nodded so I put my hands on each side of her faced and wiped the tears away with my thumbs.

I kissed each of her eyes and then her nose and sighed. "Now darling let's get you something to drink and eat." I said as I stood and picked her up carrying her to the kitchen with me. I sat her on the counter and she watched me carefully as I pulled out the stuff to make her breakfast. I started mixing up the batter for pancakes and spilt some of the flour and I heard her giggle softly. I looked up at her and she just gave me a soft and tender smile but she still didn't speak at all. I fixed her a glass of orange juice and handed it to her as I started cooking the bacon and eggs. I turned and caught her sipping on it slowly but at least she was drinking it.

About twenty minutes later I heard Charlie coming down the stairs. He stepped in to the kitchen and sighed as he looked over at Bella. As he made his way over to her I saw him take a deep breath as he kissed her forehead and whispered "Good morning Bells" But she didn't reply to him either. He sighed and nodded at me then.

"Morning Charlie I hope you're hungry because I cooked breakfast." I asked him while removing the last three pancakes from the griddle.

"Son, I didn't know you could cook and it smells real good but did you have to cook enough to feed a pack of wolves." He said with a half smile on his face.

I froze at that thought. Did Charlie know what we were? Maybe he's just trying to lighten the mood around here. I'll have to get with Billy on that later.

"Sorry Charlie, I'm use to cooking for all of the boys over at Billy's or all of us going to Sams and Emily cooking this much, we wolves eat like there's no tomorrow you know. I guess I didn't realize how much I was cooking, I can call Jared and Paul to come get some of it if you want." I said laughing like it was a joke.

"Sure son that'll be fine." He said as the phone started ringing. Charlie got up and went to answer it while I fixed Bella a plate and moved her from the counter to the chair.

"Embry I don't want to but I have to go down to the station for awhile today one of the deputies just called in and said he wouldn't be there. Do you think you could stay with Bells today?" He asked showing so much sadness and emotion in his eyes. I could tell he really didn't want to leave her at all.

"Yeah Charlie, I can stay with her actually I was thinking of taking her to see my mom today. She works over at the clinic in La Push and I thought Bella might like to talk to her or something." I told him trying to cover some of my worry for up.

Charlie left for the station and I decided to help Bella get a shower and dressed before Paul and Jared showed up. I carried Bella up stairs and set her down on the counter while I turned the water on and left to get her some clothes. I brought her clothes back with a towel and rag.

"Bella, I am going to give you some privacy now. You take a shower and get dressed and I'll be sitting on the steps when you get through." I leaned over pulled her off the counter kissed her forehead and walked out and closed the door behind me.

I sat there about thirty minutes and I never heard any noise coming from there. She never made sound and the water never turned off. I started to get worried then as the thoughts of how bad he broke her entered my mind and I was worried she would do something stupid so I got up and knocked on the door but she didn't answer me. I knocked again and started to get really scared when I heard her sniffle and I opened the door.

"Bella honey I'm coming in, I'm worried about you are you covered up?" But she still didn't say anything and I went ahead and opened the door to find her crawled up in a ball lying in the tub still clothed while the shower beat down on her with cold water.

"Oh honey, I said turning the water off and grabbing her up into my warm arms. I grabbed her towel and helped her dry off and change into her clothes. When I had her dressed I headed toward her room but she stopped me as I started to go through the door. She whimpered and I figured it was that she didn't want to go in there and I could smell his scent all over her room, so I headed down stairs back to the couch. As I sat down I held her in my lap and squeezed her as tight as I could without hurting her.

"Baby I promise it will be better soon. I'm going to help you and we will get you through this together." I told her as I took her chin and pulled her face up to look in my eyes. It broke me to see those beautiful eyes full of pain and sadness rimmed with red circles from crying. I just wanted to make her pain go away.

"Bella, can you tell me what happened upstairs in the shower?" I asked but she just shook her head no.

"Honey, please tell me I can't help you if you don't talk to me." She just sighed then started to softly speak to me.

"I heard the door close and I thought maybe you didn't want to be around me anymore either." She said as she leaned her head down on my shoulder.

"Honey I will always be here for you. If I am not right in front of you I will always have my cell on and you can call me anytime and I will only be a few minutes away. Please don't doubt when I tell you that I will never leave you like he did." I firmly stated and kissed her nose.

"Thank you Embry, I don't know what I would do if I you weren't here with me. Being with you has made me feel a lot better, like maybe it's not the end of the world." Bella said while laying her head back down on my shoulder.

"That's because it's not the end of the world honey. I won't let it be the end for you." I cooed in her ear while burying my face in her hair and smelling her beautiful floral scent.

"Bella I have a few things to do today and I thought maybe you would like to go to La Push with me. I promised Charlie that I would stay with you today not that I want to leave you anyway, but I thought maybe you could come to my house. I need to take a shower and change clothes, plus I need to check in with Sam about some things. And my mom would love to meet you, I thought maybe you could sit with her while I run over to Sams right quick it won't take me long I promise. Do you feel up to going with me?" I asked praying her answer would be yes.

Bella looked a little weary but sighed and nodded yes saying "Ok but I don't think I will be very sociable today." She looked so worried at the thought

"Honey my mom is great and she won't expect anything from you. Also she's great to talk to about girlie stuff." I added in with a laugh to lighten her mood some.

Paul and Jared showed up and to get us and the leftover food and I was relieved to be getting Bella out of the house some. The ride to the house was quite until the boys started arguing over the last piece of bacon and I'm guessing Bells got tired of listening to it because she reached over and grabbed the bacon and put it in her mouth.

"Now shut the hell up I have a headache!" She half yelled and half whispered as I laughed because it takes one hell of a woman to take food from those two wolves. Paul just glared at me and I shrugged my shoulders.

When we got to my house I introduced my mom to Bella. "Hi Bella my name is Tess would you like something to eat? I was just cooking some for the boys." My mom asked her smiling and taking Bella's tiny hand in hers.

"No ma'am, Embry cooked a big breakfast for Charlie and me this morning." My mom smiled real big at me and I could tell she approved of Bella. I went upstairs to take a shower and change clothes. When I was through I ran down the stairs expecting to see Bella talking to my mom but she was just sitting there staring out the bay window so I went to her side and knelt down taking her hand in mine.

"Bella are you ok honey?" I asked her

"Embry I am really tired could I go lay down in your room or something?" My beautiful angel asked and I couldn't help the exploding feelings that burst through me at the thought of my Bella lying down in my bed. So I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to my room. Telling her that this was my room and to make herself at home. I kissed her on the nose wiped the hair out of her eyes and turned closing the door and going back down stairs to be find my mom leaning against the door waiting for me.

"So Embry, she's the one huh? What happened to the poor child?" My wonderful mom asked smiling at me.

"Yes she is mom and she's been hurt really bad by that damn leech!" I spat out needing to finally release some anger, but not at my mom as she smacked my hand.

"Embry Lee! Don't you use that language in front of me. Now start over and tell me what we will be working up against with her emotions." She scolded me but hugged me too.

"Sorry mom I am just so frustrated right now and I can't let Bella see it. What I have gathered is that she was dating one of the leeches and before him and his family left he took her in the woods and broke it off with her and left her there, I don't know exactly what he said but I feel like it was pretty bad mom."

I roughly spit out trying to keep the tears from forming in my eyes and control the anger starting to build up again. Mom caught the shaking so she took a step back eyeing me closely.

"Son, you don't want to phase in here it would scare that poor girl to death. Go on over to Sams I will sit with Bella, don't worry." My mom said nodding toward the front door.

"Thanks mom, she's scared to be by herself so don't leave her." I told her as I kissed her bye and ran out the door headed to Sams.