Hello, Ladies. Here's the first chapter for the sequel of 'Rebel with cause'. I'm so excited about it :) I was kind of sad I hadn't got more reviews for the last chapter. I thought I managed to make it heart breaking... Well, hell I stop complaining.
You know what you have to do if you want update ;)

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Here we are everybody, the Cowboys first chance in 25 years to get to the Superbowl.

Tonight could be Alex Sawyer big night. Nine nominations. Unbelievable, she's nominated in R&B, rock and pop categories. She would be the winningest woman in a single night and she only has to win seven of her nominations.

Tim Riggins has an incredible season behind him. He's carried the team on his shoulders. Let's hope he can deal with the pressure and take us to the gates of Heaven.

Record of the year, song of the year, album of the year, best female pop vocal performance, best pop vocal album, best rock performance by a duo/group with vocals, best rock song, best R&B performance by a duo/group with vocal, best song written for motion picture/television or other media. And she's only 24, people.

And the game has started. Patriots versus Cowboys. It's on.

And the Grammy goes to… Alex Sawyer.

Oh, no! Touchdown for the Patriots. The Cowboys seem like they're falling apart. It seems like there's big problem, folks.

That's the third for Miss Sawyer tonight, and still six to go, including the most important ones.

14-9 to the Patriots. And here comes Tim Riggins again. Let's pray he can do something with the evil conditions on the field.

And she just won the sixth. Congratulation! The only question for tonight is will Alex Sawyer win the record of the year and break all records.

Johnny McKenzie lost the ball. Interception! Tim Riggins has it. The road is clear in front of him! He can run! GO!

She made it! Lucky number seven, she says. What a talent!