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I watch him drive away in the car I just sold him and mutter, "Fucking coward," under my breath.

I pull my thumbs from my back pockets and run my fingers through my hair, picturing him – all green eyes and red hair. Not remotely my type – so what had me tongue-tied and gaping?

He seemed just as affected, but that changed when I mentioned leaving for basic training.

So I chickened out and let him leave.

But it's not like me to give up.

I grin and go inside, determined to call and ask the question that could change everything.


When I hear his voice, all my plans fly out the window. I stammer, asking if the car drove okay.

"Yeah, it's great. Thanks, man…"

I close my eyes, cursing myself, but I have to keep going.

"Hey, listen. I ahh…" My voice breaks, and I clear my throat, rolling my eyes. "This may be way out of line, but don't get pissed, okay?"

Some noncommittal bullshit noise.

I sigh. I'm in too deep now to stop. "Will you go out with me?"


"Yes, really."

A long, silent pause.

"Yeah, that sounds great."


"Yes, really."

We laugh together.


These last few months have been hell. I thought I could handle it, but having Edward so far from me, being unable to tell anyone about the man I love…

It was pure torture.

I wondered constantly if he was thinking of me, if he still loved me.

And then, in one split second, my life was ripped to shreds.

I look at my crushed legs and listen to the doctors… see the tears streaking my mother's face.

How is it fair to saddle him with this?

But all I want is to have him here with me.

I ache.


So much time has passed since Edward sobbed against my chest, whispering those precious words.

"I can't take being away from you. Move in with me. Please."

He'd pleaded, and I'd argued. We were nineteen. I had therapy; he had classes. Our lives were such opposites that it sometimes hurt even to look at him.

But he'd won that argument, and I thank God every day that he did.

Especially on days like today, when my progress is as obvious as his pride.

I feel sweat break out along my spine, but I take those first steps to him.



I feel his eyes on me, even though I'm focused on the latest car. The paint is trashed and the engine's shit, but I see the beauty she'll be when I'm finished.

I go to grab my wrench from the other side of the garage and stop to give him a kiss. The look on his face catches me by surprise; I frown. "What's wrong, baby?"

"Nothing." A smile flits across his lips. "Everything's right…"

He wets his lips and kneels, taking my hands. "Will you marry me, Jasper?"

Again, he leaves me gaping, but there's only one answer. "Yes."

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