DW: Hi guys, I recently became a fan of Fairy Tail. And after reading some Fairy Tail fanfictions, I've decided to write my own. Here's the first chapter, guys. I hope you all enjoy.

Assassin Love

Summary: Natsu Dragneel is a former military soldier with a dark past while Lucy Heartphilia is a deadly assassin. When they cross path, they begin falling for each other.

Chapter 1: The Deadly Assassin

The man ran through the streets of New York. Passing civilians gave him strange looks, but he ignored them. He knows his pursuer is after him, and he has to run for his dear life.

The man kept running until he arrived at an abandoned warehouse. He pressed himself against the wall, breathing heavily. His throat ached with every breathe he took.

Suddenly, his eyes widened when he heard footsteps, they were getting closer. He looked around the warehouse. Wooden crates were stacked high all over the place. He quickly ran over to a wall of crates and hide behind them.

He breathes heavily in fear as he continues hearing the footsteps of a figure walking into the warehouse.

He peeked from behind the wall of crates and barely sees the figure who has come to eliminate him, turning his head around.

A few minutes later, the figure turned around and slowly walked out of the warehouse.

After the figure left, the man walks out of his hiding place and sighed in relief.

'Thank God he's gone.' He thought in relief.

But suddenly, he gasped in shock when he heard footsteps coming from the top of the warehouse! The man lifts his head and suddenly, the figure broke through the ceiling window and landed right behind the figure.

The figure immediately punches him on the back of his head, causing the man to fall to the floor. The man groaned as blood trickled down from his mouth.

The man staggered up to his feet, only for the figure to kick him hard in the stomach, sending him smashing through a pile of wooden crates.

The figure walked up to him, wraps his hand around his throat and lifts him up into the air. The man looks down at the figure and widens his eyes in shock.

The figure's hair was blonde and has beautiful chocolate brown eyes. She wore a white sleeveless blouse, blue skirt and black boots. The man realized that the figure is

'A woman?!' The man thought in shock.

The woman looked up at him and tosses him to the wall. The man looked up, only for the woman to deliver a powerful punch to his face. The woman pummeled him while the man helplessly stood there, taking the woman's beating.

He was bruised and bleeding, with several broken bones. After a few more minutes of punching, the woman grabs him by the neck and throws him to the ground.

The man turns to the woman, who narrowed her eyes at him as she draws out her revolver and aims her weapon at him.

"Why?" The man gurgled as blood violently rolls down his mouth.

The woman shrugs.

"It's nothing personal, mind you. I just do what I'm told. And I was told to kill you."

Those were the last words the man hears from her before the woman shot him in the head.


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