Ring ring goes her phone.


"Hello?" She asks groggily.

"Helloooo~ Orihime-chaaan~!"

"K-Kurosaki-kun! Do…"

"How are you, Orihime-chaaan?"

She mumbles something.

"Wha was tha~?" He slurs.

"I'm sleepy~ Do you even know what time it is?"

"Well, sleepy's a given. And of course ah know wha time it is. It's…" He pauses, and then asks whoever he's with for the time. "One in tha mornin'!" He finishes.

She rubs her eyes.

"Kurosaki-kun, are you drunk?"

"Drunk? Me? Never!"

She pauses. She knows he's lying. Or being sarcastic, one or the other.

"I mighta gone out fer drinks wif Renji…"

"I knew it!"

"Anywaaay~ Just wanted ta call~ Tell ya I love ya~"

She smiles, a bit of pink kissing her cheeks.

"I love you, too."

She hears him yell something like "Woo!". She giggles.

"I'll see you tomorrow…or, later today, I guess. Alright?" She gently coos into the phone.

"Okay~ G'night, Orihime~"

"Good night, Ichigo." She smiles, holding back a bit of a laugh.


"Man, you need to stop pretending you're drunk just so you can talk to her like that."