Broken Open


I was so glad to be coming home from touring.

I had not seen my family in nearly 3 years and I hadn't been home in almost 11 years.

I left out shortly after high school graduation for college and majored in music, minored in business, so I could look after myself and my band in the music world and not rely on crooked people and it has served us quite well.

I was coming home to stay with my parents for a while until I decided where I wanted to put down some roots. I'd already told my band we were taking an extended vacation, they were free to do whatever for the next year or so, between albums and a couple of movies I'd been in, I was fried and just wanted to relax and unwind, not to mention, Edward my brother had called and told me our school was having a combined reunion next week for years 10-15, so I was pretty excited, I would be able to see some people I hadn't seen for years and really who I thought I'd never see again, but was now curious to see.

When he called, I just had to ask, even though I knew it might piss him off, "Edward, do you think Bella and James will be there? I've talked to Emmett and Alice and even Rose, but they never say much about Bella, they always talk about how great James is doing in Seattle, he and his wife are good friends with Emmett and Rose and their kids are in school together, but that's all I hear." I said to him. "Damn it Jasper! Who the fuck cares! If she's there, she's there! I'm married to Heidi and we're happy, we've been married for 7 years and living the life we've always wanted here in Seattle, we see Emmett and Rose too, we leave James and them out of the conversation, so who the fuck cares what the hell Bella Swan does!" Edward shouted. "She never married?" I asked surprised. "NO! she works all the time and takes care of her kid." he snapped. "You mean both of yours child?" I asked, knowing this would piss him off, but I was still pissed at what he'd did all those years ago. "NO! It is not MY fucking child! I signed my rights away! Just because mom and dad have something to do with him as does everyone else, doesn't mean that he's mine! I don't even want fucking kids, never have and she knew it and she had to go and get fucking pregnant. Look, I'm not talking about this anymore Jazz, Heidi's home, Bye!" he slammed the phone down.

I snapped my phone shut and laid back on the couch in the hotel room, waiting for morning to come, to take me home to my family.

Morning came quickly and I showered and dressed, I called Emmett to let him know I was leaving on time, no delays and he said him and Rose would be there to pick me up.

It was a nice and easy plane trip, Monday mornings were a great time to fly first class. It was pretty quiet. I slept until I heard the dinging sound and then got up and rubbed my face and buckled. We landed safely and I made sure to exit last, just something I always did.

I saw Rose and Emmett waiting there, Rose ran up and gave me a big hug and kiss, Emmett grabbed me and gave me a one armed man hug. "I heard you pissed off Mr. Serious last night." he laughed. "Yeah, I asked Bella questions." I shrugged. Rose made a face "Do you have a fucking death wish?" she asked. "What? Why? Someone should throw that shit in his face. I mean seriously. You guys are her friends. She was always the sweetest thing in high school. She worshiped the ground he fucking walked on and we all know he forced her into having sex before she was ready. Rose, you know that so well, you and Alice were her BFF's. She blushed when you even talked about French kissing and when Emmett felt you up or I slapped Alice's ass." I sighed. "Yeah, I know, but what can we do. That was 10 years ago and she is completely happy now. She has the most amazing son now. He's almost 10, his name is Edison Bay, spitting image of Edward, surprise! Smart, talented, he can play piano, guitar, sing, he's the star soccer and football player and he's a straight A student. Esme and Carlisle spoil him to no end, they help Bella a great deal, they helped her with her bookstore/coffee shop and Charlie bought her a house down the street from him, so she'd be close, Jake and the Rez guys fixed it up, she's got a great support system and she visits us a lot." Rose smiled. "Wow, I don't know anything about my nephew, I haven't even seen a picture of him. Because every time you guys came to see me, he was there with Heidi, so nothing could be brought up." I sighed. "Jasper, you'll fall in love in an instant. He does have the most interesting eyes. They're a mixture. They're Edward's emerald green in the middle with Bella's dark brown on the outside and when he gets mad, he looks just like Edward and even sounds a little like him, it's kind of scary." Emmett shuttered. "So what does Bella tell him about his dad? He's got to ask her." I asked. "She tells him that he died and she never had any pictures of him, so she can't show him any." Rose smiled sadly. "Wow, that's, Wow." is all I could say. We climbed into Emmett's Hummer and drove towards their house and they warned me at around 4 in the afternoon it would be a swirl of activity, with their child and James child getting home from school, Rose kept them in the afternoons. I told them I was fine with it, one of the guys in the band had a 5 year old and a 3 year old and they'd come to visit often and we'd all wrestle together, Emmett then told me I was on wrestle duty today, I smiled and said "No problem." They showed me to my room for the night and I sat my stuff in there, noticing pictures, I saw one of Bella and her son, he was handsome and taller than Bella, Bella~ wow, she was beautiful, back in high school, she was simple and plain, very girl next door, but now something was different, maybe because I was single now and didn't have my eyes glued to Alice anymore, but Alice was her cousin/best friend and my ex, I know neither of them knew I was in town, yet, Emmett and Rose weren't saying anything, they wanted it to be a surprise for everyone at the class reunion, they'd even told Bella that they'd come by to pick up Edison at the shop that weekend, because they had errands to run.

I heard the front door slam and yelling and laughing, so I rushed downstairs to see my nephew I hadn't seen in 3 years and he and James' daughter stopped and looked at me as Emmett laughed. "Stephan and Bryce, this is Jasper, Stephan, Jasper is your Uncle." Emmett smiled and Stephan stuck out his hand. "Nice to meet you Jacksper" he smiled a toothless smile. "Mice to meet you Steve." I smiled back and ruffled his hair. Emmett and Rose frowned and Stephan stuck out his bottom lip and kicked me in my shin. "It's Stephan you ass and don't mess with my hair!" he shouted and pulled the little girl by the hand up the stairs and Emmett and Rose busted out laughing. "What the hell? He's so your fucking child Rose. Mean AND Vain!" I growled. Rose smiled and shook her head.

We sat and talked for a while, they finally told me it was time to call and let mom and dad know I was here and I'd be there in the morning. They told me that Esme had become like a grandmother to James' daughter too since Renee was never around and now that Charlie and Sue were together, they often took turns fighting over who watched the grandchildren. Charlie worked this weekend, so Esme won out.

"Jasper, you may want to pack a bag, we're all staying over at Bella's tomorrow night, minus Edward and Heidi of course, he doesn't even know she's going. She knows he's going, but she ignores him, she's seen them several times and never acknowledged them, anyway, I'm sure she'll let you stay too, if not, you'll probably be woken up by a plastic golf club or baseball bat." Emmett laughed. "Yeah, Esme is watching Edison, Stephan and Bryce. Even though Edison is almost 5 years older than ours, ours are terrors, but Edison, he's moody, just like his sperm donor, you remember when he went through puberty, don't you? No one in the house was happy, Well, Bella say that Edison goes through these piano phases where he plays really emotionally draining music on the piano and it's so sad, she has to stop it. But, mostly he's really good." Rose smiled.

There was a knock at the door and Bryce came flying down the stairs and her and Rose raced to the door, it was so cute, Bryce throwing herself at the legs in front of her, until she jumped back, realizing they weren't her fathers and the voice that came from above "What the hell Rose? Random children throwing themselves at me? Damn it!" Edward yelled. "Edward! Apologize NOW!" she said through clinched teeth. "Sorry little girl." he mumbled and walked to the fridge.

I walked into the kitchen behind him. "So, still the same insensitive asshole as always I see." I smirked, grabbed a beer and walked out. He walked out and sat on the couch. "Sorry, I just wanted to stop by and see my fucking brother, I didn't know it'd be WWIII when I did." Edward sighed and ran his hands through his hair. "Where is Heidi?" Rose asked. "Shopping, where else?" Edward asked. There was a knock at the door, rose got up with Bryce still in her arms, "Daddy!" she yelled. "Shit!" Edward mumbled. "Come in James and I'll get her things." Rose smiled. I stood up to shake James hand, we were on the baseball team together, he was captain and I was co-captain, his senior year, my junior year, Bella's sophomore year. I smiled remembering that. "James, nice to see you again." I smiled, he smiled back until he peered over my shoulder. "So are you in town for the reunion, Jasper?" he asked. "Well, no I'm actually going to be going back to Forks and staying with my parents for a while, taking a much needed R&R and deciding where to build a house and put down some roots." I informed him. He pulled at my left hand. "No lucky lady?" he frowned. "No, afraid not. My schedule over the last 11 years hasn't left me open for a fair relationship, that's why I'm ready to slow down. I think I'm going to start my own recording studio and become a producer and then, if me and my band do anything, it'll be intimate settings, nothing big anymore, no more long ass tours, I'm ready to settle down man, I want to hear that!" at that same time, his daughter Bryce came running into the living room "Daddy, daddy, he called Stephan, STEVE AND MESSED UP HIS HAIR!" she said it with such expressive eyes, James had to start laughing. "Well, a lot of guys do shorten Stephan to Steve, our little Stephan is just too serious!" James smiled and winked at Rose. Rose did a subtle flicking off. "Come on baby, momma's got dinner cooking and we've got to get everything packed for gamma Es tomorrow." he smiled and looked right at Edward. "Your cousin Edison will be there too." he smiled. "Edi will be there?" the little girl smiled a perfect smile, having lost no teeth yet. "Yep! And I bet he'll even play his guitar for you." James smiled. "Yeah! And you know he also gives me piggy back rides and he'll watch Little Mermaid with me when no one else will." she smiled. "I know baby. But don't call him Edi, he doesn't like it and Aunt Bella really doesn't like it." James stressed. "He's never told me No!" she crossed her arms and huffed. "Rose, thanks as always and Em, see you guys tomorrow night, Jasper are you staying with Bella as well? I know Alice and Dmitri are." Um, Rose and Emmett told me to pack a bag, but I didn't know if I would be welcome, I wanted my appearance to be a surprise." I said nervously rubbing the back of my neck. "Bring your bag, it's Bella, most everyone is welcome, she has a lovely home and it's huge! More than enough room for guests." he smiled and clapped me on the back. I nodded and he left with his daughter.

"Rose? Who is Dmitri?" I asked. "Oh, I forgot to tell you about him, that's Alice's fiancé, they got engaged about 6 months ago, they're going to be married in a few weeks and them they'll be gone on an extended honeymoon all summer. He owns his own company here in Seattle, Alice is set to launch her new clothing line at Christmas time, so they've got free time all summer. Bella is sad that the last of us is leaving Forks and it's only her, but she needs to be there for Charlie, he's not doing well lately." Rose smiled sadly.

"See you guys tomorrow night." Edward got up and left. "Wow, I guess she is a touchy subject for him." I said. "Yeah, I think he does miss her at times, he thinks we're all stupid, but I can see it in his eyes. I know my brothers, just like when you heard about Dmitri, I saw protectiveness in your eyes, not jealousy." Emmett said. "That's because Alice and I broke up mutually, we knew it wasn't working and we weren't meant for the long haul. I also knew I wouldn't put anyone through waiting back here for me, my first few years on the road, I was a man-whore, I'm not going to lie. But after that, I got tired of random girls, I haven't slept with a woman in 8 years. I'm about to crawl out of my skin, I need some bad, but I've waited this long, I can wait longer." I smiled. "You fucking pansy! You sound like Bella! She hasn't had sex since she got pregnant. She's afraid it will happen again and she doesn't want that obviously, shit, maybe we need to hook you two up tomorrow night." Emmett joked and I smiled nervously. "Whoa, I saw that smile." Rose laughed. "Shut it Rose. It was just a smile. Bella is very beautiful, anyone would be lucky to be with her." I smiled. "Hmmm, well just be yourself, that's the best thing. Bella hates fake people and she's even more shy now, if that's possible." Emmett smiled sadly. Rose called for Stephan to come to dinner and I apologized for calling him Steve and messing up his hair, he told me not to let it happen again or his cousin would beat me up. I'm guessing he was talking about Edison. Rose told him he'd see Edison tomorrow night and he was smiling so large, like Emmett. "Cool, Grandpa Carlisle said we could play with the trains this time in the basement he said that dads old room was fixed with beds for us and that he would take us and let us pick out a new game system this time, since dad broke the Wii last time." Stephan rambled on. "Stephan do not bug your grandpa about buying you anything, got it! You know Bella wouldn't stand for Edison to do it." Rose scolded. He shook his head yes, but I saw a small smile tug at the corner of his mouth, he was just a devious as his mother, I just chuckled to myself.

We finished dinner and I helped Emmett with clean up, he grilled me on my non-existent sex life, not believing me that it'd been 8 years, I went straight to bed after that, I needed rest to deal with tomorrow. I was nervous. Seeing Alice, Bella and Edward in the same room, would be interesting and knowing I wanted to get to know Bella and Rose and Emmett wanted me to as well, made it a little more nerve wracking, they were persistent.

I was awoke by the smell of coffee and bacon.

I walked out in my basketball shorts and Rose was cooking breakfast. "Hungry, tiger?" she smiled. "Yeah, I think I'll need all the strength I can get today." I smiled nervously. "Jazz, really man, just be yourself, seriously. Bella isn't going to bite your head off. You guys were friends in school." she smiled. "No, I dated Alice, her cousin, I talked to her a little, we joked around but we weren't really friends, Edward never really let her talk to anyone, you know that, Rose." I sighed. "Well tonight you become friends. We have a limo coming to pick us up at mom and dads and then we'll pick Alice, Bella and Dmitri up at Bella's house, that way when we're all so smashed, we don't have to worry about driving, it was dad's doing." Rose smiled, always calling our parents hers too, since hers were always such assholes. "Where is Em?" I asked. "Edward called, car trouble with Heidi's car, so he went to help, because I won't go near them, I hate what he did to Bella and he knows it. The only reason he's welcome here is because he's Emmett's brother, but disowning your own fucking kid, it about killed your parents, you know? I thought they were going to die of broken hearts, thinking Bella would take Edison away and they'd never see him, they were so happy as we all were when she gave us the choice to be his family still, but he doesn't know we're his real father's family, it's complicated, maybe someday she can tell him, but how do you tell your child that your father doesn't want you?" Rose shuttered.

We ate in silence and then she told me to shower and just put on jeans and a t-shirt, I could put on my suit at mom and dads.

I packed my stuff up and waited for Emmett, helped rose get Stephan together and watched cartoons with him while she got ready, Emmett finally came in, looking worse for the ware, he shook his head, telling me not to ask, he went upstairs to shower and 45 minutes later we were on the road to Forks, my future.


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