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The apocalypse was over; the world now is safe thanks to the Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam who sacrificed their lives to save the world.

The only way to save the world was letting the arch angel Michael and Lucifer to use the bodies of Dean and Sam as vessels, and in order to do this the brothers have to say YES to the arch angel and the devil. Doing this probably means the end of their lives; they made the ultimate sacrifice to save the world from a horrible destiny.

The way to drag Lucifer back to HELL was a stab in the heart by Michael's sword, which happened. The world was saved but for Sam and Dean it was different story. Michael wasn't like the other angels, he didn't leave Dean's body broken or his mind miles away, but the final battle wasn't easy at all, and poor Dean was enormously injured in the process, Dean now is in a coma, after all he's human and what happened wasn't easy on his mind and body. Sam wasn't luckier either; actually he wasn't lucky at all. As a result of the confrontation with the heavens most powerful angel and the only one who possibly can conquer the devil, Sam died.

But is that what you get sacrificing your own life for the world? Is that even fair? No it's not. And now that matter is the heavens top priority, but the question is; what is going to happen? Why? And How?.

In ICU in a hospital in California she was peacefully asleep, that's how she looked like but the truth is her mind was on fire and not for a short period of time, she spent SEVEN years in a damn coma, but what she was seeing in her head was terrible. The end of the world is not a happy thing to watch, comparing to the worst of the worst nightmare because it's the ultimate nightmare. Suddenly she saw him, she immediately knew what he is, an angel. And it wasn't the first time to she saw him he never speaks, the first time she saw him was before was when she was still awake and the last time was just before having the first nightmares.

It wasn't exactly a coma, she was aware of her situation and that what makes it worse, also she had a complete sense of her surroundings. For seven long years she was seeing those horrible things in her head, can't control this overload of … she never understand or named those things she was seeing, she was sure that all those nightmares weren't exactly nightmares those were real. She also figured that that angel she saw earlier is the one responsible of those nightmares, he made her see them. It was some kind of angel's reality TV. It was real and that what made it bad, she was witnessing the life of two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, she never understood why? Why her? And, why them?.

The only thing she was sure about that every thing happens for a reason. And it has to be connected some way to her past.

But when the dreams stopped and she saw that angel again, she knew that something is different this time, this time the angel looked at her "Eve! Now it's the time" the angel said firmly, finishing his sentence Eve felt and suddenly she shot up straight in her bed gasping for air, eyes widely opened, taking few deep breathes to calm herself down, she saw the angel standing at the end of her bed he said calmly "welcome back Eve, stay calm you're safe now ", looking in his beautiful blue eyes Eve felt calm and she only asked one question "" the angel smiled a quick smile and vanished in the thin air leaving Eve to her confusion. Moments later the machines Eve was attached to started to peep, the room's door was bursted open and nurses and a doctor entered instantly.

Three hours later, and after a ton of whatever tests the doctors did to make sure Eve was really fine, she was out of her old room and now in another more comforting room, that's when a handsome doctor entered the room.

"Hello Eve. My name is Doctor Derek, are you feeling well?" the doctor said smiling.

"WELL? After all these tests, piercings, and sucking half of my blood, I feel that a train ran over me!" Eve said joking.

"And I thought seeing you awake would be great, but joking too? That's wonderful" the doctor said with a wide smile.

"Okay Doctor Derek!" Eve paused for a second "did you called my family?"

"Yes of course, we informed your mother she's waiting out side of the room as we speak"

"What? My mom is here? And what are you waiting for? LET HER IN NOW!" Eve snapped at the doctor.

"Okay! Okay! Just calm down, I'll go get her"

Moments later the doctor came back with Eve's mother walking behind him, "here is your daughter Mrs. Blake, I'll leave you two to catch up" the doctor said walking out.

"Eve! Is that really you?" Eve's mom said in a shaky voice as she never stopped crying since the hospital informed her about her daughter sudden recovery.

"Obviously mom it's me in blood and what left of flesh" Eve said smiling trying not to cry.

Only when Eve talked, her mother got to her hugging her tightly, both of them were sopping, for Eve she felt like ages since she hugged her mom, also from having any physical contact with a human being as she felt warm and save like when her mom used to hug her when she was little girl. But for Sara -Eve's mom- she felt like she's hugging Eve for the first time, she was about to give up any hope that Eve will ever wake up from that come, for seven long years it was the hardest thing ever, seeing her beautiful, young daughter like that.

"Mom! Mom! SARA, I can't breath" Eve said to her mother who was hugging her so tight it was hard to breath.

"Sorry baby… (Sniffing) it's just…"she couldn't complete the sentence bursting in tears.

"Mom its OK I'm here now, just stop crying please!"

"Fine, it's just so good to have you back again sweetheart! You must be starving I'll go get you something to eat" Sara said kissing Eve's forehead leaving the room quickly.

Eve knew her mom got out not to get her food but to call the rest of the family, which means that in about half an hour all of them are going to be here, she smiled for herself and muttered "Oh mom! You're so predictable". Suddenly she felt someone else in the room with her, and she saw the blue eyed angel from earlier that's what she called him in her mind, she expected him to be back but the sudden appearance startled her.

"GOD! You scared the hell out of me" Eve said, "who are you? I hope you're not going to disappear again! ".

The angel smiled "sorry for scaring you, I didn't mean that, my name is Arial and I'm your guardian angel".

Eve's jaw dropped; shocked she said "my guardian angel? But why? And those things I was dreaming about its real right? And…"

But Arial cut her off with a hand move "I'll explain every thing later, but now you have to get ready" he said calmly.

"For what?" she confusingly asked.

"I said later, but now I've to go, your mother will be back soon, I'll wait for you out side the hospital. Now get ready" Arial said firmly.

"NO, I'm not going any where until you tell me where we are going first?"

"I thought you're smarter than that!" the angel smiled teasingly but cut off the smile when he saw the angry look on Eve's face and said "why do you think you were seeing the Winchesters in your dreams? You are going to save them!".

"What? Me? How?" Eve asked completely shocked "but I can't…"

The angel cut her off again "Eve! This is so not the time for panicking, you know you have powers, and yes you never used them before but I'll be there to help you, so get ready! Your mother is coming I have to go now, see you in an hour" Arial said vanishing.

Only seconds after, Sara got back in the room "Eve honey, I brought you the chocolate muffins you love".

"Thanks mom, but I need you to do me a favor" Eve said getting out of her bed "I need cloth, money and your car keys".

"But Eve …"

"MOM! I've to go now" Eve paused looking to her mother's shocking and shocked impressions "sorry mom, but it's really important and please don't ask because I don't know what is going on! Just get me the things I asked for. OK?"

"OK!" Sara answered hesitantly.

"Now mom, I'll take these." taking the muffins from her mom and start eating them "now mom I'll take a shower and you go me the stuff"

"You defiantly can use a shower" Eve looked at her mother making a face at her "What? you smell like hospitals" her mom said leaving the room.


One hour later Eve was out of the hospital's doors, Arial waited for her out side.

"I'm ready to go now BOSS!" Eve said to the angel smirking, but when she looked at him he was laughing "WHAT are you laughing at? I thought angel don't do that?"

"Well I'm not like the other angels." then he looked at what she was wearing "a suit you're wearing a suit, honey we're not going to the court" Arial teased pointing at Eve's Prada black suit.

"HA, HA so funny, I'm such a lucky person I got myself a funny angel, AWESOME. Any way that's my mom's concept about clothes so deal with it!" Eve said trying to ignore the way Arial was looking at her and his smirks; she was looking around at the parking lot "only one thing left!"


"I forgot to ask my mom what's her car model ". Arial smiled and pointed to a 2010 blue Ford Mustang GT.

"WOW! Nice, never question my mom with two things…" she smiled and looked at Arial counting on her fingers "men and cars! What are you waiting for? Hop in!" she said heading to the car.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but we are not using the car, at least for now; the car will be waiting for you when we get there"

"And where is there is exactly?"

"The hospital where Dean Winchester in, now lets go!" Arial said touching Eve's forehead with his fingers and both of them vanishes.

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