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"Are you done yet? Its taking for ever woman, we are going to the hospital not a night club." Eve shouted at Libby. Both of them were going to the hospital in order to check on Simon who was still there after the little confrontation he had with Ethan, plus, Eve was going to see a doctor in order to know how her pregnancy was going, she had to do that after what happened with Ethan and Adam, Eve didn't go to a doctor and she didn't think it was a good idea with her bizarre condition, but not anymore. She was almost 9 weeks into her pregnancy and she needed to know what was really going on.

"I'm done, jeez!" Libby sighed getting out of her room, "going to the hospital doesn't mean I should look shitty," she said with a smirk while Eve rolled her eyes.

"Let's get going bitch." Eve said picking up her bag. "by the way, Dean might be here tonight."

"Ohhhh, is that like 'we are gonna have a loud sex, so leave the place' thing?" Libby teased.

"Hummm, not sure yet but I'll let you know," Eve laughed. "he said, enough that I went to the doctor first time without him, he should be there this time, and that its time to take me back home."

"Oh come on, already!" Libby pouted. "I don't want you to go." She said hugging Eve, giving her the puppy eyes.

"Awww, I can't stay here forever dude, and I really miss Bobby's, and Sam." Eve said with a smile.

"I'll miss you, a lot." Libby sighed still pouting.

"I'll be missing you too, but hopefully when this mess is all done and I'm not dead, we can move to LA or something, who knows." Eve smiled hopefully. "But now we have got to go, to see Simon then meet Dean for the doctor's appointment."

"Alright," Libby said but didn't move, and she looked like she was thinking of something. "Hey Eve, you are wearing this, right?"

Eve looked at her own outfit and nodded. "Yeah, why?" she was wearing a pair of sport pants and a cardigan of the same color, navy blue, as she wore a white T-shirt with the letter "E" in the middle in blue.

"Um, you and Dean didn't meet in a while and you are going to wear this? It's not a girls' world anymore, just saying." Libby said while Eve smiled.

"Oh, I'll not change, he saw worst trust me." She said still smiling. "And believe it or not, he really doesn't care how good or bad I look, he's that awesome. He knows me better than this."

"Ookay, if you saw so." Libby said unconvinced. "You two are way too cute for my taste."

Eve laughed as she walked to the door. "I didn't know you have a taste!" She teased still laughing, as Libby smacked her on the head.

"Bitch." She said while Eve kept laughing.

The girls were supposed to go visit Simon first before heading to Eve's appointment with her doctor, and when they arrived they saw they weren't the only ones to visit that day. Mark, Eve's older brother was there with one of his girls.

"Oh, we didn't know you were coming." Libby said walking into Simon's room, she meant to make some noise like she always do to cheer Simon up, but it was a shock for both her and Eve to see Mark there. For Libby it was more hurtful than awkward to see the man she was deeply in love with and about to marry, as he moved on and now he's happily married with kids. Although she was the one to walk away, she was still in love with him and the main reason she broke up with him, as she told Eve earlier, was that she didn't trust him after what he did to Eve. Once again, although she was the one to walk away, she still had feelings for him and that was the reason she wasn't in a real relationship ever since they fell apart.

"We didn't know we are coming either, but Lilly wanted to check on uncle Simon since we were near the hospital." Mark said smiling, it was clear he saw this coming and expected the awkward situation, and was ready for it too.

"Well, that's a good thing because uncle Simon needs all the cuties around him…" Eve smiled walking to her niece to greet. "Lilly, right?" Eve asked and the girl nodded with a shy smile. "I hope that you remember me," The girl nodded again as her smile got a bit wider.

"Yes, auntie Eve, Daddy always talks about you and shows us your photos." Lilly said with excitement. "Do you really have powers?"

Eve laughed and nodded. "Yes, but they aren't all good, we can talk about this later, would you like to go out with your aunt soon?" She asked and the girl smiled widely.

"YES! We can invite Lu right? She'd love to come too."

Eve giggled and nodded. "Sure, your little sister can join us too. Mommy had the baby yet?"

"Not until a few months." Mark was the one to answer this time, as Eve turned to look at him with a smile. "Pray for her." He asked.

"I'm gonna wish her luck, I kind of know what she's going through, a little." Eve said, but it didn't miss her to check on her best friend who was standing there with nothing to say, Eve wasn't an idiot, she knew and felt what was Libby going through, and it didn't take powers to figure it out.

"I see that everyone forgot about me!" Simon pouted, as he noticed the situation.

"Ohhhh never sweetie," Eve said and went to hug him, as Libby joined.

"Wow, I'm so lucky, two girls in my bed," Simon laughed.

"Hello," Mark coughed head pointing at his daughter.

"Sorry," Simon faked a sorry tone while the girls laughed, including Lilly who understood nothing but was laughing innocently since everyone was.

"Okay, Mark, do you have a moment?" Eve asked nervously getting up off the bed, while the kid took her place.

"Yeah sure," Mark smiled walking to the door opening it to his sister, as the two of them walked out to stand in front of the room in the empty corridor. "Are you okay? After all of what happened, I mean I'd call and check but I wasn't sure you'd answer."

"You could have at least tried, Mark." Eve said with a sigh. He was about to say something but she shook her head, "Don't say a thing, its my fault."

"No, its my fault." Mark said with regret.

"Dude, its time to put this whole shit behind us, the game has changed." She said seriously. "First off, you need to know that I'm pregnant." Eve said to his shock and confusion. "Second off, Adam knows and I have no idea how he will react to that even though he saved my sweet ass and killed Ethan, its fair to tell he killed the bastard because he didn't follow his rules not because of his kindness."

"Or maybe because he still loves you,"

"Well I know he loves me still and that what scares me the most, his love is lethal, its what got us here in the first place. What got dad killed and what drove us apart, what ruined our family and broke your heart and ruined Libby's life, what started a war between the good and evil and what got me almost raped and Simon almost died." She hissed trying not to yell since they were in the hospital, her face was read while her eyes flared fire.

"Easy, for your baby," Mark smiled, and while his smile got wider he held his sister's hand, "Congrats little sister." He said and hugged her. "And thank you, it was a burden I had to life with. There was no day I didn't think of what I have done and how much it cost us."

Eve smiled sighing, pulling away from the hug with her smile still on her face. "I was so mad and I couldn't think of anyone to blame but you. I don't know exactly what has changed but it doesn't matter anymore, our war is back, this is personal and Adam is going down but in order to do this I need you with me brother. I have thought and thought till I got my moment of clarity, and I need you to be ready because Adam and Lilith wont spare anything order to get to me, to us. Once again our family is at risk, and we need to be ready to fight for their lives."

Mark nodded and let out a heavy sigh. "Trust me I'm ready for this, but," he looked her in the eye with concern. "What are you going to do with the baby? How are you going to fight?"

"I'm not sure yet," She said laughing nervously, she obviously thought about this the most and she wasn't ready yet, which got her to think of finishing her old debts first in order to get a clear mind to start thinking of what to do next. "Protection spill, angel protection, I mean protection would have saved us a lot if I was just more sharp." Both of them laughed.

"Two kids and one of the way, I'm worst than you." Mark said. "Dean's fault still, he knocked you up."

Eve laughed nodding, "totally his fault," said with an innocent smile. "I really miss him, I was so stupid as usual and ran away to be alone while now I think I should have stayed and let him help me."

"Well its never too late…" Mark said with a wide smile looking behind Eve's shoulders while she turned to look where her brother was looking, seeing Dean practically running towards her. "Speak of the devil." Mark said as he shook his head no seeing that Eve was going to move, "No, baby wise, let Dean approach us."

"You suck!" She pouted at her brother, turning back to blast a smile seeing Dean again, she couldn't believe how much she was stupid and how much she missed him, she wanted to run and hug him and never let go. As he saw her smile it encouraged him to run faster and when he approached, none of them spook as they got engaged in a hug, and if anyone saw them at the moment they'd probably guess these people haven't met in years not a couple of weeks only. "Oh God, I missed you so much." Eve said still in Dean's arms.

"I almost thought I wasn't going to see you again," Dean said pulling from the hug. "Don't do this again, ever. Wanna struggle and act all girlie, do it at home." He said pulling her into a hug again.

"I'm sorry, I won't don't this again. I hate it more than you do, trust me on that." She smiled pulling back. "As much as I hate to ruin the moment, I need to see the doctor now."

"I think I need to greet your brother first." Dean said in an apologetic tone, "sorry we kinda forgot about you Mark." He laughed as they shook hands.

"Nah, never mind." Mark smiled. "Congrats for the baby, I really hope you guys will handle this right. Lots of work ahead."

"Don't scare me more than I'm, I have fought demons and angels and seen a lot but trust me, this is the scariest I've ever been in my life." Dean sighed looking at Eve in his arms.

Eve smiled awkwardly, she wasn't sure Dean will be ready for this or if he was going to open a conversation about it now or not yet, plus bringing up that she wasn't the one to tell him and asking of how she was doing handling what happened with Adam and Ethan. Not to mention her questions of the whole Adam showing up to the rescue, there was a lot to talk about but surely it wasn't the right time, not until they get back home to Bobby's place.

"You'll do just fine, you two now go check on little Evie and we will be waiting for you with Simon, don't go before seeing us." Mark asked.

"We won't," Eve smiled. "We are heading home today I hope?" She asked looking at Dean, as he nodded with a light smile.

"Yes, Sam and Bobby won't let me inside if you aren't with me, I quote." Dean laughed. "Now let's see the doctor and be sure everything was going fine."

A few hours later, Dean, Eve and Libby were back at Libby's place. They stayed a while in the hospital with Mark and Simon then they headed back in order for Eve to pack her belongings since her and Dean were heading to South Dakota.

"So, nothing weird at all?" Libby asked in confusion, "Like normal baby, normal everything?"

"Yeah!" Dean said still not believing what he heard from the doctor. She told him and Eve that everything was fine and going according to the plan, the mother and the baby were perfectly healthy and nothing was there to worry about, only that Eve needed lots of rest and a healthy food, to stay away from stress and to keep checking regularly with a doctor to make sure her and the baby were healthy and nothing was there to worry about. "She's normal, and nothing supernatural happened at the doctor's I mean I thought the baby was going to go all Charmed on us but he or she didn't."

"Yeah tell me about it," Eve laughed. "thought the doctor was going to turn into pixie dust at any second, but nothing. I still don't get it, maybe the baby doesn't have any powers or we are just lucky, or it's the silence before the storm." She babbled.

"Woah, woah, easy tiger." Libby patted on her shoulder, "you better enjoy your calm time then, don't over think it. What is meant to be is meant to happen, so just go with the flow."

"I agree with Libby," Dean nodded. "We will do our precautions anyway, and be ready, still we should rest a little and not over-think it."

"Okay, guess its done since you two agreed." Eve teased getting up off the couch. "Should we go now?" she smiled down at Dean who nodded again and got up.

"I'll be waiting in the car." He smiled, "Thanks Libby, for everything." He thanked sincerely as they hugged each other.

"Don't mention it dude, just be sure to take care of her." Libby smiled lightly, with teary eyes.

"Always," Dean said looking at Eve, as he pulled away from the hug grabbing Eve's luggage. "Take your time, I'm in the Impala."

Eve smiled as he walked out of the big apartment. Then she looked back at her friend, both had sad smiled and teary eyes. "Thank you, for handling my shit, as usual."

"Just be careful and try not to die. Can't handle your shit all the time, not cool." Libby laughed trying not to cry, but she wasn't that strong as a few drops of tears came down her cheek. "Oh balls!"

"Its fine, its fine Elizabeth," Eve sighed hugging her best friend. "I won't be long, we will see each other very soon, just hopefully next time it will be in better conditions."

"Yeah, I hope so too." Libby cried. "Oh, you better go coz I'm not going to stop and you shouldn't cry for the baby and all and I really hate these moments." She said fast, which made Eve laugh a little.

"Okay okay, I'll go now." They hugged one last time. "I'll call you when I arrive."

"Bet your ass you will!" Libby said wiping her tears.

"Love you sister." Eve said walking out of the door, she tried her best not to cry but she wasn't really sure if they will meet again. Who knows what will happen with her fights or her life in the next few months, all she hoped for was seeing her family again.

"Ohhhh welcome back darling." Bobby said cheerfully opening the door for Eve and Dean as they arrived to his house.

"Bobbyyyyyyyyyyyyyy," Eve giggled as he pulled her into a fatherly hug. "You were very much missed Eve, are you feeling better? And how is the baby?"

"Everything is fine Bobby, me and the baby, its all going really well," She smiled into the hug. "And I've missed you like hell." Eve said hugging him harder. "Missed the house and Sam and all."

"Then where is my hug?" Sam said walking to the door, while Eve broke loose from Bobby's hug walking into Sam's massive arms.

"Sammy, damn boy did you get taller or what?" She laughed hugging him hard.

"No, you are the one who got short, guess California's sun shrunk you." He laughed while she slapped his shoulder.

"I really missed you guys." Eve laughed looking better than ever, she was calm and happy to be back, feeling safe with Dean, Sam and Bobby around her.

"Don't go running like this again Eve," Bobby demanded.

"Sir yes sir!" Eve laughed. "I'm sorry, we will talk this through but I really need to shower, pee and sleep, it wasn't the coolest trip."

"Maybe you didn't stop acting like a girl." Dean said entering the house holding her bags.

"Maybe because I'm actually a girl, smart." She teased. "You are the luggage guy only, so zip it and follow me upstairs."

"Should we put earplugs or what?" Sam asked laughing. They missed having Eve around and how she made Dean feel better, the house wasn't the same without her.

"Humm yeah." She nodded while Dean smirked looking happy.

"Now we are talking." He said running upstairs.

"I'll just shower and sleep, but don't tell him that." Eve laughed. "God, I really missed you guys," she hugged them again.

"We missed you even more dear, you better get some rest and we will catch up in the morning." Bobby said and Sam approved with a smile and a nod.

"Good night," Eve hugged them for the third time as she headed upstairs to her and Dean's room.

Dean: "What should we call the baby?"

Eve: "Humm, no idea, I went in a coma when I was like 16, woke up 7 years later, so, never thought of baby names before." She said laughing a little.

Dean smiled and wrapped his arms around her to hug her tight. Eve came out of the shower and was now relaxing on the bed in Dean's arms, something she missed a LOT. "Well, guess you gonna have to start thinking, clock is ticking babe." he laughed placing his hand on her belly as she smiled softly of what seemed like a sad smile.

"Yeah, but," Eve sighed as her smile faded. "I don't know, maybe you should pick the names..." she stopped looking like she was thinking. "You know, according to your history, you should pick only boys' names."

Dean looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Why is that?" He wondered. "We can pick the names together, no one has to pick on their own."

"Yeah baby I know, this isn't what I meant." Eve laughed seeing how confused he looked. "I meant that you knew many many girls, and I saw all that in my mind when I was in the coma, it's gonna be hard to pick a name I don't hate or wanting to hit or kill my daughter when I hear or call her the name."

"You can't be hating all these women." Dean said, with the same look he had before. Eve smiled innocently.

"Well, there are levels but yeah," she said. "Any woman whom you ever liked, crushed on you, talked or saw you, I kinda don't like.. doesn't matter who is she." Eve kept going while Dean was looking at her with a confused look upon his face. "As for those you dated or ever slept with, yeah I really hate those bitches, and if it wasn't for laws and such crap I'd totally hurt them, maybe kill a few of them."

"Wow, I knew you are the jealous type but not like this." Dean told her, "Plus, all of that is in the past.."

"Woah, woah," Eve interrupted. "I know all of that, and sorry Dean, I can't control my jealousy levels, I love you and trust you but I don't like these women, and not because you liked them before," She sighed thinking. "I mean it might sound selfish and all but they had you before me, like you thought of them, been with them and you kissed and laughed and all these stupid things we do now, it's just.. it wasn't me, and it hurts a little bit." Eve smiled sadly, blushing a little for what she just revealed. "I love you, so much, you know forget about all of this, it's just stupid. I had a relation before and it doesn't make sense."

Dean smiled and hugged her even tighter. "I love you too Eve, I can't totally understand what you just said because it's a little bit crazy but," Eve laughed slapping his arms. "I love you, it's only you now."

"Oh yeah, pffff, hell I know this, thanks for stating the obvious." Eve said smugly. "I have the keys now."

"What keys?"

"The keys to your heart, idiot." She laughed slapping him again. "Plus if you ever touched another woman, I'll cut you balls and make you eat them." She smiled innocently.

"You are so sick." Dean said, "and hot," he got closer to her.

"Humm I can see where is this going.." she smiled getting closer as well till their lips met. "But, we should delay this till we pick a name." Eve said pulling back, but Dean's hand on the back of her stopped her, as he shook his head no.

"I say we delay the naming thing and get going with this," He kissed her again while she nodded and smiled into the kiss, pressing her body against his body asking for more.

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