First Queen Seon Duk fic. Please be nice. Couple is Deok-Man(Seon-Duk)/Yu-Shin.


1. Bite
His lips came closer to her neck and his teeth scraped her sensitive skin. She half expected him to bite her but he only left a trail of kisses.

2. Green Pen
When Deok-Man was small she got from Cartan a green thing that she could write with…later on she exchanged it for a coin.

3. First Flower
Cheon-myeong, her sister was a flower, but Deok-Man was more than that, she was pure energy.

4. A Beautiful Day
It was a beautiful day, or so thought Yu-Shin as he pulled Deok-Man closer to him, while she mumbled something in her sleep.

5. Water
He was sure his face was on fire. Yu-Shin could no longer look at Deok-Man without remembering her perfect body as he washed the blood away, after their fight with Baekje soldiers.

6. Jars
He thrusted her against the wall, his lips bruisingly kissing hers. It resulted in a few broken jars.

7. Buttons
He undid the buttons of her blouse and slid it across her shoulders to the floor. She didn't even blink.

8. Silence
As Bi-Dam took her away he remained with the deafening silence. He felt hopeless and he just wanted to find Deok-Man hold her to him and never let go.

9. Trash
He couldn't stand it. She would actually let Bi-Dam, that trash(myanhe DramaSapphire-unnie) touch her like that. Anger clouded his mind and made him see red. He strode over to her and pulled her with him to his quarters. Yu-Shin gave her all the touches that she needed.

10. Chain
It made his blood boil seeing her in chains like that. But he had to admit it also made him want to keep her like that forever, a perfect little puppet that was his and his only. He set her free tough, he wouldn't want his future bride to be hurt or bruised.

For those of you who don't know Deok-Man was attracted to Yu-Shin and the other way around, but he had to marry someone else.

But in my mind they are together.

TenTenD over and out! Anyeongseyo!