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91. Love
There were many things that he loved about her. But they were not the reasons that he lover her for. He fell in love unexpectedly. He didn't even realized it until she was made up her mind to leave Sorabol.

The reason was simple…he loved her because she stuck with him.

92. Sibling
It was hard for him to believe Deok-Man was the princess' sister. So he chose to quietly protect her from what came after.

93. Coffee
She was telling the nangdos of her unit about a strange drink, colored back and bitter tasting. She called it coffee.

94. Sticky
She felt dirty and sticky, and she needed a bath. It was bad enough that she was the only girl in a group of 'only boys' but now she had to go and act like a girl.

95. Sweet
He pushed the piece of fruit past her lips, into her mouth and a sweet taste invaded her.

96. Sour
The blood tasted sour on her tongue but she kept sucking. She had to get the poison out or he would be gone forever and she would be left alone.

97. Hyper
She was running around, trying to avoid being caught by Yu-Shin. Seriously, where did he have so much energy from? They hadn't slept all night and now he was chasing her around? Did this man want to kill her?

98. Apathy & Empathy
He loved her but to normal people it would seem he had no interest in her. She on the other hand seemed to be concerned with something else when she was really looking at him. Therefore, they had a mutual understanding.

99. Lost cell phone
'I can't believe it! I lost my cell phone' thought Deok-Man. On the other side of the campus Yu-Shin had just found a black phone.

100. Happily Ever After

They got married and, after all they had been through, lived happily ever after.

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