Author's Note: English isn't my mother language and this is not beta'd, so please bear with me and my mistakes. Feedback (both positive and negative, as long as it's constructive) is very much appreciated. Sequel to "Just Dessert" (http:// nicis-anatomy. livejournal. com/153868. html) by nici's anatomy, because she asked for it and I felt honoured and obliged to do it. Can stand alone, though.

The elevator was immediately plunged into a familiar darkness, but neither Jenny nor Jethro cared as their lips met for a slow, tentative kiss.

The first kiss in six years.

And it felt just like it had endless times in the past. It was overwhelming and mind-blowing, even before it became as passionate and heated as it had always been.

As her lips parted for him, granting him access to her mouth, Jethro realized that she still tasted like mint and lipstick. A taste that had haunted him for years after she left, as he tried to find the same taste in someone else's mouth. Never succeeding.

And he, Jenny thought as their tongues slid together slowly, still tasted like coffee and bourbon. The heady combination that - mixed with the strong scent of sawdust that seemed to be his own brand of cologne - could still play the greatest havoc with her senses.

But there was also something else, something that ran deeper than that. An underlying stream of raw emotion, that fuelled the kiss and forced them closer and closer together with each passing second.

When air became a problem, they slowly pulled apart, their ragged breathing the only audible sound in the stalled elevator.

Dark, cobalt blue met with bright, emerald green. Desire and emotion mixed in their eyes, expressing the turmoil taking place inside of them.

She realized she had been clenching the lapels of his coat in her fists and averted her eyes almost shyly, slowly releasing the bunched fabric.

Her tongue ran over her own lips slowly, unconsciously tasting him still.

She had missed his taste. She had missed the warmth radiating from his body so close to her. She had missed the way his kiss made her knees buckle.

Her fingers curled into his coat again and she looked up at him, finding his eyes still fixed on hers.

Words were never necessary when it came to the two of them, looks did all the talking they needed.

He smirked when she ran her hands down his chest, and she smiled at him suggestively. There was no need to say that they had both missed this. No need to express verbally what they were feeling.

They just knew.

As much as they knew that she would still always taste like mint and lipstick, and he would still always taste like coffee and bourbon.