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SOVEREIGN FATE by: A Cullen Wannabe

SYNOPSIS: Taking place in 17th century Europe, Princess Isabella, only daughter of King Charles VIII of Spain, faces her fate as her arranged marriage to Prince Edward, future King of England, approaches. The Prince is known for his indiscriminate cavorting with the ladies of his land leading the Princess to fear that she will suffer the same fate as her mother and many other queens before and since, to be trapped in a loveless marriage to an unfaithful husband. Will Princess Isabella ever find happiness while bound to the fate of her birth? AH/OC/Eventual Lemons

This story is, once again, a little different from my previous stories. I've been finally getting around to watching the Showtime series the Tudors, which really made me feel for the women and particularly the princesses of that time. In thinking of how they were basically used as bartering chips in political deals, their virtue bought and sold with no regard to their feelings or their future, I couldn't help but feel bad for them. I started wondering how they might feel, and thus, I began typing out this story of Bella facing the fate of an arranged marriage to a man she's not seen since she was seven, who is well known far and wide for his womanizing ways. Will things change once they are married, or will she suffer the fate of most of the queens of 'modern' history? (I always laughed that this time frame was considered modern, but in the breadth of time the world has existed, it has been fairly recently)

I am taking MASSIVE liberties with the history of his era, so please don't mutilate me for screwing up the timeline. The world throughout this era was very volatile and I really don't want to have all of that included, so I am making up my own reign for them. The wars, the rulers, the alliances, will all be fictional. Just to warn you in advance. Also, I don't speak a lick of Spanish…so just pretend they are all speaking Spanish as Bella speaks with her family.

Please not that this will be a censored version of this story (although we have about 8 chapters before that will be necessary) The full octane version of this story is posting on TWCSlibrary dot com (You might want to pop over to see my banner. It's HOTTT )

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The Fate of a Princess

She sat upon her bed, looking forlornly at the expanse of the kingdom beyond her. To those who lived outside of these walls, Princess Isabella was privileged, living amongst the most lavish of riches, and spoiled to the greatest degree. In their minds, a princess was what all others wished that they could be, beloved and doted upon, the most beautiful of all those beneath her.

If you were to ask Princess Isabella of this, she would laugh bitterly in your face, for any true princess knew that while her body might be adorned in rich fabrics and jewels, and her bedchamber might be amongst the most comfortable of all others short of the king and queen themselves, her life would never truly be her own. Each important decision in her life was fated to be thrust upon her with no influence of her own design.

The day of her sixteenth birthday loomed before the princess, like a black execution taunting her on the horizon. At the tender age of seven, in a cloud of innocent ignorance, Isabella had been taken to court in the presence of her parents and the King of England where she was introduced to the eight year old Prince and future King of England, Prince Edward. As part of the treaty signed that day in the presence of both of their parents, the Cardinals of the church, and the rest of the Spanish royal court, it was proclaimed that on the day she turned sixteen, Isabella and Edward were to be wed on Spanish soil. Once the union was complete, she would return with Edward to England to live until the day came when they would become King and Queen.

As a young child, not yet understanding that nine years hence she would be ripped from everything she had ever known, and everyone she had ever loved, she had reveled in the cheers and smiles of those around her. Now, nine years later, facing the day decided so long ago, Isabella felt nothing but despair.

As a lady of the royal court, she had overheard many whispered tales of the Prince's promiscuous ways and arrogant attitude since news of other courts around the world was the height of entertaining banter. It was in these moments of indiscretion amongst the nobles of her kingdom that she learned of the true nature of her future husband.

With each new rumor of his wandering eyes and lecherous ways, Isabella grew more and more despondent about her fate. For many years she had watched her father, who she once believed could do no wrong, openly pursue other women of the court in full view of her mother. As the Queen, not of rule, but of marriage, she was powerless to fight the open disrespect of her station. Isabella knew more than anyone the many nights her mother had spent alone in her bedchamber over the past decade while her father entertained her various ladies in waiting in his own.

Isabella had a fire inside her that she hid from the world, due to the fact that it considered improper demeanor of a young lady, much less a royal. Even though she was practiced at this skill, the thought of living a life as her mother, openly disrespected by her husband, caused a fire to burn in her soul that she could not hide no matter how much effort she exerted in trying. As she stared out the window at the lands below she would soon be leaving in deference to England, she pondered the merits of ending her life as opposed to her fate. Surely, pain of death would be less horrific than suffering through a loveless marriage full of open disrespect and flaunted infidelity.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the entrance of her friend, and companion, Lady Angela.

"Your highness, your mother has asked for an audience with you. She requests you attend to her bedchamber as soon as possible."

She nodded toward Angela in understanding, before rising to straighten her skirts. She squared her shoulders, centering her posture, not wanting a lecture on her carriage to be added to whatever her mother planned to discuss. Once prepared, she crossed to the door where her favorite guard, Emmett stood waiting.

Emmett smiled down at the princess with a wink before taking his place two steps behind her as she navigated her way to the Queen's chambers, pausing occasionally to open the doors that they encountered in their traverse. When they finally reached their destination, their presence was announced by the Queen's top guard, Felix.

Princess Isabella entered as taught. She curtsied to her mother, who responded in the like, as the servants and guards exited the room, leaving the two ladies to speak privately. The second the door closed to her chambers, Queen Renee raced to her daughter's side, hugging her tightly around her shoulders. She pulled back, brushing her fingers gently along Isabella's cheeks.

"My darling daughter, I have missed you so. I cannot believe time has passed so quickly. In four days time, you will be sixteen, and will be wed to Prince Edward. I too have heard the rumors of his ways, but please remember, dear heart, that not all rumors are true and that books should most definitely not be judged by their covers. I have just received word that the entire royal family will be arriving tomorrow. Prince Edward will be accompanied by King Carlisle and Queen Esme, along with his sister, Princess Alice and her husband, Lord Whitlock. I do not know if you remember Lord Whitlock, but it must be brought to your attention that he is your distant cousin. He went to England five years ago as an ambassador for your father. While there, he fell in love with the Princess. He asked for her hand and the King and Queen, in pursuit of their daughter's happiness, allowed the match. I know we entered into a traditional agreement on your behalf nearly a decade ago, but they are not as stuck in the old ways as many would think. This being so, stories are spread that are inflated and less than flattering."

Isabella listened in shock, especially upon word of Lord Whitlock's marriage to Princess Alice. She wondered how she had not heard of this before. Surely, it would have been the fodder of very virulent gossip. Although, considering the timing, it may have met its zenith during her studies abroad, when she went to study in secret in Italy two years before.

She had been too young to go, not to mention that it was an unpopular concept to educate women, but at her mother's insistence and with the encouragement of her brother, Isabella had been allowed to go. The primary caveat was that the Crown Prince had to accompany her in order to expand his own cultural knowledge. Prince Jacob was King Charles' pride and joy. Isabella still found it surprising, considering how he treated her mother, that he had ever returned to her bedchamber after his birth to conceive the Princess to begin with. She assumed he had done so in pursuit of a second male heir, but to his great disappointment, she had been born female, and the Queen had not conceived again since.

While the king did not care for his daughter, Prince Jacob adored his little sister. He often manipulated his station to allow her luxuries she desired, yet would otherwise not receive. Their glorious educational trip to Italy had been the most wonderful amongst these treats her loving brother provided. The Italian countryside was breathtaking, but Rome itself was most wonderful. The ancient pieces of architecture that had stood the test of time, and would no doubt continue to survive long after they were all dead, were wondrous.

Isabella was amazed at the wealth of knowledge and culture steeped in Italy. She absorbed everything around her like a shriveled sponge, thirsting to swell to the point of overflowing with knowledge. As a princess, she had the privilege of education above and beyond many others, including the fluent knowledge of Italian in addition to French, English, and her native tongue of Spanish. Thus being so, her favorite places to hide were the vast and glorious libraries.

It was on days of leisure such as these that she began to meet new people outside of her typical sphere of influence. She especially enjoyed meeting and interacting with the locals, who outwardly displayed far more overt spirit of self than any other European culture she had yet to personally encounter.

When she first began these constitutions, she had presented her true self, only to be met with uncomfortable silence and distance. It was soon that she learned that if she tried more to blend in, she was better received amongst the locals. Her fluent, if not a bit too proper, understanding of the language was a great help, although it did take her some time before she mastered a local accent.

It was during one of these days, where she was to the world around her simply a local girl name Bella, that she met the most amazing boy. This boy, another local named Tony, continued to fill her dreams even now almost a year and a half after her return to her home country. She hated deceiving him, but she knew that if she revealed her true self, she would lose him as well. Instead, she compromised, choosing to simply enjoy the time she had with him before her time would come to an end in Italy.

Tony was kind and caring. Isabella knew that as long as she lived, he would forever be her first true love. She protected her maidenhead with all of the restraint she could find, but even if she were allowed to marry for love in the future, no kisses would ever compare to those of Tony.

"Isabella, are you listening to me?" Queen Renee snapped toward her daughter, who was staring into the fire as though it held the secrets of the universe. In her eyes danced some faded memories of a happiness she had lost years ago. The Queen may have let her children go to Italy, but she was kept apprised of all of their activities while there. She was fully aware that Jacob had fallen head over heels for the Venetian Princess Giovanna, who was regrettably already betrothed to a German Prince. He returned home heartbroken. Meanwhile, Isabella had discovered a taste of love herself in the arms of a boy who she mysteriously could not find much information about beyond his Christian name of Tony. Her daughter had not been the same, suddenly far more forlorn about her impending match with the future King of England.

Isabella looked up at her mother as she shook her head gently. "I am sorry, Mother. I was thinking about the coming days. How I wish I could freeze time and stop this from happening. I am scared Mother. In our past relations, the English seemed so fickle. What if the same is true of this future king? Let's not forget what happened to our poor great aunt Katherine of Aragon at the hands of Henry VIII. What if I befall a similar fate? What if he grows tired of me and simply tosses me aside, or worse, what if he doesn't want me and yet doesn't divorce me, but rather whores around the court under my nose. I would sooner die, mother."

The Queen jerked as though she had been slapped in the face before turning a burning eye at Isabella. "First of all, watch your language Isabella Maria. Those words should not be spoken by a well bred royal. Secondly, do not think you understand the workings of your future station. Much you will learn in time. Make no mistake, Lady Isabella, as Queen, it will be your job to support your husband no matter his affairs of state or of personal recompense. As Queen, you are the backbone of the King. It is you that holds him up when all others fail to do so. Even as a matrimonial Queen, you still hold power once you learn to wield it. You, Isabella, have the strength of character and intelligence to be a great service to the English people if you stick with fortitude and work behind the scenes in their favor."

She stepped in front of Isabella, tucking her long dark hair behind her ears. "You, my dear heart, I feel, will one day be a very loving, compassionate, and beloved ruler of the people of England. They will love you just as they loved your great aunt. Trust in God to do with you as he did with Esther, the girl who became queen and saved her people from genocide. I believe you too will do wondrous things with that which shall be given to you. Just have faith, my love."

Isabella nodded, not feeling totally convinced, but seeing some merit in her mother's arguments.
She hadn't really thought of it from that perspective before. If she can't have a marriage built on love, with any luck, she might at least be able to help those in need. Perhaps if the king sees fit to entertain himself elsewhere, she can try to push for greater education for the people. One way or another, maybe she would find a purpose for her life in spite of her fate.

She thanked her mother, kissing her cheek before the Queen announced that the hour was late and they both needed to get rest. The next morning, the dressmakers were coming to make the final adjustments to Isabella's wedding gown and then she was expected to greet Queen Esme and Princess Alice for a lunch and afternoon together with the Queen. As following tradition, Isabella and Prince Edward would not be introduced until they met in front of the altar to be joined. In the time between, the Princess would be spending her time getting to know her new female family members and taking part of last minute preparations for the ceremony.

Isabella exited her mother's quarters feeling both lighter and heavier for different reasons. Emmett appeared concerned by her expression, casting her a look filled with concern. She smiled sweetly at him before taking the offered candle and making her way back to her quarters. The week before her would be long. All the Princess could hope was that even if the Prince turned out to be everything that gossip proclaimed, that his mother and sister would be of good company and friendly countenance.

She returned to her bedchamber and was assisted in washing up and changing into her bedclothes before her maids left her alone in her room. Isabella curled up in the middle of her bed, her mind bogged with worry for her future. As sleep finally graced her body, relieving her of her fears, Isabella was once more transported to a perfect Italian day, sitting in an open field, eating fruit with Tony laughing at her side.

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