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HarryHinata and the Philosopher Stone


Main Pairing: HarryHinata

Eventual Pairing: RonHermione

Summary: What if Hinata's mother was a witch? What if her mother died during child birth and Hiashi resented Hinata because of it? What if Hiashi wasn't truly her father? What if Hiashi made Hinata into a Jinchuuriki of the 10-Tailed Wolf, Riryuka? What happens when she gets her Hogwarts letter? What if…Hagrid picks Hinata up before getting Harry? Harry and Hinata will begin their grand adventure that will never end even after they leave their Hogwarts school years. Two souls that had never knew that their lives will be completely intertwined by fate.

Chapter I

Birth of a Kuniochi Witch

Who am I…what am I? Why do I feel different from everyone else? Am I really human or a monster? Why do these things keep happening to me? Why does my father hate me so much? Is it because I made mother die…is that it? Visions of memories that belong to a boy that I have never met before keep popping in my dreams. Who is he? I want to line the pieces of these memories. What is our connection? -Hinata Hyuuga

It's been 3 months since the Kyuubi's attack and everything had gotten peaceful once more. In the Hyuuga compound, there were many panic nurses going back and forth to save one Maru Hyuuga. She just recently given birth to her only daughter and was loosing too much blood. Nurses of the Cadet Branch were doing everything they could to save their mistress and the only Main Branch to have treated them so kindly.

Unfortunately, they couldn't do anything and so Maru Hyuuga died. In her death she still held a smile of a proud mother to have given birth to her daughter. Before she died, she felt extreme power from her daughter. Her daughter's magic was already growing rapidly through her veins. She knew that she will become a great witch who will help all that is good and nice to those of the wicked...if they deserve them.

She had already heard of Voldemort seeking after the Potters. She had been extremely worried and stressed over her friend's safety. Yes, she was witch just as she was a kuniouchi. Being the only different witch there had been uncomfortable considering she was also a ninja from the Elemental Continent. That's when she met her. Her first true friend...her best friend she had ever had. Lily Evans, a Muggle born but a fantastic witch.

They became extremely close friends even much closer than Lily had with Severus Snape.

She was always there for Lily.

She was there when Lily's and Snape's friendship were broken.

She was there comforting her friend's troubles and when she was upset.

She was there to calm her down when she was angry.

She was there when Lily finally excepted James proposal to date him.

She, along with the other three Marauders, were there spying on her first date.

She was there seeing her friend happy with her boyfriend.

She was there on her friend's wedding day.

She was there for her friend during her child birth, giving birth to Harry James Potter.

She was there when her friend chosened her as her son's godmother and James chosened Sirius as his son's godfather.

She was there about their switch Secret Keeper from Sirius to Peter.

She was known as Lily's sister and she to her.

So when she had heard of Voldemort's search for her best friend, it just brought anguish and worry. Not only was she in an arriange marriage with the Hyuuga Heir but she was also forbidden to see her true love. She fell in love with a wizard who was pure blooded but was unlike any other pure blood from the Wizarding world. At first they became great friends till it grew into something more. They soon had their first date, kiss, and soon made love. They loved each other so much that they were so happy learning about her pregnacy.

So yes, her daughter was actually a full wizard with a lot of her shinobi blood of Konoha and Hyuuga in there. Her happiness did not last though. As soon as she came back home, she was immediately in a arrange marriage with Hiashi Hyuuga, the Heir of the Hyuuga Clan.

After long months being pregnat without her lover and her worry over her best friend, her sadness swelled within her and killing her.

When she gotten to see her daughter for one last time before she could die, she felt great deal of pride and happiness seeing her. Her daughter had her father's smooth soft black hair. Her skin were soft pale and will probably remain softly pale when she gets older. Small cute nose and soft lavender pupil-less eyes. Anyone no doubt will know that she was not Hiashi's daughter for all the Hyuuga's hair were all brown and never black. Still, seeing her beautiful daughter made her feel proud and sees her daughter something special.

Before she could die and leave this world, she put on a powerful and charmed necklace around her daughter's neck. After she had heard and learned about Voldemort's search for the Potters not to mention seeing it herself, she developed this charmed necklace.

You see she was a seer that no one has ever seen for years. She could willingly see the future and knew of her best friend's along with her husband's deaths. She wanted to provent that but she knew that will only kill their son if she did. She knew that if she were to prevent it, it will only cause more harm than good. Dumbledore never knew about her ablilities but a few of her most trusted friends.

She saw a future of her daughter changing a lot of things but also...she was going to meet the same fate as Harry James Potter, her godson. She saw that Voldemort will go after her daughter once he finds out about her. After all, she and her lover were a big threat to Voldemort just as much as Lily and James.

That was why she had made this charmed necklace that was filled with her life spand and energy, not to mention spirit. That was another reason why she was dieing. It had weakened her and her health. But now she could rest peacefully, knowing that her daughter will now be safe.

It had been 2 hours since Maru Hyuuga's death. Hiashi was holding onto a bundle in his cold arms, now heading toward the chambers. He was angry and devasted of his wife's death. Yes, he had loved her ever since he had first laid eyes on her before she left to that dreadful and stupid school. But no, her heart had been taken by that dreadful man that held no respect or anything that the Hyuugas would have approved of.

So yes, he had hated that man and now his daughter!

He knew that the girl he was holding in his arms was not his but that wizard's. He will not hand her over to him but will forever hate the child. He already hates the girl that his heart was filled with anger and hatred toward her even if she is Maru's daughter.

That was why he was taking her toward the chambers where she will forever be cursed to what they would be doing to her. After all, she was the reason of Maru's death. He will have his revenge.

Finally reaching the chamber, he was met with rows of Hyuugas from the council. In the middle of the room above was a spirited sphere. Inside was a huge looking wolf with 10 tails wrapped around itself with its eyes closed. The wolf was completely covered with its black soft fur with its black chakra misting around the sphere.

"You have arived," An elder looking Hyuuga said.

Hiashi bowed respectedly. "Yes I have, Elder," Hiashi said. "I have brought the child with me,"

The Elder Hyuuga nodded. "Then set the child down and we can now begin,"

Hiashi nodded and set Maru's daughter, Hinata, down that was right below the huge looking 10 tailed wolf.

"We can now begin the ceremony and seal the demon wolf, Riryuka,"

In unisan, the Hyuugas done their respective hand-signs, as the sphere surrounding the demon wolf glowed, and Hinata glowed as a lash of chakra surrounded them. Black designed runes were all marked from Hinata's arms that were a different kinds of seals. They burned brightly as the demon wolf soon vanished and sealed inside the child. Hinata whimpered in as she felt the pain of having the demon inside her.

What the Hyuugas don't know was that her own chakra-mixed-magic soon mixed together with the demon's own chakra that were all made up of both chakra and magic. Giving the girl the most powerfullest chakra and magic out there.

Riryuka, who was not like most demons, felt the child's pain from her being forced to be sealed inside her. Not liking how these humans were doing to curse the child for having her sealed inside her decided to help the child whenever she could. She helped lesson the pain for the child and was soon surprised to feel the force of her getting away from the child was soon soothened, letting her go inside her. She could feel the child's acceptance along with the soul inside the locket around the child's small neck. Before she blacked out after successfully getting inside the child, she heard a warm and welcoming voice.

"Please...protect my daughter when I could not be there for her. Nurse her and teach her all she should know. This is all I ask of you, Riryuka-sama. You may show yourself to my daughter whenever you think she is ready. That is all I ask of you to do...if you do what I ask...I thank you forever in my heart even after death,"

Riryuka closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh. 'You have nothing to fear and may rest peacefully. I will do everything I could for this child and will do everything I can do to protect her. Even though you are already protecting her from that dark wizard...I will do everything I can do for other things. I will tell her about me once she proves she is ready,' Riryuka thought as she finally lost consciousness.

There was a little boy who was curled up into a tight ball. Sobs could be heard as he held himself tightly.

He was inside a small room that looked more like a cupboard from under the stairs. There were webs of spiders up inside it. He had a ragged bed and barely anything inside.

The boy wore baggy clothes that were 5 times bigger than his original size. He looked wobbly and skiny. He had jet black hair that was wild and untamed that showed slight spikes from his hair. His hair reached a bit above his shoulders. A pair of round glasses that had tape in the middle to hold it together was seen beside him.

"Why? Why do they hate me? What did I do? I didn't want to be here in the first place," The boy said between sobs.

"Mom...dad...where are you? Why did you have to die?...why?"

Soon he brought his teary eyes and showed two briliant emerald green eyes and a lightning bolt scar behind his black band from his forehead.

The 10 near to 11 year old girl immediately sat up as she panted heavily. Sweat covered her forehead and her bowl cut bangs were wet from the sweat that was slowly dropping. With a sigh, she shoved the sweat away from her right hand. With bleary eyes that were once filled with fear were now back to normal being sleepy. After rubbing her sleepy eyes, she looked at the clock next to her bed and noticed it was 4:57 A.M.

With yawn she stretched her arms and gotten up to go take her shower. Taking her usual white plain towel, she headed toward the shower.

As she let the water pour down against her sticky but soft pale skin, her muscles began to relax against the warm water. She immediately thought back from the strange dream she had.

'It was about that same boy...who is he? Why do I always find him feeling sad and...lonely,' She thought.

After finishing her shower, she left the bathroom and went to go get dressed. She wore a black sleeve-less T-shirt with an un-zipped lavender hooded sweat-shirt. She wore black finger-less ninja gloves and a black chocker around her neck. She wrapped her black runed marks with her special black bandages. She tied her shoulder length black hair into a low pony-tail. She wore black knee length shorts that were slightly baggy. Then put on her pendant around her neck, the only thing that had once belonged to her mother's.

All ready and set to go, she quickly and quietly left the Hyuuga Manor. Not having any desire to confront her father.

Her name's Hinata Hyuuga, the outsider of the Hyuuga Clan and her village itself.

For as long as she could remember, she had always been hated by her family and the villagers, especially her father, Hiashi Hyuuga the Clan leader of the Hyuuga Clan.

The only friend she had ever had, who was like a brother she never had to her, was also an outsider of the village, Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto Uzumaki was a boy who had a large dream and also her best friend. They were more like siblings when their friendship grew stronger. Their pain and loneliness were the same and the only adult they ever trusted was the leader of the village, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Of course there was another friend of theirs was a fellow orphan girl named, Naratii Hikari. She, like them, was also an outsider from their village.

The three were always mistreated and get nearly killed by their village from drunken mobs.

Luckily Hiruzen managed to save them every time but was always delayed by some who wanted them dead.

They were the bestest of friends and never wanted to get seperated from each other. They were all siblings to each other...well maybe not Naruto and Naratii. They seem to have a huge crush or probably in love with each other but were both completely oblivious about it. Not that Hinata blamed them, they never once known about that subject considering they were never loved by anyone.

Hinata, though, knew that her two best friends have a huge actraction and will soon fall madly in love with each other. After all, they were perfect for each other really.

Anyway, whenever they were together alone or alone on their own, they were always mobbed and always get nearly killed. For some reason, the ones who the worst of them were Naruto and Naratii. Something that Hinata really hated about.

It wasn't till she found out that they were always abused when they lived in the orphanage and were kicked out of there at the age of 4. This simply angered her but her two best friends reasured her that it was all in the past and that they really don't mind.

She knew that they were right and was relieved that at least they had each other during the time.

In reality if it weren't for her best friends, she might have become a shy and depressed person if it weren't for them. Having both of them as her older siblings gave her so much confidence that she never stuttered like she used to.

Naruto had wild spiked blond hair that nearly reached his shoulders, since he wanted to immitate his hero the Yondaime (Fourth Hokage). His skin was slightly tanned. He had two remarkable azure blue eyes and three whiskered marks on each side of his cheek. He wore a dark orange shirt with an un-zipped black sleeve-less hodded black sweater. He wore knee length black shorts with orange flames coming up from the bottom of his shorts that were completely dark along with black ninja sandals. Around his wrists were dark orange bandages.

Naratii had long flowing wavy black hair with blue and lavender streaks on them, that were actually completely natural! She had it tied in a high pony-tail. She was also pale but not as much that looked completely soft as mine. On each side of her cheeks were two large lightening bolt scars that nearly reached toward her eyes. Her eyes were something Hinata had never seen and were completely beautiful. Her eyes were hazel that gave her an enchanting look. She wore an un-zipped sleeve-less black shirt with a black hooded sweater that had lavender and blue runed disigns around her the end of the sleeve and bottom of her sweater along with her hoody. She wore black baggy shorts that were a bit above her knees and wore black ninja sandals. She wore dark lavender, sky blue bandages around her wrists and fishnets on each side of her upper arms and her bottom legs. Around her right wrist was a wolf, a stag, a doe, a baby stag, and two fox key-chained bracelets.

They were her best friends and older siblings to her. She would do anything to protect them and have them forever in her life.

Right now she was running toward their apartment they were currently living after getting kicked out of that awful orphanage.

As she ran, she thought back on her own childhood. She always wondered why would her father hated her so much. Was it because of her hair? Was it because of her eyes reminding him of her mother, Maru? Was it because how different she was? Was it because of the strange causes were being made around her?

Strange things always seemed to be happening to her that she couldn't explain. It was all so...weird.

There was this one time when she saw Naruto and Naratii being picked on from afar. She didn't like it at all and slightly glared at the boys. The next thing she knew a herd of birds flopped from the air and suddenly attacked the boys.

And that wasn't the first either.

Many other things happen like that, that was completely unexplainable.

It was one of the reasons why she was known as an outcast.

The only ones who never thought of her as a freak were always Hiruzen Sarutobi, Naruto, and Naratii.

Hinata looked up and smiled as soon as she noticed the familiar looking apartment. With a huge smile, she immediately ran faster toward it.

Inside the apartment, was a wide opened girl. She had long flowing wavy black hair with lavender and blue streaks on them that reached on the middle of her back. Her spiked bangs flowed upon her hazel eyes. Her eyes were slightly red from all the crying. She wore a long black shirt that reached toward her hips that, showing her body being more developed than regular 11 year olds by giving the right curves and hips. She wore short, tight black shorts and white socks.

She was none other than Naratii Hikari.

Naratii looked out the window and noticed one of her best friends running toward the apartment.

She let out a warm smile from her tired heart-shaped face.

Naratii sighed, and looked down sadly. She just had another one of her familiar nightmares. They were about her parents...although she's not so sure if they are. They were blurry but their voices became much clearer than ever.



A cruel laugh.

A flash of green light.

Desperate pleas.

Two babies crying.

An explosion.

A bright light.

Two pair of emerald green eyes.

A pair of hazelled eyes.

They were flashes of her past before she was brought in Konoha. She knew they were of her family that were out there somewhere.

A knock from her door interrupted her thoughts.

"Naratii! Hey! Wake up, Nara-neechan!!!" A familiar shouting voice called out.

With a small and soft laugh, Naratii gracefully walked toward it and openned it.

"Nara-neechan!!" Hinata shouted as she jumped and hugged her sister unexpectedly.


Hinata giggled as they fell flat on the floor.

Naratii raised an eye-brow, wondering why was her little sister acting so...giggly and giddy.

"Why are you suddenly giddy today, Nata-imouto?" Naratii questioned.

Hinata smiled as she gotten off of her older sister. Naratii sat down with her legs crossed, pretzel style.

"Nothing really. I was just thinking back how great to have such great friends like you and Naru-aniki," Hinata said.

"You're becoming more unpredictable as you hang out with 'Ruto-kun," Naratii said with a sigh.

Hinata cocked her head and let out a sly smirk.

"But you like it don't you? It will just remind you too much of your precious N-A-R-U-T-O-K-U-N~!" Hinata sang at the end.

Naratii blushed and glared at Hinata, who was trying to act innocent which was failing miserably.

"I. DO. NOT. LIKE. HIM!!!!" Naratii shouted as her blush still continued to grow.

"Who doesn't like who?"

The girls turned toward the door to see a drowsy blond. Naruto's wild spiked hair became more wilder and untamed. His pajamas were wrinkled blue instead of just wearing his boxers like he normally does. All in all he looked like he just gotten out of bed.

He looked at them questionally with a raised eye-brow.

"Yeah, who said you liked anyone?" Hinata asked, trying to look innocent about it.

Naratii blushed and glared at Hinata.

"No one," Naratii muttered as she finally stood up.

Naruto blinked as he looked at Hinata, who also stood up, then back at Naratii.

"Did something happen that I should know about?" Naruto asked as he cocked his head to the side.

"Funny thing you should know, Naruto. You see, Naratii here she--"

Naratii covered Hinata's mouth with her hand with a slight blush across her cheeks.

"NO! There's nothing to know here! Now can you please get out! You're not changed and neither am I. So why don't you just go and get changed," Naratii said, feeling a bit panic inside.

Naruto looked suspiciously at them then shrugged. "Ok, I'll see you guys later then," Naruto said and left the apartment while closing the door.

With a sigh she unclasped her hand from Hinata's mouth and glared at her little sister. Hinata blinked and trying to looked innocent like she hadn't done anything.

"What?" Hinata asked.

"I'm so going to get you back for that," Naratii grumbled as she walked off to her room to get changed.

As soon as she left, Hinata giggled. She was though, a bit fustrated that the two hadn't realized their feelings for one another. It was rather obvious really. Such as a life without any love. She just wished they could see it already.

She soon heard Naratii's door opened and watched as she walked out while wearing her regular clothes.

"Come on, Naruto's probably waiting for us," Naratii said with a sigh.

Hinata frowned, now that she looked at Naratii more closely. She noticed the bags around her eyes and her once beautiful hazel eyes were slightly red, showing the signs that she was crying. She felt worried over her older sister. She knew that sign all too well.

"You had that nightmar again," Hinata said softly.

Naratii stiffened right by the door then tiredly sighed.

"You shouldn't worry so much over, Hinata. I've grown used to them so you shouldn't worry," Naratii said. 'Not to mention dreaming about that same boy that felt like I should have known him. Also the feeling of a strong bond between us,' Naratii thought.

"I shouldn't worry?! Of course I should worry about it, Naratii. This had been going on for years!" Hinata said, looking extremely worried over her older sister-figure.

Naratii merely gave Hinata a warm smile. "I know Hinata...and I am sorry for worrying both of you and Naruto. But this is something I must handle. Not to mention being the possibility of being my past. I need to know what happened before I was sent here and these nightmares are my only answer," Naratii said strongly.

Hinata sighed, knowing that there was no stopping Naratii once she uses that tone of determination.

"Alright but you know that you will always have me and Naruto, right?" Hinata said.

Naratii smiled. "I know and I'm glad to have such great friends like you two. Now come, I'm sure Naruto still remembers that promise I made to treat us some ramen," Naratii said.

Hinata giggled. "The worst thing you could have done, Nara-neechan," Hinata said amusingly.

Naratii groaned. "Don't remind me, Hinata! Man...I'm going to be so broke after that," Naratii said misserably.

Hinata rolled her eyes.

"Oh please, you know that he wouldn't do that to you. He never lets you waste your money so much over him," Hinata said.

Naratii looked back with a raised eye-brow. "You do know he does the same thing toward you too, right?"

"Yes," Hinata said. 'But what you don't know is that he always pays most of the food whenever you treat us for ramen,' Hinata thought.

Naratii rolled her eyes and gotten out of the house with Hinata right behind her.

After locking her door, even though it was kind of point-less since people will still break in and destroy whats in there, they noticed Naruto outside; waiting for them.

Naruto grinned at them. "Come on guys! I'm starving and we'll be late if we don't hurry up!" Naruto shouted.

Naratii rolled her eyes while Hinata merely giggled at her older brother's antics.

"Alright already! Jeez and you're supposed to be the older one?" Naratii teased with a amused smile. "Clearly they mistaken the date of your birthday,"

Naruto slightly blushed, without anyone noticing but Hinata, and then pouted. "Hey! That's not very nice, Naratii-chan!" Naruto whined.

With a smirk, Naratii took off. "You two better hurry up, slowpokes,"

"Hey!" Naruto and Hinata shouted as they ran after Naratii.

"Kami-sama, I'm full!" Naruto said as he patted his stomach as he, Naratii, and Hinata walked off toward the Ninja Academy.

"I still don't see how you manage to stuff all of that ramen inside that belly of yours," Naratii said.

Naruto shrugged. "I don't know. I just do," Naruto said.

Hinata giggled as the two begun to talk the usual "How-Naruto-manag-keep-all-of-the-ramen-inside-Naruto's-stomach".

"Come on, Naratii. You know that we will never know how Naruto could stuff all of that ramen," Hinata said.

"I wish we could," Naratii muttered.

"I wouldn't be talking if I were you, Naratii-chan," Naruto said with an amused smirk.

Not liking the un-usual smirk upon Naruto's face, Naratii looked suspicous at the blond.

"What do you mean?" Naratii asked causously.

Naruto's smirk just grew that made Naratii start to worry.

"I mean that I'm not the only one who eats a lot and don't know where they could stuff it in their small stomach," Naruto said as he poked at Naratii's stomach.

Naratii yelped as he felt Naruto poked her stomach. "Stop! You know how ticklish I am," Naratii said.

Naruto raised an eye-brow till he grinned his usual fox-like grin. "Then you better run because I'm planning to torture for teasing me earlier," Naruto said as he wiggled his fingers.

With yelp, Naratii ran off toward the Ninja Academy with Naruto running after. Hinata ran off to catch up to them while laughing at her siblings antics.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Naru-aniki, Nara-neechan!" Hinata shouted as she waved goodbye toward her best friends.

"See you tomorrow, Nata-chan!" Naruto and Naratii shouted back as they waved goodbye.

As soon as Hinata was out of sight, Naratii dropped her mask and frowned worriedly.

"Is something wrong, Nara-chan?" Naruto asked worriedly.

Naratii looked at Naruto with a worried expression. "I-I don't know. I feel like...like this will the last time we will see her for some reason," Naratii said as she felt tears well up her hazel eyes.

Naruto grabbed her by the waist and hugged her much to Naratii's surprise.

"Don't worry, Nara-chan. We'll see her again tomorrow. Besides, we promised that no matter where we are or where we go...we'll always have each other no matter what," Naruto said softly.

Naratii tightened her grasp from Naruto's sleeve-less sweater. "I know...I'm just being paranoid I guess," Naratii whispered.

Naruto slowly backed and hestantly, kissed Naratii's right cheek. Naratii's eyes widened and blushed as her heart began to beat rapidly against her rib-cage. Backing off, Naruto turned away with a mad looking blush while grasping her soft small hand.

"Come on. It's getting late. We don't want to stay up too late and be found like last time," Naruto said.

Naratii slowly nodded with her blush still blossoming red. "O-ok," Naratii said softly.

With that they took off hand and hand, not knowing that will be the last time they will be seeing their little sister.