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Shadows I: Sorcerer's Stone


Main Pairing: HarryHinata

Pairings: NarutoNaratii, RonLuna, NevilleHermione

Summary: What if Hinata's mom was a witch? What if her mother died during child birth and Hiashi resented Hinata because of it? What if Hiashi wasn't truly her father? What if Hiashi made Hinata a Jinchuuriki of the 10-Tailed Wolf, Riryuka? What happens when she gets her Hogwarts letter? What if...Hagrid picks Hinata up before getting Harry? Harry and Hinata will begin their grand adventure that will never end even after they leave their Hogwarts school years. Secrets of their past and their freind's secret past will soon be revealed as they go along the adventure. Two souls that had never knew that their lives will be completely intertwined by fate.

Chapter V

Konoha and Memories

Why? Why does my past haunt me in my dreams when all I want is for them to vanish? All they will remind me of...of my older twin...my other half that's not here with me. My home...my parents...my family...I didn't have a choice nor did my eldest twin. We were torn apart from the same man who murdered our parents. The man that took me away from your warm and protective arms...away from my older twin. Will I ever meet you again? Will these nightmares ever stop? Who would ever love a monster of Hazard? Love...friendship...what are they? Please...someone save me from this pit of darkness in my heart. -? (Arashi)

'That was the worst ride - ever!' Harry thought, when he, Hinata, and Hagrid landed on a green forest road.

He wasn't the only one who didn't like the ride either.

'I almost forgotten about the horrible sensation from that Portkey,' Hinata thought, looking more paler than usual.

"Alrigh' there, Harry, Hina?" Hagrid asked, with concerned eyes.

Harry and Hinata nodded with shaky smiles.

"Come on then. The gates 're nearby," Hagrid said, as he turned around and walked on ahead.

"Gates?" Harry blinked, then looked at Hinata with questionable eyes.

Hinata smiled. "He meant the gates for my home village. Come on! You'll love it!" Hinata said, with a brilliant smile. She grabbed Harry's hand and ran off ahead of Hagrid.

"Ah! W-wait, Hinata!" Harry protested, as a blush graced upon his cheeks.

Hagrid looked on in amusement.

Soon enough, they soon stood in front a huge gate. Harry's eyes widened upon the huge green gate that seemed slightly worn. It showed age of how many years it stood tall and strong for the entrance of Hinata's home. He also noticed peached color walls surrounding the village. Harry wondered how big the village was.

"Welcome to Konoha, Harry-kun!" Hinata said, with a warm smile just as the gates begin to open themselves.

Harry's eyes widened in awe once he had gotten the sight of Konoha. It looked like a regular village with many buildings a few electric poles, but not as many as London or any other country from the Muggle world. There stood a giant rocky mountain at the end of the village with four faces on them. What blew him away were the people he could make out jumping on the rooftops and many others who were both shinobi or kunouchi.

"Let's get goin' you two. Sarutobi is waiting for us," Hagrid said.

Harry and Hinata nodded and followed Hagrid toward the Hokage Tower.

'I wonder how Naruto and Naratii will react?' Hinata wondered.

Harry kept looking around in amazement. The nature of Hinata's home was magnificent. There seemed so much life in this world more than his own. Then again, his world had so much technology and putten down many trees so he shouldn't be all that surprised.

"By the way, who is Sarutobi you are talking about, Hagrid?" Harry asked, looking at Hagrid with confused eyes.

"Sarutobi is the Hokage of this village," Hinata answered before Hagrid could.

"Hokage?" Harry blinked.

Hinata nodded. "Hokage basically means 'Fire Shadow'. The Hokage is the title for being the leader of our village. There are other leaders from different villages with a Kage of their own. They'll name their Kage, the leader of their village, with the element they live on. Ours is fire, so the Kage is the Hokage. The names are all based on Japanese from your world," Hinata explained.

Harry slowly nodded as he fully understood the explaination. Not to mention that it explained most of the Japanese style around the village and signs on all of the stores. What caught him by surprise was how he could easily read and understand them.

'I wonder why is that,' Harry frowned.

Shaking his head, Harry looked up ahead and noticed they were walking toward the largest building from the far end of the village. On the front held a red kanji that read 'fire'. In this building he will meet Konoha's leader and begin a huge change from meeting the grandfatherly leader. For after they meet Sarutobi and Hagrid left them, he would gain two new friends and siblings in his life that he will forever treasure.


The brightened moon shined omniously down toward the darkened village. A village that was peaceful and kind, yet corrupted and dark. Two children, who were about 3 to nearly 4 years old, ran in the alley in this late night. They were both children who went through everyting in their lonely lives. One was worried and fearful, while the other (the older boy) was determined and courages.

"Get back here you brats!"

They quickened their pace as the older boy tightened his grip upon the younger boy's hand. He won't let go. He'll never let go!


"Die already you monsters!"

"Nii-kun, they're gaining on us!" The younger boy shouted worriedly. The older boy knew he was scared. Not for fear of death or pain, but for him.

It was one of the things he loved about his best friend and other half. Even though he may have the same temper as his own, maybe more than he did, he was still the most sensitive one and the most caring.

"We'll just have to go faster then," The older boy said.

Without warning, the older boy picked his younger boy up in his arms. He could hear the younger boy yelp in surprise and quickly wrapped his small arms around older boy's neck with his legs wrapped around other boy's waist. The older boy kept a tight hold of the younger boy as he quickened his pace to get away.

What he never expected was a sharp blow after arriving in an alley. The last thing he could remember was blood, two red eyes with three comma-like pupils, and the younger...his younger twin brother's shout of worry and pain.




With that familiar and haunting voice echoing from his darkened past, jolted Naruto from his slumbering sleep. He sat up with a large gasp and breathed rapidly. His azure eyes widened in horror, fear, and sadness as he frantically looking around. As soon as he looked around the familiar room of his apartment, Naruto breathed a sigh and closed his eyes.

He lay back down his bed, which the old man Hokage had given him, he slowly opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling as sweat dripped heavily down his forehead and body. His bed sheets were torn away from his frantic moving body of his nightmare and memory.

'A memory I forever wanted to banish,' Naruto thought with an uncharacteristic bitterness shown in his thoughts and expression. He knew he could block them out, and all of the full early memories of him but...

...he never could. Even if he wanted to, especially it would have been so easy to live without them!


...he...he could never want to forget. How could he...? When that boy was...was...and still is...his...

Naruto shook his head violently and flung himself out of the bed with a scowl. With a growl, he tore himself out of his pajamas and went to take a shower to get him out of his sticky sweat from his body. Even if it upset, annoyed, and saddened him, he could not help but think back and thought all of the "what if's" shouting, and echoing inside his depressed head and...heart.

Tears slowly ran down his whiskered cheeks, which hid from the showering water. His once bright azure eyes darkened in pain and sadness as he continued to think about him. As usual he felt the churning and the familiar squeezing pain of his heart, but didn't care. He didn't dare to get rid of the pain and the painful scars of loosing his precious other. For the pain left a reminder of his existance and the hardened promise of never making the same mistake and loose the people he cared for after that incedent.



Old man Hokage...


Old man Ichiraku...


They weren't many, but to him that was plenty. He knew he wouldn't want him to dwell in the past and find happiness with the precious people he had now. As much as he wanted drown in self pity and depression, he wouldn't want that and neither do the people who cared for him.

No one knew about him other than old man Hokage, who was like a grandfather to the both of them. He knew the dissappearance of him saddened and hurt his grandfather just as much as it did to him. He knew for a fact his grandfather Hokage blamed himself just as much as he did as well. This was why he decided to move on somehow and grow stronger.

He never blamed Sarutobi-jiisan. He could never blame him. For it wasn't his fault just as he wasn't at fault either. He knew what he would have said if he saw them both.

"You're both BAKAS! What are you both doing? None of it was either of your fault, idiots! DON'T YOU DARE GO INTO SELF PITY OR BLAME YOURSELVES WHEN IT WASN'T EITHER OF YOUR FAULTS! AHH! Do I have to make sure you wouldn't go into depression or hurt yourselves? DAMN IT! You're both older than me for Kami's sake! Geez, you really can't live without me!"

A soft chuckle escaped his lips and knew that was exactly what he would have said. Especially with that scary and firey, not to mention famous, temper that always scared him and old man Hokage whenever he was really angry.

He shivered unconsciously then softly laughed in amusement. He always made everything seem so bright and wonderful even after all the beatings and cold treatment the village treated them. It was one of things that made him special and why...he wanted to protect him.

With a saddened and wistful sigh, Naruto continued his shower and hoped Naratii would find a way to get him out of his depressing and dark memories.

The thought of his green eyes friend sended a familiar, yet foreign, warmth spread inside his chest and cheeks. These unfamiliar emotions were something he wasn't too sure of. He could take a hint of what they were, but he wasn't too sure and slightly doubtful.

Naruto mentally shrugged and turned off the shower. 'Another new day without you. How many years has it gone by since the day I lost you and broke my promise to protect you...Arashi-otouto?'


"Come on Harry-kun! Naruto-aniki and Naratii-neechan should be getting up by now!" Hinata shouted happily with a familiar hyperactive mannger. This goes to who how much of a influence her older brother-figure gotten to her.

Harry looked at her shocked and amused eyes at his new friend as she dragged her out of the Hokage's office. He was lucky to have said good-bye and thanks to the kind leader. He really like the Hokage very much. Sarutobi gave him a grandfatherly air around him, which made him trust and relax around the leader. He could bet that everyone in the village felt the same way.

'Now I definetly don't blame the village of trusting their Hokage, and a reason for all these ninjas of wanting to protect him,' Harry thought as Hinata dragged him toward an apartment.

"Naruto-aniki!" Hinata suddenly shouted.

Harry looked up to see a boy about his and Hinata's age coming out of one of the doors from the building his friend dragged him and climed up in. He was surprised at taller boy's appearance. His hair was more of a mess than his own. His wild blond hair held spikes from different directions and with the most brightest shade of blue he ever seen. He was clearly more tannger than he or Hinata, but held a peach color tint to his tan skin.

The blue eyes boy looked up and grinned at Hinata. Harry couldn't help but thought that the boy's grin reminded him of fox he saw from the zoo about a few days ago on Dudley's birthday.

"Imouto-chan! I thought you were going to that magic school Ojii-san told me and Naratii," The blond, Naruto, said, looking confused as he slightly tipped his head.

"I am, but there were some complications going and it won't start until about a month later," Hinata said, and started her tale what happened after Hagrid gotten her from her home most likely.

Harry would have payed attention but his mind wondered off from the questions started to form in his confusion on his way from the Hokage Tower to now.

'Why are the kanji or Japanese words are so easy to read? I never learned it because of the Dursleys. Not to mention in the Muggle world don't learn new languages till in their High School or College years from what I've told by the teachers. So how can I read them so easily! Not only that, but how is it I am able to understand Hinata and her brother, Naruto? They're definetly speaking back to Japanese,' Harry thought in confusion.

It was true. Hagrid had told him recently that he put a spell on Hinata so that she would understand and talk in English. He had said that the spell would wear off as soon as he left. What Hagrid forgotten was to put the same spell on Harry to understand the world he was now living on.

'Then again,' He thought. 'The spell would have vanished anyway as soon as Hagrid left, but...that still doesn't answer my questions. Why am I able to understand everyone around me? How am I able to answer back in Japanese? This is so confusing! Could it be possible that one of my parents may be Japanese or something!'

Just as he shouted at that last thought, Harry paused. It was just a random thought that flew right out from his frustration, but it made him think. Could it be possible though? He doesn't know. Without any personal background from either of his departed parents he couldn't be certain if that may be the answer.

With a mental sigh, Harry finally took attention from the conversation between Hinata and Naruto.

"Anyway, is Naratii-neechan awake?" Hinata asked Naruto.

Naruto shrugged. "I'm not sure. I just gotten out of the apartmen just now so I don't know. Especially since there's a time difference between this world and the one you went to anyways," He said with a pout.

Hinata rolled her eyes with shining amusement in her pretty eyes.

Harry blinked at the thought and slightly blushed. 'Pretty? Did I just...? I mean...yeah they're pretty but...' He was so confused with the thoughts that keep popping up when it came to Hinata.

"Then come on let's go wake up that sleepy head. I want to introduce her to Harry-kun here," Hinata said in excitement.

Naruto raised an eye-brow behind his long blond bangs and looked at Harry. Harry blushed and fidgetted upon his gaze especially since Hinata still held onto his arm. When he looked at Naruto's expression, Harry took note upon the widened eyes and slight recognition in them which then turned into confusion. Just as he noticed them, they were gone.

'What was that all about?' Harry wondered.

The shinobi-to-be, witch-to-be, and wizard-to-be all walked to the door next to Naruto's own. Naruto knocked on the door and called out, "Naratii! Are you awake yet? Imouto-chan just came back with a new friend!"

"EH~! Hinata's back? She made a new friend? Hold on! Coming out!" An excited, and somehow familiar, voice shouted.

The door opened reveal a girl who looked to be the same age as he, Hinata, and Naruto. She held the same raven-black hair as he did and the green eyes. She was beautiful like Hinata, but...

The green eyes girl, Naratii, turned to him and looked at him surprised along with him. It was like looking at a mirror, but different gender change and their lightening bolt scars placed differently.

"Good morning, Naratii-neechan! Harry-kun, I like you to meet Naruto-aniki and Naratii-neechan. Naruto-aniki, Naratii-neechan I like you to meet Harry-kun," Hinata introduced.


Far from the world Harry and his new friends were in and back in Harry's home world from a poor and tall comforting home, lay a boy in his bed. He was sweating as he twisted around the bed sheets. His hands clawed and slightly ripped the bed sheets. His teeth were gritted together as his expression twisted in agony, pain, and fear as he slept.

His dreams were no ordinary nightmare. They were more frightening than that. For they were his past...his dark memories of that man. The man that brought nothing but pain in most of his life.

As the memories continued to play torturesly in his head, the boy whimpered as tears ran down his pale cheeks and his past scars that were never able to heal itself throbbed painfully.

The moon lit around his small orange room to show the boy's appearance. The most standing out about the boy was his hair. It was red...a shed of vibrant red that would have stood out like a beaken. Another thing about his hair was its wild, spikes which nearly touched his shoulders and his long red bangs touched his red lashes. His skin was sun-kissed tan if his face wasn't so pale from his nightmares. His body structure was more built than the average 10, nearly 11, year old children.

Once his dark memories finally stopped, the boy immediately sat up with wide feared eyes. Tears continued to pour down his pale face as he panted heavily. His eyes were a beautiful shade of azure blue and became more vibrant from his tears as the moon brightened.

His expression was haunted, who's seen death and much more than the average person, let alone children, would have seen.

As soon as he recognized the cozy and small orange room, the red head sighed with relief and laid back down. He closed his eyes then opened them half-way. His usual bright azure eyes darkened in sadness and anger.

'Why? Why does my past have to haunt me after all these years?' He thought as he growled angrily as he thought about that man.

He sat back up to show his slightly muscled chest and looked out the window. As he looked out the window, he thought about him and wondered how he was doing. Hopefully he wasn't doing anything stupid or brood about that incedent many years ago.

"I can only hope that at least aniki is alright. Dad...please look out for 'Ruto-kun," He whispered and looked at the moon.


A young man in nearly to his adult-hood walked down an unknown and dark area. He wore a black hooded cloak with red clouds inprinted on it. As he continued to walk, he noticed another cloaked man ahead of him. Seeing the familiar red hair under the hood, he relaxed his tense muscles.

"Nice seeing you down here," His companion smirked.

He merely rolled his eyes and looked on ahead of them. It was a door with litted blue, silver, yellow-gold, and red colored seals.

"How is he progressing so far?" He asked to his red head companion.

His companion pursed his lips together with his brows furrowed. "He's doing well so far. He's fighting against his control as usual. It's still rather surprising how strong his will to fight against his control. After all, he's been fighting this for almost eleven years now," He said with worried green slit eyes.

He nodded. "I know. Let's hope he doesn't end up wanting to use your sister's husband for back-up," He said.

The red head growled at the very thought. "I don't think I will be able to control myself if he does. Still...to think how many ties and bonds I actually have toward that those three," He chuckled.

He smirked and nodded. "Yes...hopefully he can fight against his control long enough for us," He said.

They both looked up at the door.

Far off behind the door was a sealed man. A whispered plea from a boy he knew was important to him was heard gently as he continued to fight against someone's control. When he heard the plea, he found himself strong enough to open his dull eyes.

His dull azure eyes behind his blond bangs. He softly whispered only two names. Names that gave him more strength to continue to fight and bringing out hope inside his heart once more.



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