Saavik had a problem. Apart from all of the work she had to do, several people at her school had started to tease her. While this was nothing really new, this time they had attacked her parentage. They knew that she was not entirely Vulcan and so they called her a mudblood – or a dirty Vulcan. This had caused her to take great offence, and she was now in a running battle with four human children. When she had managed to disable the group, she ran away as fast as she could – not knowing where she would be going to. After some quick thinking, she decided to go to her special place which she knew was unable to be scanned by anything but the most powerful of sensors. She often went there when she was upset, and she felt safe there. Being half Vulcan, she had logically fitted it out with a small food heater and a food status unit. Both were powered from an old Starfleet surplus away team survival battery. She had acquired it when Starfleet had sold a lot of old equipment off, and Saavik had stayed awake for 48 hours in order to outbid anyone. She had also purchased several items from the sale, and she had set them up there as well. With regards to defence, the half Vulcan – half Romulan knew she wasn't allowed to buy or even use phasers under normal circumstances. Instead, she had constructed several small catapults which lay on a little stone outlay near the entrance of the cave. Once she was settled, she lay down on blankets that she had put there some time ago and hoped that no one would ever find her again. She could forage for food and supplies when she needed to, and Saavik thought that she could live here for the rest of her life.


"Bridge to Commander Spock" the voice disturbed Spock's work. The Vulcan pressed a button on his desk.

"Spock here" he replied.

"Lt Uhura here, sir. I have an incoming message from your mother"

"My mother?" Spock was a little puzzled.

"Yes, sir. It is using a diplomatic priority one code" Uhura's voice betrayed the fact she had only heard of it being used to send a Spock a message once before.

"Put it through to my quarters" Spock order, and Uhura did as she was asked.

From: A Grayson




First of all, my apologies for using this code – I knew it would get to you quickly though, That was the reason that I used it.

Saavik, the little girl you rescued and adopted from that planet, was attacked by several children who bullied her for weeks about her parentage. Today they attacked her, and she fought them before running away from school. We have of course alerted the police, but they can not find her.

Spock – can you possibly return to Earth as soon as you can? You may have the answer to the problem. We are sending you all of the information that we have from the school's security systems, but it isn't much.

Hoping to see you soon



Spock frowned as he saw the ending of his mother's message. She always seemed to enjoy teasing her son about the time he called her such in the middle of a packed Vulcan assembly. After reading the message again, he began reviewing the data he had been sent, and after several hours, he pressed another button.

"Computer: locate Captain Kirk"

Captain Kirk is on the bridge

"Bring a turbolift car to the nearest point to my quarters, and hold it there until I arrive. This order can not be superseded"

Acknowledged replied the computer. Spock rose from his chair and went to the door, and then returned to pick up one or two of the pads he had downloaded the information to. McCoy would no doubt ask for the child's medical records. He already knew the fact of her mixed heritage. He left his quarters and headed down the corridor at a slight jog. Spock boarded the turbolift which took the first officer to the bridge.


"All I ask for is the chance to get a high speed transport shuttle to Earth" Spock said to Kirk.

"The fastest transport shuttle will only do Warp 3" Kirk said, "It'll take you at least a good two weeks to get to Earth. If not a little more depending on the space weather. We'll take you there instead" and Spock's eyebrows went up in surprise. He had not been expecting this at all. He had assumed that Kirk would order the Enterprise to the nearest port at high warp. This was something completely different though.

"I would not want to be the cause of your disobeying Starfleet orders" Spock said calmly.

"We need work doing on the main drive systems though" Kirk replied to his long time friend. "Add to that that we are scheduled to have an overall, and I think that we can take it at the San Francisco Yards" the captain added with a hint of a smile.


"Besides, Scotty just recommended that it his opinion we need to return to Earth for these repairs and the overall" Kirk said.

"I was not aware that Mr Scott had submitted such a suggestion" Spock said carefully.

"I will do in about half an hour, Mr Spock" said Scotty from the engineering station. Spock's human half was struggling to get a smile on his face from the relief that he didn't have to spend time on a shuttle.

"Thank you, Captain" Spock said. He sat at his station while Kirk ordered a course set to Earth and it was plotted.

"Course plotted and laid in" Chekov said.

"Thank you, Lt" Kirk said, "Engage at Warp 7, Mr Sulu" and the Enterprise turned and engaged it's mighty Warp engines and leapt forward towards Earth. McCoy came to the bridge as soon as he had finished setting a fractured bone suffered by a redshirt.

"I see we've got a new mission" McCoy said when he stepped out of the bridge.

"Spock's adopted daughter has been bullied by some kids. She's done a runner, so we're heading back to Earth so we can have our overall done. It just so happens that Spock can beam down and help in the search while we layover" Kirk said, McCoy turned to Spock who looked back at him.

"If there is anyway that I can help, then please let me know" he told him.

"There is something that you can do" Spock replied, and he handed over a pad with all of Saavik's medical data on it. McCoy nearly dropped the pad when he finished reading it.

"Something the matter, Bones?" asked Kirk, turning in his chair to see what was the matter.

"This Saavik, she isn't your typical Vulcan" McCoy replied. "Seems she is the product of some kind of fancy schmancy Vulcan-Romulan breeding. I don't know which of her parents is which, but it is some very clever work" and McCoy looked at Spock again. "I'll start reviewing the data we have on Romulans. I took the chance of doing scans of everything I could think of while I was aboard their ship a while ago" and he left the bridge to start working.


Saavik huddled in her little hideaway, and she shivered slightly. The heater was still not working after two hours of stripping it down and working on it. This was not such a big problem as she could always stay under the blankets. The girl understood why Spock always turned the heating up as soon as any visitors left their house next to the Vulcan Embassy. She didn't want to go there because she would get at least a 3 hour lecture off Sarek about running away from school. His policy of not attacking the bullies had turned into an agreement that she should at least know how to use violence to prevent herself from being seriously hurt. Feeling hungry, Saavik reached for some food from the status unit. While she was eating it, Saavik wondered about those who knew her. Perhaps, she though, if she stayed in her little cave awhile, everyone would forget about her, then she could come out and have a better life.

"I will do that" Saavik said to the nothingness, "I will do that"


I know I said I was working on two other things, but this popped out of my head while watching Star Treks II, III and IV. Now to explain the differances from trek timeline.

Spock adopted Saavik and is being schooled on Earth. While Spock is away, she lives at the Vulcan embassy. This is set after Star Trek TMP, but has the Enterprise group still on board and exploring.

Hope you like this little chapter - i'll do more when i can or want to.