Atlantis Risen

Chapter One: This Red October

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03:21 October 14, 1971

Atlantic Ocean

Everything felt heavy, that was the best word for it. All of his senses were dulled. His hearing was muffled, his touch was numbed, and his vision was clouded by a heavy steam. All that can be heard in his metal prison was his own heavy breathing. Private Henry Morris, the metal man, thought to himself, When can I take this damn thing off?

Suddenly there was movement on either side of his head, something pulling, tugging. There was a sharp jerk and soon a small vent kicked to life. The gas was pulled from his vision, revealing the glass plate that allowed him to see into yet another metal prison.

The man responsible for the jerk, a nameless technician, had his hands on either side of a giant helmet. He looked out of place among the dark outfits of the submarine officers. Machinery flashed against the wall of the USS James K. Polk as the silent soldiers manipulated the quiet submarine.

The technician's hands moved to one side of the helmet and started fiddling with a device near to it. There was a click, a fizz of static, and suddenly, "…hear me now? Can you hear me now?"

"Yes sir." Henry responded, taking his own left hand and giving a little salute. He glanced at his hand, covered with a thick fabric glove and reinforced by pieces of metal, much like the rest of his suit. He looked down at himself, well, he looked as best as he could with a large helmet obscuring his view of his lower body. Henry's feet were covered by a massive pair of boots that made his feet feel heavy just standing there. You'd think with all of this money they're putting into this, they'd give me some more agility, he thought.

"All right, moving around in there fine?" The technician said, giving an inspection of the suit itself. "Breathing normally? Wiggle your fingers for me…"

"I'm fine." Henry said back, wiggling his fingers in front of the technician's face.

"You'd better be, that's some expensive hardware you have on." Henry turned around and saw the captain approaching them. He was an old man, a veteran of the Korean War. He was assigned to Vietnam for a year before being sent out on this mission in the Atlantic. "All right, quick rebriefing. Our satellites have picked up something in the Atlantic Ocean, a structure of some sorts. It's not Icelandic, not British, and, we hope, not Russian. As soon as we get there, you're going out in that fancy diving suit of yours and give us a picture of the seafloor while we get a better look at the structure itself. Got it bigshot?"

"Yes sir." As Henry saluted more whole-heartedly than with the technician.

"Captain, we're approaching the site." One of the officers called out.

"Down periscope!" The captain called out as he moved towards the center of the vessel. A periscope descended before his eyes and he grabbed it as soon as it came to a stop.

"So, what do you think?" The technician asked, turning to Henry. "Might be the Russians?"

"I don't know, but from what I've heard that there's been rumors circulating since the 60's about…"

"God damn it."

Everyone in the submarine fell silent. The captain turned away from the periscope, white as a sheet. He stepped backwards, shaking his head disbelievingly. Henry walked to the periscope and looked through.


That was the only way to describe it. Towering buildings, obscured by sea life and grime rose from the dark abyss. Their shapes illuminated by several buildings in the center that emit light similar to electric bulbs. In fact, many of the buildings could have been picked up from New York City and dropped into the abyss.

"What's going on?" The technician asked. Henry stepped back from the periscope, allowing the technician to get a look. "Oh Jesus Christ…" the technician stated moments later, "this can't be real. I mean… this can't be."

"Sir! We're picking up something heading towards us!" An officer shouted as sirens started blaring. The captain was shaken from his shock as he was pulled over towards the radar station. Henry was deafened by the sudden movement, tossed by the rush of officers. Mere moments later, another even more threatening word was pronounced.


There was an echoing thud followed by a deafening explosion. The lights flickered and went out. Henry was tossed to his side and everything went quiet again. All that existed in his world was shapeless movement, causeless effect, and hopeless action. A ping echoed off of his armor as he felt a rush of water start to enter the submarine and land on his suit. Suddenly another explosion rocket the sub.

There was light.

There was fury.

And then there was nothing.