Waking up to you.

Hey everyone. I'm not exactly new to . But this is my first Darkest Powers fic. I usually write Twilight, but I loved the books soo much. They were great! Anyway, let me know what you think in a review.

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I was tossing and turning, restless. I knew deep down that it wasn't but it felt so real. So life-like. In my mind, it wasn't a dream. It was a terrifying and cruel reality. They were coming for me. Their rotting, decayed corpses were coming. They were closing in, rapidly, and soon, oh so very soon, they would descend upon me. They would suffocate me with the decayed remnants of their once living bodies. The sky was a dark red, the colour of blood. It seemed to fit the situation perfectly. Hundreds, thousand, maybe even millions of the undead were advancing on me. I had brought them back, raised them. Wrenched them from whatever peace they had managed to find, and shoved unceremoniously into their rotted carcasses. The horror of which I could not even begin to fathom. And it was I who had done it. I, the necromancer, had bestowed this horror upon the poor unfortunate souls now before me. And they were coming for revenge. They wanted to punish me for what I had done, and they would get their wish. I had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no-one to save me. The first was now very close, a mere few feet away, at most. The others were close behind. There was nothing I could do. Simply lie in wait until they reached me. I could only hope that my demise would be as quick as possible. The first one touched me, making my skin crawl. The others followed suit. I whimpered and made myself as small as physically possible. A sound escaped me. A name. 'Derek.' More whimpers. 'Please Derek! Help me!' Then, the skin-crawling sensation of them on top of me stopped. I could feel myself being shaken. The bodies began to dissipate, the sky becoming less focused. 'Chloe!' A voice whispered urgently. I could feel myself being dragged out of the horror. Slowly, so slowly, it faded away. Then... I woke up.

Derek was holding me, asking me if I was okay. I buried my face in his chest, sobbing. It was a dream, a dream. I chanted to myself. A dream, just a dream. I knew this was true, but I continued to sob fiercely enough to wrack my entire form. Derek's arms enveloped me in a tight hug. My arms wound themselves around him of their own accord as I continued to sob. They gradually began to dissipate and I went limp in his arms. He stroked my hair and stayed silent for a moment, then spoke. 'What happened?' He asked softly. Though instead of answering his question, I asked one of my own. 'H-How did you know?' Curse that stutter! 'I heard you whimpering and calling my name. I ran in here and saw you were having a nightmare so I woke you.' Both his voice and his eyes were gentler and more caring than ever before. His green orbs were swimming with concern. Despite my fear, my stomach flipped at the sight. 'Thank you.' I mumbled. 'Tell me, Chloe. What happened?' His voice was urgent. 'The bodies. Dead. So many. They, they were coming for m-me.' My voice broke on the last word and the tears began again. They were streaming rapidly down my face and Derek seemed at a loss for what to do. 'Shh,' he said. 'It wasn't real, okay. Just a dream. Now lie down and go back to sleep. You look exhausted.' Was he insane? I couldn't go to sleep. I'd go back into that dream, or worse, it would become a reality. Derek saw what I was thinking and his face hardened. 'Bed. Now.' There's the Derek we all know and, well, know anyway. 'B-bu-but!' I stuttered. His face softened again. 'I'll stay until you fall asleep, okay?' He moved to sit on the floor but I hardly thought that was fair. He was staying with me for my sake; he shouldn't be uncomfortable for his troubles. 'Lay down next to me.' I said and gestured for him to do so. He stared at the space beside me warily. 'Come on,' I giggled. 'I don't bite.' His mere presence had set me at ease and my tense muscles had relaxed. I felt, almost, happy. It was…strange. 'Maybe so,' he grumbled, 'but I might.' I chuckled as he slid in next to me and his arm encircled my waist. It was a tight enough fit, due to his sheer size, but we both fit, just. He stroked my hair and I began to drift away, a smile fixed to my lips. The last thing I heard before I slipped into oblivion was a quiet murmur of 'Cheer up, sleepy jean.' The song that he hated, he sang to calm me. And then I realised what this feeling of happiness was, where it had come from. Oh.

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