A/N: Okay, perhaps I'm going to hell. Because this is the beginning of what may end up a M-rated fic based off a children's cartoon series. I am way too old to be dabbling there perhaps, but I loved the Magic School Bus back in the day and always thought that several of the kids would pair off when they got older. So, yeah. Warned ya. No idea where this came from. Tried to stay in character (well, as in character as the cookie-cutter roles the kids were given had). Will go back to finishing my Rent fic shortly.

Pairings: Basically a Carlos/DA established relationship fic, which mentions of Arnold/Phoebe and Keesha/Ralphie. Character are seventeen, all seniors in high school.

Dorothy Ann Fields – commonly known as DA to her friends – was sick and tired of being a virgin.

It was something she intended to change. She was a senior in high school, in a steady relationship for almost two years, in love, and knew how to make sure she wouldn't get pregnant. All of these satisfied the items on her check off list for being ready to take the next step.

Problem was she had no clue how. Fact is that Carlos Ramon was not taking a hint. The boy that had frustrated her the day they'd met in kindergarten and he'd knocked down the block tower she'd built spelling out her name - ("Dorothy Ann is too long," he'd told her, sending the blocks crashing down. Tears formed in her eyes. He took the D and A and stacked them together. "DA is better.") – was still frustrating her long after they'd realized the sexual tension between them sophomore year.

The sexual tension still existed – mainly because they weren't having sex.

Oh, why wasn't Carlos being more like a typical seventeen old boy? One that would try anything and everything to get into her pants? She may spend a great deal of time reading books, but they weren't all science-related. One had to look to look carefully, but if they did they would find an odd steamy romance novel shoved in between the physics and chemistry textbooks. She hid them so well on the shelves that not even one of her friends had discovered them yet, and she hated to imagine what her parents would think if they knew what kind of recreational reading she participated in. It was because of that fear that she often grabbed a flashlight to read them under her covers long after everyone in the house was asleep.

They taught her that there was more passion to experience in life than science. Interesting enough, her biology textbook taught her that her urges were actually part of science.

Either way, she gobbled up over-romanticized pages, wishing Carlos would take the initiative to use his tongue in other places than her mouth.

Which is why she was currently trying to find advice in the place she knew best – the bookstore.

She was in the Sex and Relationships section, trying to remain anonymous as she browsed. She tugged her coat closer to her and adjusted the oversized pair of sunglasses perched on her nose. She finally settled on a title to explore, when she felt a tap on her shoulder.


She almost jumped out of her skin, spinning around, ready to defend herself. She sighed in relief that to see Wanda Li. Wanda, she could handle.

"Wanda," she said. "What are you doing in a bookstore?"

"Everyone knows the Starbucks at this Barnes and Noble has the best lattes and the hottest baristas," Wanda explained. "We came here together last week, remember?"

They did. Perhaps she should have driven a few towns over. But then she'd have to explain why the mileage on the car was higher. Her overprotective dad checked it like a hawk.

"What are you buying?" Wanda asked, her eyes peering over Dorothy Ann's shoulder. She sighed again, handing the book over. Wanda was both too close a friend and too nosy for her to fib her way out of this one.

"How to seduce a man," Wanda read, shaking her head. "Oh, Dorothy Ann, you can't find out how to do that in a book."

"Well, according to this book, I can. So why not?"

"Why not? This isn't a school field trip, DA. This is sex." Suddenly what Dorothy Ann wanted to do appeared to dawn on her. "Holy crap, *you* want to have sex?!"

Dorothy Anne took the book out of Wanda's hands. "I do. Why is it so hard to believe?"

"Because you're, you're…Dorothy Ann."

Dorothy Ann frowned. "And, of course, Wanda, that alone is an excellent reason for me to graduate high school a virgin." She couldn't stop the sarcasm from creeping into her voice.

Wanda's surprised look suddenly seemed to morph into one of glee. While most would have classified Wanda as more of a tomboy in third grade, she'd grown up to be more girly and boy-crazy (she was the first of the group to lose her virginity just before her fifteenth birthday) than anyone had imagined. But she was still fearless and certainly not fazed for more than a second at Dorothy Ann's declaration that she was trying to seduce her boyfriend.

"If you want to lose your virginity, you need this book," Wanda declared, shoving a copy of the Kama Sutra in her hands. "I'm buying it for you, in fact. And," she continued as she dragged Dorothy Ann towards the checkout, ignoring the blush steadily growing across her cheeks, "we'll need back-up."

And that was how she ended in her bedroom the next afternoon with Wanda, Phoebe, and Keesha. The three had remained tight since third grade. She supposed that Ms. Frizzle's field trips were enough to bond a group together for life. The three girls probably knew her better than anyone.

Which was why she shouldn't have been surprised that Wanda managed to find her most recent romance novel purchase that she'd thought she'd successfully hidden under her mattress.

"She gasped as she felt his fingers enter her, the sensation unlike anything she'd ever felt before," Wanda read after turning to a random page. She looked up with a wicked smile. "Dorothy Ann! What else are you hiding?" Her gaze fell back down the page. "Hot! I'm going to need to borrow this when you're done, by the way."

"There are more on the bookshelves," she sheepishly admitted. Wanda dropped the book in her hands and immediately started scanning the book shelves. Once someone knew what they were looking for, it wasn't too difficult to find it.

"Damn!" Wanda exclaimed, throwing a book Keesha's way. "DA, these books are steamy!"

Keesha thumbed through the pages. "Wow! No kidding. Look, Phoebe."

Phoebe peered over Keesha's shoulder. She didn't comment, just stared wide-eyed.

Keesha closed the novel. "These are great, Dorothy Ann, but I don't any of us can expect something like what's on these pages. Not even Wanda. It's fiction."

"Don't underestimate me, Franklin," Wanda challenged.

Dorothy Ann sighed. "I know these books are just fantasy, but I just want to make it past first base."

"First base?" Keesha repeated. "Okay, that is a realistic goal. You mean Carlos never tries to, you know, do anything?"

Dorothy Ann shook her head. "I wonder if it's me. I mean, I know I'm known around school as a bookworm, and suddenly it seems that magically made a purity ring appear on my finger."

"When you do study a lot," Phoebe pointed out. "You stayed in three weekends in a row to study for the SATs."

"I want to get into Harvard," Dorothy Ann pointed out. "And Carlos said he didn't mind, he studied with me."

"Duh, because he wants to get into MIT so you guys can go to Boston together," Wanda countered. "Dorm rooms are pretty much an invitation to sex. He's waiting for a green light, I think."

"So Carlos is just being a nice guy," Phoebe agreed.

Yes, he was. And it was frustrating as all hell. She'd even taken to starting more fights with him lately, hoping it was lead to more. It did lead to some amazing make out sessions, but sadly nothing more. "Well how do I to get him to stop being such a nice guy? How do I give him a green light?"

"Um, you say 'Carlos, I'm not wearing any underwear today?'"

Phoebe gently smacked the back of Wanda's head. "That hurt, Phoebe! And it totally worked with Dan last Friday night!"

Keesha rolled her eyes. "Of course it did, Wanda. But the fact that you have the worst reputation at Walkerville High probably helps."

"I don't have the worst reputation," Wanda insisted.

"Yes, you do," Phoebe, Keesha, and Dorothy Ann shot back in unison.

"Okay, maybe I do, but that line would still totally work on Carlos. I mean, he's a guy. One that is a complete horn ball under it all, I'm sure. The only reason he's totally not trying to undo DA's bra clasp is because he's had a crush on her since third grade and thinks she's all pure and would dump him the minute he inched his hand up to her boob. Which, I might add, is completely awesome. Boob touching, of course, not Carlos being a prude."

"He's not being a prude," Phoebe defended. "He's being respectful and romantic."

Wanda rolled her eyes. "You can be respectful and still be passionate. Just look at those romance books." She cocked her head towards Dorothy Ann's bed, where her stash of steamy novels lay. "Don't tell me that all you and Arnold do is make out."

Phoebe blushed. "Wanda!"

"See, DA? Even Phoebe and Arnold have managed to do it."

"Do it?" Keesha repeated. "Phoebe, how could you not tell us?"

"It's private!" Phoebe defended. "And it was only once!"

"Still…" Keesha sounded hurt. "I told you about Ralphie and I. I'd have thought that you--"

"Look," Wanda interrupted, "we can swap sex stories later. Right now, DA is the only virgin in this room and we have to fix it. So what are we going to do?"


Odd place to stop, but that is what I have thus far. Anyone interested in me continuing?